Ok guys

Ok guys,
Give me your sincere opinion.
Need 10x.
I reeealy need 10x. I’m not a whale but I’m not a poorfag.

Please, pajeets gtfo, I’m not buying your stupid Walton.
Normies, I don’t trust banks or Jews, so no XRP.
Fun seems to be a meme just like Doge and Bazzingacoin.
I’m holding some huge XLM bags so please don’t even try to sell me more.
LINK, no. Just no. But I wish you link shillers a gigantic moon mission!
I’m looking for ALTs now, so no BTC/ETH.

What else rich partners?

10x over what time period? Tron is 10 cent’s right now and will hit $1-3 before EOY. Ignore anyone saying otherwise

Unironically all in on DBC, DRGN, ICX.

OP don't buy Tron. It's a proven scam coin PnD.

I'm going to be honest with you. The odds of finding a coin that will 10x are low. Not impossible but low. You WILL have a better chance of 10x your money if you buy a coin with a good project and it 2x. Do that maybe 2-3 times and you'll have your moon. Don't fall for the PnD bs.

How is it a scam?

Trx makes 0 sense
I watched the live streaming of the ceo, Justin sun and sincerely, I was expecting for some huge room with 50 suited Chinese old guys and Justin gave me a periscope transmission on his kitchen using a T-shirt.
Come on.

Honestly, I feel like DENT's gonna moon in Feb and it's at a dip rn so probs that. DYOR though

Buy anything dip in Kucoin desu. BNTY and PBL are my bags and down by 50% from ath right now.
If you like to take some risk you can buy COSS before new UI hits.
As i said those are just my holds. DYOR always.

Take VEN as example, they’re extremely small but these guys are using a god tier marketing/presentations on huge stages, ok the price dropped for 2 days but the prospects are simply incredible. Now Justin fcked up really bad. Too imature. I’m 25 yo, married, kids, sleeping 3h a day, so I’m not criticizing him because of his age but his discipline and weird methods

I'm all in on LUX right now. This will be the biggest coin of 2018.

ZRX. I'm dead serious. Look at the eth ratio...it hasn't bleed like everything else with this ETH run...It is because something big is coming the end of the this month. GDAX+ZRX. Enouch said. It will be 10 dollars first week of Feb.

I’m going to do the research on both, thank you user

req has hit the bottom, easy 10x

Not op but won’t the new ui make the price dump? Interested in coss but I just read some fud

DBC isn’t a meme?
I wasn’t taking it seriously

colx x100

Only coins worth holding long term are BTC and XMR

Huge meme, avoid the meme gang

You might be right. That's why i said "risky". Market doesn't work like old days. If they can deliver a functioning and norman friendly UI, it might have pumping effect too. My gut says there will be another XRB-Bitgrail run with this coin and platform itself but never trust random internet stranger's gut. DYOR.

Glad to find an honest reply here. Don't enter on p&d discord shits. Believe me.


Honest question, whats wrong with LINK?

just fucking join this discord and you will get all the good calls. already made a good amount of money just following the signals. easiest 10x-50x ever. believe me.

discord gg / 93XR84h

Bottos on bibox

Thanks for the reply. I've already 3x on coss. I'm sitting on just over 3k tokens. I'm contimplating not being greedy and just cashing them out now. Thinking of throwing it into Omisego. What would you do if you were in my shoes user.

Look at ATS or Authorship it's below a 4m mcap, active on social media, just launched beta of their platform. Supply is 100m, something like this isn't going to sit at 4m mcap forever it will at the very least be a 10x but it's not short term. I would expect by May but they working with getting listed on Bittrex in mean time.

lamden: literal shill coin, will go up 10x soon even without actual development
hst: voting on the blockchain. normie. proof.
req: paypal 2.0. big fucking announcements and mainnet coming. normie. proof.
ins: just released. many exchanges listings on januar 15, connecting manufacturor and customer in grocery business. easy 10x from here

pick one

Can confirm that ZRX BTC chart looks strong too. It has definitely had a good run in the last month or two but not parabolic yet

why is ins nearly 8 fucking dollars?
don't you think it's a little overpriced

I like the name will DMOR

I'm in your shoes already sitting on x5. As i said it reminds me of early days of Bitgrail which was a shitty platform just selling one coin and only feature of this coin (XRB) was muh transaction speed. I dumped it on $4,5 and watched skyrocketing every day after.

Now we have same shitty platform where deposit and withdrawal buttons don't even work but this time idea behind coin (COSS) is great and very attractive to normans and wagecucks as it provides stable income.

I will be holding even price dips tomorrow. I don't wanna miss out a second XRB run with this considering they will fix current problems with servers, engine and ui itself. Dumping Coss for another coin might be also tempting but i am not sure you can get it again in such a volatile market if price drops.

>LINK, no. Just no.
this is why you'll always be poor

Get into FUN hold until feburary gaurenteed 10x


Also you're a faggot bc LINK already made 10x gains t. linkholder since 15 cents

OP I just read your bio you won't make it bc you're risk averse and impatient + desperation leads to risk aversion and impatience