We’re gonna make it boys ! Get in here

We’re gonna make it boys ! Get in here

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Fuck I got out of a -500$ long position when I saw litecoin waking up. Fuck that position, I need to rebuy this

what's happening now?

cup and handle inc on the 6h?

What is better to buy and hold right now, LTC or ETH?

elevator going up!

tfw 3 eth & 3 ltc
i could probably buy more ltc really, but i dont really care

Eth will rise more steadily. Litecoin will rise more procentually.


is this just a massive pump ?

yeah unfortunately

I'm 75/25 ETH/LTC right now feeling good.

ETH is probably better long term but LTC will also do well and is set up to have a bigger move in the short term

Thanks gents I’ll buy a little more of both.

It hasnt started yet.
Wait till it closes above the 6-hour cloud in 1 hour. MASSIVE GREEN CANDLE AFTER

bought $10k yesterday at $235

We’re about to break 260$
When will it settle again ?

... I just sold my LTC


soon it will settle for $20

thank you for starting the rally!

Litecoin for the quick alts gains and ethereum for the stability and hodl gains.

The sell-wall is quite thin. It could go as high as $300 by tonight.

this shit always gets pumped up to 280 and drops to 230

>i can change the course of my future drastically for the better by clicking a couple buttons on a computer screen

I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

it seems like it is going to repeat that trend again

bull trap lads

LTC always the last bull trap before a crash

You moron, that was because it was correlated to BTC movements. And bitcoin was just bouncing up&down too. But LTC just now fucking broke out of that correlation with this last pump, and the volume doesn't lie. RALLY iS STARTING

Fuck how to I see volume on tradingview.com

LOL, it's a buy moment before take-off. Watch the 6-hour cloud ;)
Watch what happens when it breaks out of that cloud before in the chart ;)

I mean bull trap during parabolic rise.

wtf is yall watching.

Wrong!! here we go!


my hands are shakey
isit over?

come on 300!!!

>moons right after I sell my stack for eth


Sell order is getting thicker

It's noise.
Wait for this hour to close. ;)

if you are not buying now, then, you are part of the problem, user.

already dumping. failll

Same, I got tired of hodling Litecoin and it never doing anything.

wtf? why not just wait for correction

I alrady bought, and got a fat long position in during the initial volume breakout :)

>missing out on these gains

are you going to wait for the bear market to start? I'll see you in lamboland, 10 years from today.

im not missing out anything

bought yesterday, feelsgood

Idiot. i bet you've never watched the bitcoin chart too.
35 minutes till take-off user

Hope this is the start of a cup maybe I'll buy back a bit tomorrow


this. Litecoin is pegged to bitcoin. Don't fall for it. It is a joke coin, worse than doge and hated by its CEO, sold all his shares

Wrap it up lads, moon mission is being put on hold.

DELUSIONAL YOU, it woke up out of BTC correlation with high volume. 5min volume is fading out, getting ready for take off.
You morons are gonna be so REKT in 5 minutes, when it goes a leg up. And when the hour closes, we'll start the real moonmission

Well, hopefully, you are right.

i fucking trusted you!!!!!
u were suppose to be the chosen one


wait for it :)

No thanks OP I'll have to pay the taxman to many gains

$425 tomorrow evening. Screencap this.

still waiting




It is landing pal.

thank fuck my doge wallet is syncing slow I was almost tempted to panic rebuy this shit


12 minutes left for take-off.

you best be a whale a big fat orca

Watch that beauty getting set up, on 5 minute view




I only put in $15 when it was $233. Curious what would happen
Very tempted to buy a whole coin and just hold the bag. Thoughts?

you should never invest in cryptocurrencies ever

when you invest in cryptocurrencies you invest in a whole or at least half a coin, not literally nothing of the coin


100% faggot

Enjoy your $20

Well I was testing the waters before I bought the whole thing. Going to wait till it's back at $230 to buy

watch the charts. It's almost time.

lol, this is the last moment you can hop on. Don't be an idiot. Correction is over.

remember the ETH run in december? Litecoin was the last to moon back then too. ;)

>real moonmission
Top KEK, buy eth dummy

>tfw just ignoring the price and leaving LTC in cold storage

Reality is it's a good price but the fact it's been 400$ ruins the excitement

I remember being really happy when it hit 200

Man, I transferred some LTC to my binance account over an hour ago and it still hasn't shown up. It used to take minutes. Is this an LTC or a binance issue?

You think I don't have ETH?
Just mae sure you don't fomo into LTC too late ;)

Check your TX

Saw the charts and dumped my ETH into LTC.

Here’s hoping I didn’t fuck up.

wow now that's something.

I locked my LTC at 320 in my wallet in december. Do you think I should unlock it and let it sync up for this moon?

nice fomo. watch eth rise while litecoin rests around the same levels, or dumps with bitcoin
you don't seem totally lost then, maybe you make it half. Really just dump those litecoin bags, they only will get heavier

No leave until 2000


LTC sucks. Buy ETH!

Smart choice. Enjoy the fireworks.

Have you even seen the 15-min candles? ;)
Money flows from the impatient to the patient user

Ah yes after ETH’s bull run, surely only bull runs lie ahead and nothing corrects


on what exchange are u monitoring


that's not a pump

Yes. The Y2K bug scares me too. Better keep it locked until the storm is over.

what program is that?

it's Gdax