Am I too late to the party?

Am I too late to the party?

Anyone who didn't buy when it was Antshares is way too fuckin late

Whats the problem with diversifying into a stable coin?

nothing. don't listen to him. this could easily be 1k eoy

There's no problem with that if you enjoy buying the ATH

I agree it was either this or xlm and this has more potential growth and is relatively undervalued imo

>dollar value

Hahahahah, welcome newfag

I hope so niqqa

Captcha: road west

Lel. How many NEO you holding there son?

I bought the ath in June... 480k sat/$9... And faggots like you made similar comments. Suck a bag of dicks

>measuring in sats

tip tip milady

>satoshi for measure
hah fag
btc is dead

I just put half my shitcoin profit into this. Bought at 42 sold at 100. Buying back in now. I think it'll go to a thousand each

>measures in sats
holy shit it's a time traveller from 2017

142 NEO in my suitcase

>not measuring your neo gains in neo
Ever heard of this thing called logic?

>Paid $9
>Calling me a faggot

Enjoy your lunch money son

uhh wot

It’s fine - it’s steady and growing.

It’s not a moon mission - but it’s better than a bank account.

>measure NEO by how much GAS it gets me
>measure GAS by how many NEO it can buy me
find a flaw, faggot

It's ok newfriend

I was waiting for a dip then finally bought in at $145..dip started in 5 minutes.. probably you should thank me

>tfw bought 125 antshares at 1.58
>tfw was about to buy 250 more when eth was 400 but bittrex didnt have an eth/ants pair and i couldn't be fucked to convert my eth to btc
>tfw when those 250 would be 35k now

NEO will definitely be 1k eoy.

I wouldn't be surprised with 1.5 or 2k.

Nice ant hodl but you're lazy af

i hate myself most of the time

1000 in summer 3000 end of year. 300 before easter

Is NEO or GAS the better buy right now?
Seems like I can take my profits from NEO and put them into GAS.Thoughts?

Gas might pump soon to keep up with neo but you don't wanna loose your neo gambling with gas

If you like NEO you're going to love this.

I'll give you a hint, look at the founder.

You're welcome.

Already all in. CMC updated. We're going places, user.

Oh fuck last time I was dropping hints CMC wasn't updated

The fuck is it

>only on yobit

>too dumb to read a file name
I'm sorry user, you won't make it.

Invest in Nebulas or stay poor forever

Is nebulas going to go up soon?
what is EOM price and EOY price?

x2 EOM
x10 EOY

nigga what that takes like 3 seconds you can just market buy because you're not holding

this will be 1500+ EOY if that's "late" then yes.

TODAYS ATH IS TOMORROWS "i wish i had that price" you normie faggot nigger

10x is bear market returns you little cuck fag. give me a 100x or chase 10% on the s&p

I thought it was too late at 50

I was wrong

I'm buying in pretty soon. Chinks are going to make this skyrocket

>muh 1000% return isn't high enough
x10 puts it at 4.26B market cap and that's a low estimate. It would be top 15 at least. Stay poor forever faggot.




some of us are playing with more than 3-4 figures, poorfag.

Im trying to figure out how to use my clout, I just hit 20k, any tips?