So what's up with Amazon

So what's up with Amazon

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they're switching from USD to tron my dude

you're gonna be rich

Omg! Did you see the announcement? Tron to the moon! We going to $1 this week!


Get in here faggots!

anybody read that thread where this gay guy starts talking about a blockhain club they go to, and how they had inside info that TRX was being chosen to be the blockchain system used by Amazon because Justin just let Amazon control the whole architecture?

>these were the other contestants

What kind of shitty shill is this?

What fucking announcement?

Fucking finally. Was about to drop my bags.

Kys newfag. We mooning!

Mooning to .12$ ?

you guys believe every LARP that gets posted here?
Stay poor bagholders

Forgive me for having a fucking netflix night with my wife.

Theres nothing on the Donald Trumps equivalent twitter king's twitter.

where are the news?

$1 by the 18th. Get in or stay poor. Insider amazon infor leaked.

tweeting about amazon rumors. some wallstreet guy said trx value shot up.

I love larp

You cucks should have sold at .31$ like every sane person did.

show tweeeeet

TRX down a penny from yesterday, when Sun leaked this info through a fucking hashtag in one of his daily twitter posts. There will be no fucking moon. Those heavy bags will eventually drag you down so hard you'll start to dig. All the way to China, where your delusional self can suck that fake tiny-penis hack fraud chink's dick.


>donald trumps equivalent

pretty fitting I have trx then since I moved here from /pol/

so we now at 110-130 million userbase overall? with mainnet till end of q1

huge if true

Bull flag. Here we gooooooo

>plummeting into the ground
>bull flag


We’re all gonna make it

Well played Biz, you got me to buy bags yet again.

This is what happens when you HODL

>Those heavy bags will eventually drag you down so hard you'll start to dig. All the way to China, where your delusional self can suck that fake tiny-penis hack fraud chink's dick.

god damn it Veeky Forums again you make me buy..



fucking fake Chad trx shilling account. Started in dec 2017? all tweets are about trx? Bruh learn to spot a fucking troll when you see one, 2/10

There's heavy speculation from multiple sources that Amazon had issues with AWS in china due to censorship. So they're trying to partner with a chinese crypto to get over that censorship hurdle, and that chinese crypto happens to be TRX because since the mainnet isn't out yet, Amazon has the free will to write however they please...

Guys, you just hopped on the Amazon crypto before it came out.

looks legit

I just bought more TRX. Holding for 2 years minimum.

I hope you lift bro


>no source

fuck your bags ahahaha you got fucked

Same faggot keep posing about TRX which aint gonna move shit from its 10cent deathbed.

and made me buy again.

kek :^)


I don’t have bags. Just bought 1M tron

Dear god I hope you're right.

Are you a SALT holder by any chance?
Im detecting alot of SALT from this post.

dump it

so if i go to sleep now (EMEAfag) it'll get past 100$ in the morning?

Serious hypothetical though:

Pretend Amazon did partner with a crypto.

What would realistically happen to the price?

TRX has a huge fucking supply - where could it possible go with the most optimistic news

just hold, big things are happening. if you sell you'll never forgive yourself.

justin sun 300k following twitter
trx acc 180k following on twitter
think about how normies already love trx, like they do ripple, cheap top coinz

think about it user

dude, reality check. Have you even considered what the market cap would be if cryptodogbikerentalzuckerberg coin was worth $100 each? Seriously McFly?

>not considering the user base of amazon and TRX's other partners
>doesn't know about coin burn occurring at end of Q1


Amazon partnership is too huge to even guess correctly. No other huge Western company has ever been able to acquire a crypto that big (nearly broke top 6 by itself) yet.

Either way, the amount might very well be ridiculous.

Amazon! fuck yeah $2 in Q1

I could see $1 in 2 or 3 years, but nothing in the short term

Use your brain for once you complete moron - why wouldn't Amazon just make their own crypto.

>thinks Amazon would partner with a chink shitcoin.

the state of /biz

Thanks for the "serious" answer you fuckwit.

I swear, you brainlets can't even use your imagination


Tronix is partnering with Spacechain, SpaceX, and Amazon to make decentralized internet using mini-satellites. Does no one do research anymore?

if you are looking for a serious answer, ask a serious (informed) question, faggot.

