ZCL on the go

Why didnt you listed idiot?
I was your only friend.

Got in at 155$.

>only have 5

went all in at $140. Too bad I'm a poor faggot and only have 7.

don worry brah I accumulating nicely

Should I buy this coin ATH? This is hurting my trader instincts

Only got 1 at 100 feelsokman

We're going to break 0.02 on Monday. Screencap this.

This is just the start brother.

Mommy what's a Z Classic? It's what made me love your father very much.

same, too pussy here to go deep

The fork is in 2 weeks, it still has room to 2x or 3x

Have 125 of these, feels good man!

this is just the beginning but dude you had like 1 week time to buy it on a discount.

Got 70 hoping for 500 buckaroos

Wait for the dip

This is the dip

You’ll see $500, I’m hoping for $800-$1k

Yeah, man. Like the last time. Bought this shit at 190 and it dipped well below that. Not again amigo.

This will moon but there will be at least one more dip before doing so.

it keeps going up

Are you guys selling before the fork ? Really hesitating on that one

Honestly I think zcl is over hyped. I think if trex doesn't support we're going to see major dump off.

Sell some to recoup initial investment, then enjoy free money.

That's exactly what I was thinking about doing
Probably going to do that, thanks for the input

kids we are hitting 0.02 today.


Dont sell near the fork though, the whales will dump on you hard.

Enjoy holding and watching your shitcoin drop to zero.

Yeah I know but not sure when to sell, 4/5 days before ?
I'm keeping some for the BTCP, not for the ZCL

I got in at 35$ and 60$

comfy as fuck

There is no guarantee that Shitcoin Private Parts is going to be worth anything. It may peak at $150.

Meanwhile this shitcoin will literally drop to zero. It will be the biggest drop in shitcoin history.

Whales will try to get as much ZCL as they can right before the fork.


Whales will sell practically free ZCL to one another, triggering stop-limits triggers throughout the entire order book. They will then buy up most of the order book very close to the fork.


You have been warned.

Manually watch this market close to the fork, or your asshole will be widened to a width you thought impossible.

fork is still days away from the looks of it

can we reach 300

Found the nocoiner. You can wash my lambo.

Future bagholder detected.
Remember, all the value in this shitcoin will be priced in after the fork by BTC holders dumping BTCP, not ZCL holders.
Maybe you get lucky, maybe you don't.

>it may peak at $150
The cheapest Bitcoin fork is at $300, I think, and it's a legit shitcoin
BTCP is about privacy, which is very hyped for 2018, and has a good team behind it, it could be worth a lot

fudders do not understand

Thanks for outing yourself as a poorfag, dumb plebbitor.

>what is Bitcoin Diamond
>what is Bitcoin Silver
>what is literally every other new Bitcoin fork
Are the only two forks you know Bcash and BTG?

All forks are pumping right now so this is one's going to have a good day.

>Bitcoin diamond 10:1 ratio
>Bitcoin silver ??? Unknown circulating supply, unknown marketcap, actual shitcoin

You know nothing you stupid nigger

Sure thing Tyrone. Go ahead and lose your money then. I don't care.

I'm not selling until after the fork

You'd be stupid not to unless you don't want free Bitcoin Private.


Bitcoin private will not be worth more than $300. It would be stupid to hold.

It's going to dump on fork day. I'll pick it up cheap then

That's the best fork out of BTC. Better than BCH.
Though it doesn't have a cute name like BTG, it's probably going to be worth more than BTG at least, so there's that. I think it will trade for around $500.

If you think this is true then you should just kill yourself

same, i guarentee it will dump when normies see free money

sell before fork or sell after fork? what are we doing boys?

can this coin be stopped?


>Bittrex not supporting it
>Coinbase hasn't made a statement on it like they have with BTG
>somehow going to be worth 2x BTG
>better than BCH
Your money will belong to the smart money soon.

