High Functioning Addicts

Anyone else here have an addiction but still /successful/?

>Degrees in physics and computer science
>100k crypto portfolio

How people go through life sober is beyond me

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Enjoy your liver cancer in a few decades.

>mediterranean / eastern european
>8 inches, baby
>cashed out 500k leafbucks last week and still have more on REQ
>only addicted to cigarettes and red bull (too much partying)
>no degrees
>100k / year job in tech
>luxury condo in Vancouver

Nurse practitioner (Master's degree)
>oxy addiction

>Be straight edge
>Live healthy, eat healthy
>Get cancer anyways

I know a nurse that drinks gallons of hard liquor a month and pops hydro. Totally functional and high energy.

is 100k in crypto considered successful? is having a bachelors degree considered successful? is drinking alcohol considered hard?

what's your annual income and how many hours do you spend working/trading?

worst fear of my life, user.

Isn't that how it always happens though?


Yeah, at least people who live somewhat debaucherously can just point to that and say fuck it I did some shit in this life. If you're a complete anti-degenerate and get fucked, seems a lot worse.

The chances of that happening is very slim. I know people love irony but statistically that is not what is happening. People who are getting cancer are predominantly smokers and drinkers and old fucks.

LSD once a year
MDMA once a quarter
Sober otherwise

Seriously the way. Seriously.

32 yo
Engineering degree
Earn $250k\yr
$350k in crypto
Drink and take benzos every day
Cocaine every weekend
Used to be hooked on mdma and ketamine

Word, MDMA is great every now and then but the people who take that shit every weekend are usually trash.

what kind of engineer makes 250k a year at age 32

nice larp

God you guys are so unhealthy, weed or bust

senior software developers at google or netflix make 200k+ in salary alone, not even counting stock and bonuses

What's an engineer supposed to make at that age?


>highschool drop out
>addicted to porn and weed
>736k shitcoin portfolio
>still live like poorfag don't cashout
>waiting for 5 mil & will live out my degenerate life in SE Asia banging ladyboys and $2 prostitutes

petrol as a DD

im 27 and make 200k from schlumberger as one

Am software consultant and made 220k in 2017 definitely possible


These people are not on Veeky Forums

>/moderately successful/
Portfolio gets larger everyday

lmao why are you so salty that everyone on Veeky Forums is more successful than your sorry ass

>med student with biomed degree
>€200k in crypto
>take modafinil or ritalin almost daily

without stims my life would be so much worse, thank god they exist.

except today

Stims got me through undergrad

is alcohol a good substitute for human connection? do I need friends or sex to function and make a lot of money?

Because MDMA slowly dulls their serotonin receptors and they become dependent on an external stimuli for happiness. Ecstacy burn outs are worse than junkies.

That's just the title of the position typically
in silicon valley that means 5-10 years experience so we're talking like late 20s
If you are 35 you will not get hired anywhere hope you have enough to retire. it's a different game out there

you can buy friends and sex with money so its more important

>mfw currently margin long on ETH/BTC ratio from 0.08

Fuck that shit. Catches up to you and by the time you realize it you're in way over your head. Money is my addiction now and it may not be healthy but at least I can afford healthcare now

Meth addict here
well everything addict, just my current pick is that beautiful crystal
Still shower, eat, sleep, socialize, trade crypto, play vidya, fap with the force of a thousand suns

How is this bad for me?
>Inb4 faces of meth meme

On average there's a ~40% chance people to die from cancer within their lifetime. Lifestyle changes doesn't guarantee anything.

B.S. degree
>40k crypto
>100k salary
suboxone every day and smoke crack on Friday nights.

>neurodegenerative stim
>how is this bad for me guise XD
not saying you shouldn't do it cause I don't care

>trips of truth

i live in denver and have been stoned for like 10 years straight. never missed a day. i function.

That was a very dumb comment user

My dopamine neurons are still pumping hard user
I wake up and don't feel like shit, feel quite normal.

However if i don't have it for a full day or 2 i randomly get sleepy as hell. Like i'll need 2 naps during the day.

see you in 10 years

Yes. Max level alchys have a charm that attracts man and woman alike

how do i find more drugs i dont know anyone help me

>100k portfolio

It goes both ways I suppose. I couldn't imagine being fucked up on something all the time

Yeah, I've heard that if you live long enough, eventually you will get cancer

You may think i'm joking... but i have found drugs faster on craigslist than calling someone in my phone

If you know the search words and aren't a fucking square, you can find it with in minutes.

Again... i'm not joking, done it 10x times now successfully. Got burned once

how the fuck do you earn 100k a year, what kind of position do you have??

>My dopamine neurons are still pumping hard user

Because youre still in the effect of the drug you stupid moron, try quitting a few weeks and see how fucked up the withdrawal symptoms be like.

Seriously though, do yourself a favor and get off that disgusting shit while you still can

>$100k in crypto
>Smoked marijuanas almost daily for last 10 years

you can still have sex at least 350.000 times if you spend you money only on 2 dollar whores. You can have sex every day for a thousand years

My nigga

don't you develop tolerance taking it so often? Wanted to do this but tolerance got to me

I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

If you take relatively small amounts its not so bad.
One of the most famous mathematicians, Paul Erdos, took amphetamines everyday of his life

What app does everyone use to view their portfolios?