This has got to be the most superficial research done by anyone actually researching.

If you believe Amazon gives a flying fuck about some shit scam coin like Tron then you deserve to lose every single penny you waste on this trash


Maybe you have autism or something mate, you can't even imagine something happening

>t. Salty no-Troner

This comment just made everyone on this board stupider. You really should kill yourself dipshit

more like $100

IF it happened, but I doubt it

Delusional Tronnie that will lose it all along with all the other morons still in this shit

ok user, i know musk wanted to get worldwide internet with satellites, but how do u know this

Did you find this place from twatter? I can see those HS math classes are not teaching shit anymore. Have you even considered the circulating supply multipled by $100? Don't tell me coin burn bullshit. They're only burning 7 or 8 million. I have 4 million of these shitcoins myself.

Common even I know $100 isnt possible, even though id be a multimillionaire


I bought at 4 sold at 27

you guys got cucked

now I understand why crypto is going to end bad kek

First Data acquired TRX what are you talking about????
Amazon just partnered with KuCoin and Bank of America sealed a deal with Ripple

where the fuck are you guys getting this fake news?

Im literally standing in my house laughing at you.

Anyone holding tron still is a complete dipshit

>bought in at 4
t. Bought in at .002 hahahaha
This just confirms that everyone shitting on TRX are in denial and sold before it got big.

Pretty much yeah

Who the fuck actually buys this shit? Even the normans at my work call Tron a scam

It's mooning guys, the amazon thing is out. fuck. wanted to buy more

Justin is going to announce his partnership with Spacechain in the coming week. They’re launching small satellites into orbit to make decentralized internet that’s available anywhere on earth. Spacechain has ties with SpaceX. And Justin has negotiated with Tim Draper, an investor into Twitter, Coinbase, and several other big things, added to the negotiations with Amazon and the issues they’ve had in China. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes here. The leaks from Amazon engineers were laughed at on Veeky Forums. If people would stop mocking Justin’s Trump-like tweeting and poor English, they’d hear what he was saying and see the hints he keeps throwing out like talking about taking Tronix to space and tagging “#ocoin.”

>normie faggots think recovering from ATL to halfway of ATH is considered mooning
kys seriously


Fresh tron pasta lol

Literally this.
I never wanted to go through the trouble of typing and explaining to the pseudos on Veeky Forums but this. Ive been thinking the whole time "he has to have space access to get his satelites up for his 14b network"
People ignoring this and thinking they are smart and hip and cool just blurting faggy pajeet pnd discord FUD are going to be pink wojaking so fucking bad in the time to come.

Justin literally said on his last livestream that they’re working on “decentralized internet.” And all anyone heard was how poor his English is. Well, duh, English is not his first language. Judgmental fools. Go watch it again. This Forbes List guy has more connections than anyone else in crypto...

Yeah everyone continues on and on about his shitty english. Who gives a fuck? The man has a golden plan to be the first decentralized/private satellite internet network. Fuck all haters they can eat shit. Tron to the fucking moon.

>leveling off and trading at the same value for a week now
>plummeting to the ground
>fish hook.png

name 1 source. oh you cant

China laws do not let American's do business in their country without taking a joint partnership with Chinese firms.

It's how GM got into China. They all do it for short term profit but in the long run the Chinese company ends up stealing all their tech and putting them out of business kek.

You are fucking retarded this coin has the most intrinsic value outside of ETH and its mainnet hasn't even launched you fucking retard. Can't wait until we moon and shut up you reddit /nubiz/ faggots that act like you know shit.

I asked that gay guy if he bottoms and he refused to reply

probably cashed out more than anyone else too

>gay blockchain club
where do i sign up

literally a fake

San francisco apparently.

Whats O Coin, and is it Tron?

a coin built on the tron network hinted at by a hashtag on one of suns tweets regarding a partnership with a 100 mil userbase company...

Does this mean Tron will go up or I need to get in on the new coin.

I dont't, there some coins built on ETH...

i think both user, i just loaded up on 2.5k tron for the first time ever today

tron is a shitcoin with a circulating supply so high that the price wont ever break 1 dollar