Make it STOP

I have 75K LINK and I'm tired of being a wagecuck. Everyday, always having to do menial tasks, work, work and more work.

I'm a lawyer but I hate my life/job. I did this to get respect and social standing but after getting here, I realize none of that matters. Health, cash and freedom is what matters.

Knowing full well ChainLink will liberate me financially, I'm in a lull until that magical moment arrives. I'm even considering telling my GF to fuck off so I can start a new life in a new place.

Anyone in the same place?

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I too and in the state of Delusion. aloha.


>became a lawyer
>get respect
Fuck off parasite, your people ruin every civilization

>replace lawyer with pharmacist
I'm in the same place. I want enough money to be able to quit or only work 1-3 times a month whenever.

Completely agree with you. Hence the "wanting out" of this shit show of a career.

I'm in a lull too. I don't expect to have to work if LINK blows up. It's impacting my motivation to move up in my career.

>impacting my motivation to move up in my career.

Tell me about it. I should be working non-stop to get some deadlines finished and here I am, shitposting in Veeky Forums and spending the better half of an afternoon browsing Veeky Forums (although it's true you guys are one of the reasons I laugh everyday).

I'm just disappointed with how rigged the "game" is for everyone in life if you're not already rich. Crypto opened my eyes and changed my whole ideology on "work".

>what is counting your chickens before they've hatched out of their eggs and become chicks

Health cash and freedom doesn't matter at all, only respect and social standing

We have different takes on life then. Hope it works out for you user.

I know, I know...I'm not happy with this mindset either. I can be preemptively JUSTing myself. Nothing is certain in life except death.

I feel you guys. 65k link and I can't make myself study for the mcat

I find it interesting that some of the biggest LINK hodlers are people with respectable jobs and/or high IQ.

What does this say about us and LINK? What will we do with our gains for the world? I don't wanna be a parasite.


Trust me I'm low iq. I took on massive credit card debt two months ago to get this stack. It's all paid off but was not the risk of an intelligent man

I make six figures and hate every day of it. Can't wait to cash out my link and live a neet life with my family in the woods somewhere

>1m+ in LINK.
>Quit my job like a boss earlier this week

Be me

It was a risk but not a risk like degenerate gambling. We will do well for ourselves.

I feel you, I'm in the same place. I want a simpler life for myself where I don't have to worry about making ends meet. Even more so when those "ends" are so superficial.

>tfw will never have enough money to lose my virginity

I'm not that brave yet. I still need it to reach 10$ to entertain this idea and maybe phase out slowly from work.
Good job. You made it. What will you do with your life now?


hey cool it with the antisemetic remarks


Do NOT misuse Nanase.

I am with you 100% OP what’s your folio target value to quit?.

t.75k holder

The amount of LINK shills on this board is truly unwarranted. Mobius has already far surpassed Chainlink with their team, potential partnerships, and tech.

>Health, cash and freedom is what matters.
I'm a programmer, I can quit in 2 months without breaking contract and I'm never going back. I'll be using that little phrase.

Same here OP. And I only have 9000 links

I will probably sell 20/30% at 100$ just to quit my job. The rest I'll see how it goes but I'll never sell it all. Not before having 10 mil at least.


2,500 Linklet here.

Considering selling a bunch of stuff in my home to make up the extra 7,500 Link minimum requirement.

Anyone else here done that or something similar?

Sounds like a plan my folio is £800k right now and shit is getting real! I’m thinking of cashing out 200k when I get to 1.5 just so I can quit and pay my mortgage off. U really think link will hit $100?

I could be wrong, naturally, and life would just continue as it is but I have unshakable faith LINK will be 100$ eventually (this year would be glorious but I'm not that greedy and would be okay with 100$ 2019). The project is a necessity for crypto to reach it's next phase at this point.

Best of luck to you. You're closer than you think. When I get to those levels, I'll be a lot happier no doubt.

I have faith bro, I get excited just at the thought of how biz would look if we saw it run up to $100 haha.
Thanks mate I know just the more you have the more you could lose but if always said I’m either making it or going down with the ship. Best of luck to you! See you in Monte Carlo next year!

>the more you have the more you could lose

Definitely true but I think we all entered this with a "go big or go home" mentality. It's our one shot at transcending the conventions of social structures in a single jump.

Even if we fail, we can at least know we had the courage to take a chance and we are already better for it. I learned a lot about myself, society in general and the human psyche since I entered crypto. I just hope we can all make it because everyone deserves it.

Cheers user!

There will be massive dump when link hits $100 lol

underrated post

you're right, but that dump will propel the iron hands to Andromeda.

I have 100 LINK bc I'm a colossal poorfag I sold 10 to buy 100 FUN am I still cool and in with you guys?

