Do you think this is a Pump and Dump?

Bought 90k for 50 dollars. Whats your opinion on Linda Coin? It seem ppl can't stfu about it atm

Get into Phoscoin, presale happening as we speak. Will be availible for just .10 cents a few more hours. Then it will become .20.

Fast privacy coin with 15 mil max supply.

thank me later.

I got around 110k, and honestly yes I do think it is a pnd, they're very sketchy, I've already made a good profit so I got out. Their white paper was pretty much "dont worry we'll work on it". Stay in if you want, shit might moon to 500 sats or something, But I don't like it anymore after being in the discord awhile.


Since it was such a small investment I've been toying with the idea of cashing out 50% into another coin


I'm a normie brainlet, what is a pump and dump?

people hype a coin and pump money in still it start s to moon, then near a high or a set "goal" they start to sell off for a profit, the dump.

Their whitepaper/website are riddled with Engrish and look like shit, and yet I'm still tempted because of the low total supply

even if it's a shitcoin, it surely has to be worth more than 1.5m.... right?

It has been able to stick around 1 cent quite consistently recently. Bare in mind most alts are red atm. I figured if it was gonna be dumped by now it would have happened

Also search linda coin on twitter normies are eating it up rn

Tell your street shitting brethren you need to try harder.


Yeah, i felt the same. But it's in its most earliest stage atm. English isnt their native language, so the whitepaper being rubbish atm is understandible. With all of the pre-sale funds coming in, they can spend some of that money to professionalize.

It's a bit of a gamble, but if they've got their shit together you'd be in for some massive gains.

I put in 100 dollars and will check back on it a year from now. Minimal risk vs maximum rewards. We'll see...

Looks interesting

lol just checked the website to how the sale is going. It seems it was rewritten today allready.

look at the motherfucking sell walls

13 btc sell wall for a literal shitcoin, not falling for this. I might regret it later, but I would prefer regretting "not" buying instead of buying

13 btc at 68 sats, forgot to type

It's was a great coin for a masternode before it mooned and they are reducing the requirement to 2 mil. Lots of people will be buying just for that and those coins will be locked up reducing supply. Sold some for roi, keeping the rest long term.

Ok, but how do you know what price everyone's using for that? And what happens if occurs at a lower price than you had set?

I was in at 8 sats, sold at 80. PnD. Look at their twitter hahaha man Im still laughing at the money I made. "The only coin with a beautiful name" hahahah


"Moon" ?? Why have you typed this?

Seems like a PnD to me.
I was holding it for some time and had hopes for the project, but sold as soon as they released that pajeet tier whitepaper and roadmap.
Also their github hasn't been updated in 6 months.

That would be excusable if the only problem with the new documentation was the broken engrish. That's just the fly on top of the shit cake.