ITT: Illegal ways to make money

>ITT: Illegal ways to make money



We should be talking specifically about scams in the DLT space

go on ..

Your mouth and asshole

I too am interested

>set up a Facebook phishing site
>steal people's FB accounts
>log on to their accounts and spam their groups/friends or just steal njdes n shit and blackmail
I used to spam all their groups with CPA offers, would earn me $1-2k a day.

Stealing shit and abusing peoples trust is bad karma

Who gives a fuck about karma. I never took people's money, only took advantage of their stupidity and time

fake ads on craigslist

you mean like sell stuff that you dont have ?

Exit Scam.


if you think it's lame you're a little pussy faggot who should invest in kneepads.

Drugs. Would recommend acid for an easy 2x. Also because you can hide like 10000 worth in the back of your wallet.

Steal crypto with fake sites
Sell pirated shit
Sell fake clothes as real on grailed or ebay
Sell betting predictions

Lmao I never took people's money in just an asshole
Oh i also took people's money the only thing i care about because you can always buy friends

The only way

MITM attack.

Fuck off OP, DYOR for once you lazy fuck.
Not even gonna give you a (You).

pajeet what?

sell used panties.

make perverts think you are a girl

well that could work kek

how is it illegal?
also confirm you're a little faggot.

i dont give a fuck if it is illegal or not
>also confirm you're a little faggot.

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discord gg / 93XR84h

>>ITT: Illegal ways to make money
make up your mind faggot.

i'm interested in talking if you can talk to me about making money legal or otherwise. what's your last four digits

>implying any of you faggots that come here ever leave your room and know anyone to sell drugs to

nice larp losers lmao

Theft. Work for the gov.

Sell your bitcoin for massive profit and don't pay taxes on it

loading malware on ledgers and returning them to bestbuy

steal an apple for 50 cents, sell it for 60 cents

>kilo of coke 27k
>stretch to 1.3kg
>1300 grams @ $70-80 ea
>1zip for 1200 ea

quick monies....

>get robbed and shot
>go to jail
choose one

>dealing with niggers or spics.
>gated community for rich whities...



lol adulterate already adulterated coke. this is the reason people are so fucked up. its not the drugs its the drug dealers trying to increase profits by selling more dangerous shit than the drug itself. look at fentanyl with heroin.

no fenties boyo, just vitamin b, sometimes baby lax

if you dont rerock you're an idiot and you hate money. Most of the clients are dealers who pick up 4-5 oz a week each

Why would anyone cut coke with fent? Are you retarded?

fucking idiots bro, leave em alone.

Junkies actually want heroin with fentynal. The second they hear a junkie died from a certain dealers batch, they call him.

i never said that you fucking retard. i said people cutting shit with anything is why people die.

nth post best post

Holy fuck what a shitty deal you can make more off buds with far less risk
Stoners will throw beer cans at you whereas coke heads will carry

yea lol, selling crack to crackhead. what could possibly go wrong? honestly you faggots sound so dumb.