I want to put $5,000 in one coin. Whats the next moon mission?

I want to put $5,000 in one coin. Whats the next moon mission?

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Any honestly every coin should go up this week

DBC right now dude. Sell walls are going down like crazy.


ITC when it hits binance. Look it up.

Depends though, if ETH or BTC decide to moon hard they will probably be the only choice as alts will fall hard.

I do agree that in general things will go up again.

>Real human bean
/r9k/ meets plebbit, the coin. Potential to be the next Doge shitcoin that memes itself into value.



Sophia TX


AION bro



Listen to me OP: CARDANO

sell in 4 years and enjoy never working again

thank me later.

Lamden TAU


>4k in cardano
>never working again

You're not gonna make it.

read the whitepaper, its the best coin out there

this shit is gonna be at the top in a few years

PHR. It will be hyped like crazy in the next couple weeks

and don't get me wrong, it's half of my portfolio. It's just impossible for it to be worth that much.

Whitepaper kek :D Digibyte is already the best coin not just on "whitepaper" but in practice ;)

how much do u think its gonna be worth user?

research a good ICO

COSS . Next BNB or KCS coin.