Been holding for over a month now and the bitch hasn't moved yet. Will it ever pay off?

Been holding for over a month now and the bitch hasn't moved yet. Will it ever pay off?

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>faggot hide away quick

that image convinced me to sell it all

You are investing in a centralized prospect, a "cryptocurrency" controlled by 3 dudes, 1 of which has the competence of a "rookie" as judged by worlds most famous crypto guru. Fake partnerships, lies and deceit.

>Fake partnerships, lies and deceit.

The fake partnership was a misunderstanding from a Microsoft employee and has been since cleared. Other than that what do you mean?

There´s nowhere for IotA to go. Its already a top ten coin. Sure partnership announcements might pump it up to 5 or maybe even 6 USD, but it will require some kind of news of real world practical implementation of the tangle to get anything like a "moon". Sort of like the practical implementation aspect of ripple made it pump.

IotAs practical implementation is years down the line though, if it doesnt just fizzle out.

>smart move senpai
>you will absolutely make it in 2018
>what else you selling due to dump ?

Lol I got in sub $1 and sold when it hit 5.40. You’re an idiot for bag holding this long

roFL SHOULD have been holding ETC MY MAN!!

keep larping faggot
>it never went above $5

Realistically though, if they achieved everything they are setting out to do what price could it reach?

Don't hold it now. Same with cardano, only hype that is over allready. Working product decades away. Rly just sell it. It won't make a new Ath for a long time. You can thank me now ir later, idc.

IoT coin
But wait for this, wait just wait...
The genius developers... just wait this is too good to be true, IoT remember now IoT.
And the geniuses want the IoT devices to do Proof-of-Work

Can you imagine that.
PoW on my IoT device.



It was at 5.20 at least, over 7 on korean exchanges.

Yes, it did in in Dec.

it'll go plus $10 to price for every one global issue solved with IOTA
>ignore larping and FUD faggots around this coin
>this is REAL DEAL new generation of crypto and everyone afraid of it

keep larping faggots
>come back when you own some IOTA's please

Their team is fucking huge. I think the goal is 120 people on board? They hired a lot of mathematicians lately. If you think they can't pull something off with so much talent something is wrong here. They already have Come from beyond and he's autistic genius incarnate.

>Come from beyond

i looked him up. he has his own website apparently:

>When you do something like this, you get something so far beyond that it lives up to my username “Come From Beyond”. So now in plain English (although I make mistakes because I am not a native speaker).
When I started coding IOTA, one of my Artificial Intelligence I created said to me:
“Hey CFB, that’s pretty cute…will you require assistance in operating the popcorn machines when the Humans realise what you have created?”
To my little AI, I replied: “Yes my little one, prepare the popcorn butlers for an ETA of _________” (Can not reveal the date/time due to NDA)

yeah give this guy your money

>mad because he didnt get in at 10 cents

kys my man

that website was a troll website. CFB said so himself omg people coming up with lame fud

Reminder IOTA is TRASH

>Vitalik hates IOTA

>MIT hates IOTA

>Dev's behave like children

>Claim partnerships when they are just a customer

I have a partnership with Netflix under the same logic

That's how shitcoins pumped with wash sales die user. It was the same story with nxt.
There's no mining so there's no forced supply on the market. I assume insiders already dumped what they wanted.

It's slowly going to go down while volume dries up. There are going to be dumps with increased volume followed by weak dead cat bounces.

Unless so many new normies arrive that it revitalizes, but for that case it's much better to hold some low-cap shitcoin.

There was a contest to make the shittiest and most trolling website about him. None of them are real.

buy IoTChain instead

Kill yourself

IoT devices don't have the ability to do the work, but their nodes do. An IoT device can be as simple as a tiny sensor which then reports back, via other sensors in the chain, to its node/mote. The mote can be as simple as a Raspberry Pi, which would have the computational and constant supply of electricity (as opposed to the IoT device) to perform that proof of work.

Each sensor just needs to encapsulate its sensor data within an IOTA transaction. The node then deals with the difficult part of accepting it and propagating it past the local IoT sensor network.