What forecast for Neo for the next few hours?

IDK but you're retarded if you are not selling right now

IDK but you're retarded if you are not buying right now

IDK but you're retarded if you are not holding right now

IDK but you're retarded if you are not hodling right now

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IDK but you're retarded if you are not buying GAS right now

>t. salty no neo

Sunny, chances of clouds. Low pressure system moving in from the south though. POP about 32.

I've owned NEO for months

It's reaching an ATH for no reason, so sell and rebuy


So creative

Hi, I'm a developer who visited the (very popular) conference here in Amsterdam today. Talked to lots of people and most are actually very interested starting with NEO so I'm investing heavily right now. KPN (biggest telecom company here) will also host a consensus node. I have several contacts with developers in other fields like security, medical and retail. Everyone will experiment with NEO because it has a lower learning curve than competing platforms like Ethereum, especially if you are a Microsoft based (C#) dev house.

hope you sell your whole stack and FOMO buy back later, faggot

No reason other than like at least 6 extreme quality ICOs coming out this quarter alone, other than that, no reason at all

IDK but you're retarded if you are not fapping right now

I sold now,loss of 9% (bought 104, sold 96) :(((

why did you sell?

What kind of 6 extreme quality ICOs out? TheKey, Elastos, Nex, Apex and..?

>TFW I bought ATH the moment it crossed 100
>TFW I knew fomo was just starting
>TFW up 40% from ATH already with no signs of slowing down
Beachfront. Fucking. Property.

Down , they are done pumping it now they are going to go back into the neo based tokens.

Elastos is not a neo ico, but you are retarded if you are not going to buy NEX.

Thanks for this comment, seeing developers eager to develop on NEO platform reminds me of Ethereum before it skyrocketed. It does inspire a lot of confidence into the project.

This guy is probably not larping. You should exit ETH into NEO and start playing dep-5 tokens this year and next.

TFW you've been in neo since 6 dollars when you were a poorfag.
TFW you have sold neo and rentered several times to actual have a respectable sized stack.
TFW your going to dump a ton into elastos and your praying it doesn't moon while you funds are locked up.


I sold my NEO that I got at 10$ at 60$, flipped the money several times over, and re-bought at 100$.
please, my sides

Also attended the meetup, user. Did you join us for a game of pool and beer afterwards?

1 neo = 1 Beach house
That's the only thing to remember

ATHs and Lambos lands