How are you going to piss off the Normies once you're rich?

How are you going to piss off the Normies once you're rich?

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Living well.
Learn a new language, and train BJJ as often as I want. I'll probably keep working at my job though. I'm a programmer and I like it quite a bit

You sound like a normie.

gonna find two hot blonde 18 year old asians and take them around to all the family events and introduce them as my wives

still collect my disability check lmaoooo

Gonna live in japan and fuck all kawai teens eat their pussies cum into their mouth.

>How are you going to piss off the Normies
i'm not.

no one will know.
life and relationships change with money.
so it will not be flaunted in any way to anyone.

Rev my ferrari for hours in the city

Ill help them, just like they helped me by showing interest in what Im doing

oh and btw, join this discord to get good and reliable calls
discord gg / 93XR84h

This. Part of managing your resources is to keep them close to your chest

this is solid

this. kys

I don't need to piss off normies

I've already won

I hope normies work themselves until they die from cancer hahahahahahahaha

By doing the same job and routines I always do, but be extremely wealthy.

what doens't piss of normie anyway
just buying a nice car while doing nothing all day would be enough to piss them off

>the gotta hide your wealth meme
what are you afraid of, some nigger stabbing you? just live in a good neighborhood.


Fuck 18 year olds until I die. I'm 21 and already hear classmates (mostly girls) make fun of guys with slightly younger girlfriends.

Have fun getting rekt by anyone that isnt a manlet or at least halfway competent in martial arts.

that's because if you're dating younger girls at 21 you're a loser dating high schoolers when you should be dating girls in college

this to be honest with you my friends

you know nothing of the finer things of life user


Why? Also, there are freshmen girls.

>end of the day
>pull up to my house in my Tesla roadster
>don’t open the garage door
>slam the accel. and ram my car in to the garage
>have contractors fix the garage everyday while I’m not at home
>startle my norman neighbors every night with

>get paralyzed
>normies think it’s finally over
>use my stupid amount of money for NXTLVL stem cell op./physical therapy
>can drive again
>pull to my house in heavy duty pick-up
>notice my neighbors peeking through their blinds in awe and disappointment
>pic related mfw

when Im a millionaire, me personally I intend to become a cyborg ninja like Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 4 and run up the fucking wall

i laughed

bonus points- when any of my relatives ask when my two hot blonde asian wives are gonna start pumping out babies I'll just laugh and say not anytime soon because I only fuck their asses.

only good ones itt

thank you for existing

Get huge and find a dumpy but loyal woman, buy remote property in the pacific northwest USA and breed like a maniac while I hunt, fish, and farm for food and build cool shit on my property.

Ive wanted a mustang my whole life, starting with 300 im at 10k. I think ill get the GT

10/10 tank you for making me laugh user


Is there still chance for me to make big money in crypto? i currently have only 20K

I'll pay strangers to litter the city with pictures of smug anime girls.

Says who faggot

yes - buy MCO - QASH - OMG - ETH - NEO 20% each andyoull be good in a year or so

I'm gonna bribe the bosses of the people that wronged me and get them fired and then flaunt my wealth in front of them.

I'll enter university and become a high school teacher and get all the kids to respect me because I'm rich

this or all in link

spite is for men of weak character

so is making a new post for each reply, I apologize

that's some hardcore shit

Smart man.

intentionally "leak" amateur porn of myself getting double toppy from 10/10 kawaii nip girls in pink wigs and then complain about it on social media so all my friends go find it and watch and then all the retards who married their insufferable fat resource hogs will realize i was correct to call them idiots

Install thousands vending machines all over train stations and other public places
>that only have Mentos

> remote property in the pacific northwest USA

Watch out for bigfoots.

I'm going to go full Nazi public speaker and offer scholarships only to straight white males that exhibit leadership and understanding of why National Socialism is da whey.

also make them look really inviting as if they had good stuff

50% bitcoin 50% whatever you like


Have fun with the mark of the devil son

you are a god among us

have fun being slow, organic and having no high voltage katana, x ray vision and silky smooth white mane

Sounds like a good idea but what I'd do is make The Holes doujinshi required reading for the day and go to a different highschool every day.