BTCP is the best BTC fork in history, straight up going to 5k


dude I've been reading your butthurt in this thread and it's just sad

fucking just kill yourself already you pathetic cuck faggot nigger

I'm selling before the fork. ZCL will lose all its value, and BTCP will dip hard because of all the BTC holders getting rid of free coins.

Can't wait to see your butthurt when it doesn't dump

Your tears will literally give me the hardest erection of my life.

I'm really getting sick of you dumbfuck plebbitors who think you understand crypto despite only getting into it a week ago. You have to go back.

You tards want to know what will happen before this absolute shitcoin comes out?
>you fomo at 160k sats or whatever retarded number you buy at
>Bitcoin continues its drop and is sub 10k, maybe 8k
>all other shitcoins have resumed a heavy bear trend
>shitcoin private comes out and is worth maybe $170, and by that time nobody even wants to buy it because the whole market has gone to shit
>Zclassic instantly drops to under $10

Why the fuck would you dump before the fork you absolute faggit?

good point, gonna keep a close eye on this

do you think it'd be a good idea to dump before the fork?

*1.6m sats

You come to these threads everytime to fud...

nigger i'm from /pol/ and I will gas you 6 gorillion and throw you in the oven
sieg heil

Kill yourself

What would be the point of that you tard?? I bet you unironically believe a single thread on a single insignificant forum can somehow influence a 700 billion dollar market.

I told you retards to sell Bitcoin at 17k, but "ooohhh noooo iz a bull market hurrr buy the dip hurrr". Typical plebbit idiots. Leave.

Why would I cry over seeing you getting fucked? Why would you have a boner from seeing me cry over seeing you getting fucked?

>Bitcoin continues its drop and is sub 10k, maybe 8k
lmao what planet are you on? South Koreas regulations only made Bitcoins price drop like 10% and now it's back to normal.

I have 123.5 BTC alone which will be >200 after I put it all in Tether and BTC drops to shit.

I'll be dumping every single shitcoin private on day 1 as will every other Bitcoin holder. Zclassic will drop to $10 and this fork will be driven down hard.

>14k is normal
Cute. You'll be in for a surpise then. I warned you fuckers at 17k and you didn't listen. I'll be laughing again soon.

lol this nigger think his 123.5 BTC means something

lmao do whatever you want lil nigga

Hello brother

Go ahead and screenshot your Bittrex account then. I bet you don't even have one because you just started last week.

The smart thing to do is to dump ZCL before the fork at it's highest, and buy all the cheap BTCP after the fork if you really believe in it. Because like a lot of people have said it will go down with all the bitcoin whales fire selling their free coins.

you can inspect element and change everythng in browser. never believe anything

You can't "inspect element" if you don't even have a Bittrex account. Veeky Forums newfags don't even have Bittrex accounts.

listen to this guy

holy fuck what a fucking fagg

>BTCP is the best BTC fork in history, straight up going to 5k
i believe this. by end of year 5K


House money fallacy.

i cant enjoy crypto anymore, because its well known now. there is a problem with me i must always do what nobody or very few does.

try suicide

ZCL masternodes will insure no big price decrease.


Good goy buy your Rhett nodes now.

help me a second here, so the ZCL you own will become BTCP eventually?

How fucking new are you?

It's probably for the best since all investments inevitably go to shit once they become mainstream. It's obvious that things are going south, but in a half month even denialfags won't be able to deny what's happening.


not into this

holy kek

For 1ZCL you hold, you get 1BTCP

I'm selling half 12 hours before and keeping half for the BTCP.

BTCP might be great but I'd like to realise the profits of the ZCL pump. How high do we think it can go? I've bought most of mine above 200 so I'm cautiously optimistic about the margin.


im looking to get out, not sure when though. gonna think about it after zcl profits.


This is my fear for the market in q1 2018.


Besides, it had no reason other than FOMO to rise right now. It will do even more once it gets announced, then before it happens again.

If Bittrex supports the fork and reopens registrations, the sky is the limit.


I could have bought monero its mooning why did I buy this shitcoin