Shill Boi here, yes the same Shill Boi that Shilled you Paryfair at $.02 and I'm back to let you know why everyone is going crazy over Payfair.

Because it will make even the poorest among us loaded?

The Payfair trust nodes have pretty much been confirmed at 10K tokens. It's not that hard to afford one now, but in a couple of weeks most people wont be able to afford them.

What do you mean? What price do you think it's gonna hit?

Minimum $1 before it hits big exchanges imo.

Bullish on what comes after that

The trust nodes will work similar to Kucoin in that you recieve payment in whatever coin was traded.

So if someone uses the payfair platform to trade DOGE for FIAT, they would pay a %1 ffe that goes to the trust nodes in the form of DOGE.

You will accumulate so many coins that will also increase in value.

passive diversification.

So I need 10k of PFR for this to work?

I have 29500 of these. Should I nut up and buy another 500 just so I can have 3 nodes?

can i setup 10 trust nodes if i have 100k?

thanks for the shill m8. these bags were fucking heavy as shit. im glad to be rid of them fuck me

If this is true then this is what I wanted COSS to be. I dropped it when rune announced mandatory kyc.


They said that you'd get as much for one 20,000 node as two 10,000 nodes. So theoretically anything passed 10k will scale (so I assume).

It might hit half that

I thought 10000 was a 'fixed' amount

Already did though?

$1 probably.

It was a funny day, but all good things have an end.

How exactly do you buy/acquire the nodes?

was with you since .04, Shill Boi Baggins. But I more than 10x'ed so I had to take profits. Thank you for everything, it was a wild ride!

jesus this thing mooned hard