Im going to go on a massive creampie quest and try to knock up at least 50+ women. Going to get reeeeal elaborate with the most attractive women. Give them the whole romantic shibang, tell them I want to be their one and only. Creampie the fuck out of them for days and then bounce. Going country to country. If I die my genes will carry on. My family will hate me, but history will favor me.

Pay someone to burn their houses if they decided to piss me off first.


I already laugh at my coworkers and tell them how much money I make, but only off stupid things
literal memecoins

I'd kill myself while having all my money in crypto so no1 will ever get my private keys

how much to make galia my bride


Lamborghini aventador and huracan, alternate between every day

>Buy private Island near europe
>Install super high power radio tower
>Make two radio stations called "Hate Speech Radio" and "Holohoax Radio"
>Blast this signal to cucked EU countries with hate speech laws
>Sit back and enjoy massive reeeeeeeeeing

LMFAO holy shit I can't breathe

>you know what everyone hates? thats right, niggers

Wow you read my mind.

DESU this but only with blonde qts in Sweden, Norway and Iceland. It will be sweet to ruin the their pure genes with mixed kids lol

>Talking shit remotely like a pussy instead of face to face like a real man

Money won't make you any less of a yeasty vagina user

>Implying there is such a thing as "pure genes"

On your deathbed, you should use the rest of your fortune for a massive family gathering

this is a very good idea, I might do it too. Say you go on vacation to a different country every year and creampie one woman every year, or twice a year. You could dominate most of the lgobe with your genes if you do it right

all of this while still having some girls or a wife at home lol

you don't even need to be rich to do that right now

set off car alarms with your revs

you're a horrible person

S-sauce? Asking for a friend.

everyone in this thread is going to be rich???

what do you think abou Vechain? i was thinking about putting a bit in that one also


>flaunt wealth, but in a well-mannered and non-niggery way
>sell people online courses on with my "lottery number" ideas, that'll never work because at that point they'll be years and years old

>people will still buy
>make even more money
>retire at 25 and vlog or some dumb shit


Leave them behind

I want to travel and move out in a nice flat in the capital and buy some nice forest-type land to own.

As for pissing off normies, I would probably buy some expensive car because status cars seem to be everything here but would never actually drive it.

Forgot to add these possibilities

>become bezos tier rich
>tell everyone I am retiring and giving away my entire fortune to better the world
>give it all to Terry Davis so he can build the 3rd temple

I'm going to be a neet who never does anything with his life and will walk around without shaving or getting a haircut. When normies ask why I'm not doing something with my life, I'll tell them I have a condo in Hawaii, I just like living in a shitty suburban area because that's where my roots are.

by paying them what to me is pocket change to sit there and take it and shut up while i rant conspiracies at them for an hour while blowing cigar smoke in their faces.

they'll be siiting down in chairs looking uncomfortable as i stand above then yelling in their faces about the un replacement migration agenda and the fluoride in the tap water. and any time one of them interrupts they lose satoshis and get a slap.

I won't. I have no grudge or angst, and even if I did, it wouldn't help- it would just be a waste of time. I'll just live happily.

Driving to their place of work in my lambo.
Drink coffee, or snort coke off escorts, while watching them through the window wagecucking their life down the drain.

Buy out their business, shut it down and make them redundant.

is thread a signal to buy salt? Cuz lots of salty nerds in here

salts going to have a big year i think, so unironically yes. not even shilling i just think its a good buy because everyones goign to want to borrow fiat money without losing their crypto gains.

Money bonfire in the company's car park.

user that is my goal too except not just bjj, I want to travel and live with people learning their native discipline. Judo/karate in japan, mma in montreal, go to thailand and live in a training camp for a while. Take what I can, compete, and then when I am older I will teach what i learned


>mma in montreal
retard alert

Financing conservative movements and alt-right groups
I will be rigth-wing George Soros

Tristar is the best mma academy in the world

alt right is a term invented by a cia asset and popularized by the media as a strawman term to associate populist policies with unpopular nazi larpers. just so you know, but yeah that is a good idea, good luck. but no cringe larps advocating genocide of a 150 million people on us soil thats too much

I'll make a movie about the battle of Lepanto.

Where does this image come from?
I mean besides the pepe

Going to need a sauce on that Taiwanese cartoon, pls.

>piss off normies
That's easy, live well, enjoy myself and most importantly, not pay taxes.