Core cucks, give your arguments for Bitcoin ITT

I'm seriously curious, what is BTC good for?

Other than a store of value that is

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lightning network was satoshi's real vision

When LN comes out and works as intended I'll go back to BTC, then and only then will I support this gigantic piece of shit

Store of value is always a secondary use case. As of right now Bitcoin's only use case is trading pairs. Once exchanges start adding more (especially BCH parings) its completely fucking over.

why not eth pairings

Bitcoin is good because it's the first one, the one started it all. Altcoins are scams that exist to make their numale developers rich.

I use them too, but ETH was never designed to be a currency and currently is running into the same scaling issues as BTC.

ETH's current "Proof of Work" protocol was just a bootstrapping process. Proof of Stake is coming within months, and scaling won't be an issue.

Bitcoin's plan is... what, the Lightning network? The one that doesn't work? The one that was already patented by Bank of America?

B-b-but it was fiiiiiirst!!

It's not fair guys! Myspace was first, why are you guys using Facebook? it's not fair!

There are economic problems with PoS. PoS is great for people with massive bags, but not so much for anyone else. Its basically a rich get richer scheme with absolutely no competition. PoW competition is fierce and mismanagement or inability to stay ahead of the curve will leave you unprofitable. Where PoS is just pay to win. There is no way to out compete people in PoS.

>copy bitcoin code
>give yourself half the supply

Such innovation

>give yourself half the supply
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only cucks around here are the ones who are sucking jihan wu and roger ver's cock

Google Lindy Effect

>wat are premine??

Is there any proof to this claim?

BTC's original use isn't viable anymore, and it's only a store of value/initial monolith.
For actual currency use, there's a lot of alts that look promising and are currently the bleeding edge of crypto as far as speed and fees are concerned.

I don't get why BCH fa girls think their shitcoin has any hope of filling that role though. It's slower, less scalable, more expensive and less stable than the majority of alts you could be using instead.
Literally the only argument BCH has in its favor is "it's better than BTC", without realizing that it doesn't fucking matter if you're better than the bottom of the barrel, if you're lagging behind literally everyone else.

>blegacy cucks
>defend ridiculous fees
>devs literally admitted they wanted high fees
>not being cucked
yeah ok mate

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>not realizing that fees are necessary for a valuable network to function
you're basically bernie sanders

>BCH was a premine
>Bitcoin's code is the property of Blockstream Core

Literally end your life.

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Core cucks literally are the baby boomers of cryptocurrency

I'm not specifically talking about your fucking Bcash retards.
Virtually every altshit uses Bitcoin code and is premined.

I know full well the purpose of fees, faggot, I just can't justify paying through the fucking teeth for a slow shitty transaction when I can send my money much quicker for literal pennies.

i'm so sick of fucking new faggots like you that have no fucking clue wtf you're talking about.

lots of fud on btc lately. Im thinking it might be time to take some profits from my alts coins

XML baby!

You have no idea what a premine is you fucking complete simpleton

Not a crypto.

>eth hodler spotted

The part of the scam which makes the developer rich

Bitcoin has more than 1 mil premined.

Now explain how BCH was premined

Until Satoshi starts spending it doesn't. Finney mined block 78 and anyone could have mined any block after that if they had an interest in cryptography.

I wasn't talking about Bcash since I don't even think about Bcash at all unless forced to.

God 2018 is going to be wonderful. The hubris of Blockstream Core is at an ATH, the tears are going to be so fucking delicious.

no vision, user...sad


Yeah 1sat/ byte fees not fucking 1000sat/byte you stupid brainwashed fucking cuck

plasma is coming soon, then your LN will look like a toy car

Unrelated to the thread but I can't help, but notice how Satoshi writes, exactly like James A. Donald the man who was the first, to comment on Bitcoin on the cryptography mailing list.

>Thus, if you apply affirmative action, and have one standard for whites, and another standard for blacks, chances are that all the whites will be better than any of the blacks. ~ Satoshi Nakamoto

it will be worthless by 2030

LN is technically capable of billions of tx/s lol... Just saying.