One lawyer vs thousands of smart contracts

Who would win Veeky Forums?

I didn't sell anything to get my stack but I conditioned my spending habits. Turned it down a notch until I had 50K and the rest I got through trading.

Don't sell anything you need but do sell everything you don't.

We all start somewhere dude. You'll get there.

>Don't sell anything you need but do sell everything you don't.
Good shout, but all I really need is tap water, beans, rice, and LINK.

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@

Yep, I'm an associate at a big silicon valley firm and feel exactly the same way about the legal profession at this point.

shut the fuck up Pajeet, every single fucking thread.

A fellow Juris Doctor *tips hat*

At least tell me you're in crypto. If you have LINK you will make it.

Best of luck. Don't fuck yourself over for "them".

I'm new to this thread, still early or late to buy chainlink and egas?


Lieutenant Stinkson checkin in. Working at a tier 1 financial firm in the apple, fucking hate it. Thought I'd be surrounded by smart people who I might want to start a business with later but instead they like to go home and watch their shitty reality tv and talk about some restaurant or club they went to over the weekend and how "cool" and "new" it was. For all the neets here who think Wall Street is some powerful place, it's not. It's mostly everyday average people who chose this career because it pays pretty nice, sacrificing your sanity and pride

Don't get into egas user. It's been pajeeted in every thread. If you do go in though, get in with an exit strategy. I wouldn't get near that shit.

As for LINK, you're still in time. Just buy and hodl.

I like the way you think user. When I got started crypto was obviously the best risk/reward investment in this market but LINK might be the best risk/reward scenario

I really don't know what the future will bring, though, I too can say, that crypto opened my eyes further in relation to what is important in life, what kind of a meme of a life most of the normies live (by valuing such irrelevant things etc.) and so on.
I'm only 22 years old and had made it to six figures. This made me lose any of the motivation I had left to learn for my finals. I hope that it all plays out and even if it does not, I will have to go through the shitty traditional way of actually getting a degree but yeah fuck it, luckily there's no hurry for me.
That feeling when I broke through six figures was just unreal, also, how easy it actually can be when:
>You have the capital
>You know what to invest in
Sure, it's easy to be biased now, but still. It's crazy how easily it actually can be accomplished - you don't need to have the uni meme at Princeton muh Ivy League and so on and be some kind of Guru.
Anyway, only a complete retard would lose during such crazy bull runs.

LINK seems like a pain in the ass to get.

How do you fags buy it? Binance?

binance, literally the easiest exchange to use

I have a $10k portfolio split between ENG, XRB, XBY, and PFR. This thread is about to shill me into going all in on LINK. I'm not making a mistake right?

let the stink embrace you

>Fellow Binancians,

>Due to the overwhelming surge in popularity, >Binance will have to temporarily disable new >user registrations to allow for an infrastructure >upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience >caused.

>Thank you for your support!

>Binance Team

Well, no Link for me then. I guess I'll buy some Monero on Kraken now.

Um... Not wage cuck? Live like a free human being for once?

For all my Veeky Forumsraeli link bros. Sign up for Bibox before it blows up. Way better than that piece of shit site KuCoin and its similar to binance. So new that I can't even shill a referral link because they don't even have one

It doesn't say much about the value of the token, just about how shit those high-stress careers where you work with sharks and assholes are. "Smart" people with those jobs get suckered in by pyramid schemes like crazy because they want to do something else. The better way is to think about what would be fulfilling to you, dial your cost of living way down, and go do that thing.

Thanks dude. You also seem to have an awakened personality. Completely agree with the LINK risk/reward scenario.

I never recommend going 100% in. I'm into PFR and XBY too so I might be biased telling you to keep those.

LINK is only 40% of my portfolio but I try to add to it regularly with trading. Made a killing in DBC for example and put half in LINK.


You have chosen poorly, OP.

4 evenly split is too many imo at 10k. If its heavily weighted to 1 or 2 coins I think that's fine but don't fall for the diversification meme. Think of it this way if you were to buy the FAANG stocks your protfolio steadily continues to rise but in a tech sell off you lose so much and you'll realize you weren't "diverisified" Same thing with crypto: when you're in 20+ alts your upside is limited but downside you're completely fucked. Only diversification in crypto imo is BTC/ETH.

Oh and ofc LINK

I agree with this.

What took me to 6 figures was go all in antshares. The rest is history. After reaching 6 figures you can diversify but I wouldn't do it with more than 5 coins.

Poorfag here too, plan is to wait 4-6 feb for fun to go up and switch to link (hopefully still at current price or lower)

I hope LINK stays the same price or goes down till end of february need VEN to go 6x so I can go all in into fucking LINK