/whoelsehere/ got the key to their lambo?

/whoelsehere/ got the key to their lambo?
moon guaranteed

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*stands in your path*

heh, nice try kid

its lagging the fuck out for me, what do i do

chinese knock off, no thanks

>theyre not even going to try to get on exchanges

Sent as soon as it hit 00:00:00 on the timer, gas 200000, gwei 100.
transaction failed

197k key reporting in

it's over. sold out after 11 minutes.

that's because they know everybody wants to list them ;)

post url? shill me

mooooooooooooon. 0.015 usd we know what happend to cheap icos :=)

nigga, u should tell us before ico ends?


>Available for Token Sale: 33%


feeling the comfiest since link ico

yeah youre right. see you on etherdelta

Fuck.. as an ICO newbie didn't set the gas high enough. Oh well, I didn't want to be rich anyway.

just signed up

missed it by minutes.

how can I get this on ED?

You can't
There's another KEY on ed but it's a scam check the contract
To whoever got into this today: did you send 2-3 minutes before it said 00:00:00 on the site?

So I was among the many who couldn't load up the page.

What do from here?


Best Neo ICO to this date

580k+ KEY reporting. Comfy af.

What gas limit did you use? I want to know for the next time
Isn't 200k enough? Tell meeeeee

How does gas work? So you use it to make the transaction faster?


200k gas limit is fine, but gas PRICE is the important part. I saw lots of 500 gwei transactions on the ICO.

I use MEW and the limit is 100
What do

LMAO this sneaky fuck bought himself at least 115 eth worth of KEY


It's okay, just use vechain to verify if its a knockoff or not.