All aboard, Train is leaving

Just hit bottom, now it's going to $1.00+. Get in now whilst it's the lowest it will be.


I only have 1700.
A-am i gonna make it bro?

Even if we won't make it today or tomorrow, friday news will take us ATH.

10k to make it. accumulate!



I just want to see it go to 1$ for my mental stability, but I'm not selling for at least other 6 months or maybe 1 year

I had 4000 req today, tried to swing trade it all to get more, then see it starts mooning and FOMO back in and now i only have 3400. I literally had images of killing myself run through my head

>selling REQ

look at this nerd, he deserves to lose money

I honestly see this going up to $10.00 eoy.

It is one of the few coins with a working product and actual use case. Also, the more this coin is used the more it will get burned. Meaning less coins and higher demand. It is also one of the most supported coins on biz as a long term hold as everyone sees its value and with a 488 Million market cap this could easily make it into the top 10 coins.

Its still not over its supportline
I will wait until 80cent

Now that I own 100 of these dealies, I can firmly say that it's the new AT&T of crypto currency.

Looking at a $300 price within 5 years

Been there man, had 10k once. Sold and spread it around, tried swing a few times and failed more than win. Now just holding 6k plus ETH. Comfy and I'd sell the ETH before REQ ever again

Anyone else think that reddit's front page of r/cryptocurrency helps pump coins massively?

Can we start a campaign to covertly get REQ in the top 10 posts daily

REQ gets covered a lot in that subreddit already. wouldn't be hard to push it even more

100% this. Even though I bought in at $0.20 I am still suffering mentally from it being dumped from $1.17 to $0.70.

I just want it to stay at $1 for the peace of mind. I will hold this at least until Q2 2018.

WEW lads

moon confirmed

people like this exist

All coins got a 5% bump because ETH holders are selling

That would put REQ's marketcap at 192B

token burning will make it more valuable even withouth marketcap growth

Lets go