> smoked weed everyday for over 3 years
>Weed addiction even real?
> Electrical Engineer
>40k portfolio

Dude cash out a good chunk at 1 mill at least. SE Asia is cheap as fuck, you can live there for 500$ a month comfortably, or 1000$ a month really comfortably(Including hotel cost). That means with 1 million dollar you can live for 1000$ a month in Thailand for example, fucking hookers, eating as much food as you can for 83 years before dying of old age.

My end goal is 1$ mil. long from it now. But I know I am gonna make at least 200k this year.

props, thats the way anons

>degenerate gamblers are also degenerate druggos

wow who coulda guessed it

Any pointers on how to troll for drugs on CL?

Why would you drink toxic nauseating shit like alcohol when there's benzos?

>hurr durr I don't feel negative symptoms so I must be immune to them and should continue pissing my life away as a meth head.

like 15mg ritalin daily? or can you do 30+?

>Popping pills instead of sipping on delicious single malt whiskeys

Get some class user

Ritalin is too short and spiky. I take 30mg vyvanse, smooth up and down, lasts almost the whole day. After a few days of taking it I get stressed and irritable so I chill out on benzos for one day, then back to vyvanse.

According to one biographer Erdos was taking 10-20mg a day. 30+ might put you on edge

You'll never get the same pure effect without nausea, headache etc.
Same with amphetamines vs coffee.

Wherever I go I will need to buy a nice condo and pay tuition for my kids, I want them to go to a good international school. Oldfag with family here, which is why I want 5mil.

Once you hit a certain point in your alcoholism you stop getting nausea and headaches

Also, caffeine gives me nasty shits

I'm addicted to /biz... Does that count?

> weed evry day
> computer science degree
> up 80% in 3 weeks
still have my job but hopefully I can make enough off this to pursue other things

making more than that my first year out of uni lol

>cs degree
>100k crypto
>ex oxymorphone addict (age 18-20)

low key cant be sober, did everything in life that people consider "difficult" high on something

>while i still can

I can't though, it's so hard. I can stop a few days max before i want it

The point was coffee is like alcohol (the impure version where the side effects become unbearable before you get a really good effect).

Wouldn't know about that but it's still extremely unhealthy by comparison.

How's modafinil ? Is it light weight ? Failing uni at the moment, so was thinking of using it

tried a lot of drugs, thankfully never gotten addicted. can only imagine how shitty it'd be

This pls

Okay guys i know we're just talking here but i'm like reading each post and it just feels like we're still talking about crypto... people are shilling their own drug and fudding others

Maybe kept me awake but may also have been placebo. Definitely a million times worse than amphetamines. Why are you failing? If you have procrastination issues amphetamines could be counter productive.

At least people who aren't retarded like yourself will be successful and won't die because their liver gives out

not him, but moda will dry you the fuck out. be careful using it. also, SJS is a possibility, some people do not respond nicely to it

No amount of gains can heal the damage meth is going to do with your brain user, all your hard works for nothing ?

Atleast stay somewhat healthy so that you can enjoy the money youve made

Recovering heroin addict

Currently struggling with alcohol

Not by any means successful but I'm getting a grasp of things and trying to hop onto this crypto train.

Chances of that happening are far from slim
Thinking we live in healthy environment
t. Oncologist

thinking even 5% of the posts in this thread or any folio thread are legit
>im also a brainlet

I take a fat dab before I make any crypto trades. Need a clear, focused head

yea i know, funny thing is i use to read about drugs everyday. So i know how neurotoxic it is, and i know it's mechanism of action.

I told my self Meth was one drug i'd never try. But when you are and addict you break all rules you once had.

I'll give it another go i suppose, i don't want to rely on something just to be awake and function....

you me?
>smoke through ~14g a week
>20k portfolio

this. you faggots dont realize how fucked we are already. sure alcohol doesnt help but were all going to die before the age of 70. the chemicals/ radiation in the environment will already do us in. my advice is to avoid cosmetics, cleaners, vacuuming with the bag full, gmo/ glyphosate, plastics, automobile oil/ gas, tap water, etc. Also consume a bunch of organic yogurt with fruit and make smoothies. eat eggs, olives, and dates.

>go through 3-4 vicodins a week
>2.3mil worth of crypto right now

I'm a failure at life otherwise

Get an adderall prescription instead. Easy af, just walk into the campus clinic and tell the doc you tried some and it worked really well for you.

Worked for me

bump this


>Junior in applied math at top 10 uni
>Third year of army ROTC. Will commission next year
>No debt
>Research paper about to be published
>Startup I've been working at is finally taking off
>Over the last year because a competent coder and contributed to a few big open source projects
>Hit 1/2/3/4 on my lifts
>Ran a marathon through the desert at the Bataan death march this year
>Competed at Sandhurst (and my team won the ROTC division)
>take a cold shower every day
>Not a manlet
>100k in crypto

>still can't get a GF and just want to drink and smoke all day
>Got rejected by a fucking freshman I was pretty into last month


Yep. Straight up alcoholic. Got a great job with and office and shit, respected by my peers. Then again I'm a writer so I'm kind of supposed to drink excessively. I'm gonna take a break though because shakey hands are too much of a tell... also adderal helps me get up everyday

>>just want to drink and smoke all day
Brown or Columbia?

>applied math
>top 10
probably cornell-tier
>about to be pubished
probably a poster for some shit-tier conference
>statup taking off
doubt it
>competent coder
probably python babby who doesn't understand memory management
>1/2/3/4 lifts
that's barely out of DYEL

of fucking course you got rejected you autist

100k is not considered successful, try again