NY Times Article on Cryptocurrencies

We've made it. We've really made it.

>As the holiday party filled up, a cryptocurrency rapper called CoinDaddy — Arya Bahmanyar, 28 — was getting ready to perform.

>Formerly a commercial real estate agent, Mr. Bahmanyar works full time at CoinDaddy after becoming a self-described crypto-millionaire (“you think I would dress up like this if I wasn’t?”). “Right now all our entertainers come from outside crypto culture — not inside crypto, and we’ve got to change that,” he said.

>He pointed to his outfit — a long white fake mink coat, gold-heeled shoes — and said, “It’s gold, right? It’s gold. It’s a niche, and I’m going to fill it.”

>He says he is going to shoot a music video soon for a song called “Lambo Party” and another called “Cryptomom,” about “all these moms are pumping in their children’s savings accounts.”


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Thanks OP, this is pretty hilarious.

These guys are complete idiots. Let’s go on the fucking NYT with their real name and location and brag about their net worth and thousands of crypto currency which isn’t in a bank.


>The cryptocurrency community is centered around a tightknit group of friends — developers, libertarians, Redditors and cypherpunks

Why are normie journalists so fucking cringeworthy

lol we're all friends in crypto. Just a bunch of college aged white bros. Nobody else allowed.

>he dumped his stack
>pump it

We’re all best buds, we met on Reddit! HODL, LMAO! Check out my lambo meme!

Literally any time Veeky Forums related shit hits the mainstream it instantly becomes the most cringeworthy thing in the world. Then journalists come along and explain it to the masses and it’ll make you want to puke. It really makes you think the writing’s on the wall with Crypto, but I just can’t bring myself to believe it yet

>all these retards outing themselves as "bitcoin millionaires"

IRS putting them on the list

The failing Jew York Times is trying to bring about the collapse by rushing in the media phase. Fuck off faggots.

I relate to everything you just said. I don't want to believe it's over.

Both those guys are absolute soyboys. It's cute that they want to fight the state while still relying on the state's monopoly on violence as the only line of defense against the strong ripping everything from their pale fingers.

whats with these faggot haircuts too. how much hairspray do soyboys use? do women like it when guys try to be pretty like women? i doubt it. what are they even doing

The fun and novelty may be over, but making money has just begun.

Normies rushing into this to make money and look cool is going to push us into the stratosphere.

this. when the robberies and torture starts, we are all going to remember really quickly why people use banks

I used to think this was just fearmongering but then I remember how in my city people get regularly robbed at ATMs and forced at gunpoint to travel to a second ATM just so they can get like $200-$500.

That happens like once a week here in Philly lol

hmmm, good point
not that i even like banks. but you're not wrong.
i'm not even sure how that problem could be solved. maybe someones already working on it

ah, i've got it
some kind of wallet where you have to enter a password and you have two password, the normal password, and the 911 password that gets you into the crypto account but also calls the police. if it becomes widely adopted then it will not eliminate but reduce theft by increasing risk for the thieves. especially if this 911 feature can be integrated into already exisitng and popular wallet software

of course the thieves could just be like "and if da cops come we shoot you so no funny business white boy" and then you're fucked. so i dunno

wow this is a major problem, what a puzzle

why would you want anybody else why would just ruin it?

That may have been true in 2011-2012

I'm surprised this hasn't been posted here
or if it has, I've missed it

>Kasotsuka Shojo, an eight-member girl pop ensemble with virtual coin-themed Mexican wrestling masks, maid outfits and an unquenchable zeal for decentralised public blockchains.
>The group, whose name translates as “Virtual Currency Girls”, performed its first concert in Tokyo on Friday — a frenetic half-hour that allowed the octet to explain, in song and dance, both the benefits and dangers of a diversified crypto investment strategy.
>Members of the group introduced themselves as representatives of a different cryptocurrency, with Hinano Shirahama, as bitcoin, appearing to appoint herself leader. In an early onstage tussle, however, her leadership was challenged by Rara Naruse, the representative of bitcoin cash, the currency that emerged from a technological split last year.
>While the group’s enthusiasm for their virtual currency avatars is unquestionable, the overall message of Kasotsuka Shojo’s oeuvre includes necessary dollops of caution. Lyrics of one song include the warning: “Don’t forget about two-step verification,” and “Never use the same password twice”.


>Still drinks fucking Jameson

I guess you can't buy taste, Veeky Forums.

>As a mixed martial arts. fighter, Mr. Buttram said he would fight for a couple hundred bucks, sometimes a few thousand, and worked security at a start-up, but his main hobbies were reading Veeky Forums and buying vintage pornography, passions that exposed him to cryptocurrency.
i wonder how people are going to look back at this shit in 10 years

Honestly, just move to a lawful place like Singapore.

the wrestling masks ruin it
i want to see their faces obviously
should be wearing unique costumes that represent the coins not identical maid outfits.

Coindaddy is dope AF tho

>go to newspaper
>give full name and picture
>"i have millions in untraceable currency"

What could go wrong?

i'm canadian so i'm not actually worried for myself. even toronto is pretty tame compared to most us cities