HST - what are you waiting for? (the_donald inside)

trust me this is not fake news:

>[14.1., 01:02] crypto daily: 23-26 jan in davos, switzerland world economic forum
[14.1., 01:02] weforum.org/about/strategic-partners
[14.1., 01:03] these CEOs will be there
[14.1., 01:03] money.cnn.com/2018/01/12/news/davos-what-trump-should-say/index.html
[14.1., 01:03]: trump is gonna be there, too.
[14.1., 01:03] the votes at the forum will be made via the MiVote (HST MVP) plattform and the UN IGOs will present this MVP at the forum.

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could this be /ourcoin/?

I didnt sell any at the peak, what do anons? why the massive slid in price the last week or so?

I think it was the bear market that came as a result of Korea FUD. Should be back in action with any positive news.


they've got one of the biggest business intelligence comapny in SAP on their side.
the token mechanics are great: HSTs major market will be B2B. this means in detail that companys/governments who want to use HST will pay fiat for a read to use product for voting and a dozen over other features (pic related).
HST will buy the a amount of fiat payed back on the open market for the price in fiat paid.
8% of the tokens will get burned post-use.
HST will make voting/elections transparent, unhackable and easy-to-use.

this is the best longterm project ever. you can literally hodl it until you die.

okay sounds good man. I got in at like 50 cents so its whatever anyways.

HST was pumped too fucking fast: $1 to $5 in 2 weeks. It was bound for a big correction

I really like that the coin gas an actual purpose and unique at that for what is kind of a big concern in politics but since it has all that going for it no one will give a shit

This is going to be one hell of a month for HST, lots in place. You guys should really watch the interview with nuggets news.

I'm also a bit salty for not selling on the way down since it dropped A LOT. But does seem like this is going to be a big month and HST should moon.

>Semi-inside-news from talking to one of the team is some completely new announcement should come up later this month still. You're hearing it here first.

Also additionally to WEF this looks professional af and connections will be made: govpay.asia

i told you faggots this shitcoin would dump. that's what you get for putting your faith in shithole countries. the UN "partnership" that generated all the buzz for this dumb fuck token was a pilot program by an IGO comprised of shitholes.

nigger state token kek

holy shit blockchain voting is a good idea. is this the first coin to do this?

Sold some at 3.30 ATH cause I needed to grab a few more of a diff coin. Continued that run to $6 -_-
Still got 90% of the stack but lowkey annoyed

This one and POLL have a good handle on the bc voting market. There is one underlying semi-issue imo though and that lies with having to get a third party to verify the same person has not voted twice (since the votes are supposed to be anonymous).

You call this fucking dumping? The coin has made a x100 run since ICO, what in the everloving fuck are you talking about pajeet?

Fair to mention that. However it makes sense to keep identity and voting separate. You can solve voting itself quite easily, the process and its variations are almost universal, but identity is a matter that should be solved following each country's specific needs.

Hurr Durr it's recovering now and i'm up 15x

"Shitcoin" retard

got in at 24c i should of sell ATH and rebought but im a pussy :(

I just bought 8 ether worth
please let me make it

give it a month or two. also, wtf just happened to the price?

yeah that jump was nuts

Just know that this project is a long-term hold. If you buy into this, don't expect to cash out in a few days. You have been warned.

eh id wait another month or so to buy. i sold at $5 after buying at 30 cents, that was nice. no incoming news for a while tho

Just a matter of time. The guys at HST are professional shills. Unlike quite a few crypto teams I've seen...

Bought at the ATH which sucks but a whale pumped one of my shitcoins today so I'm gonna sell that shit and buy more of this while its cheap as chips.

Im excited for Q2 of this year but this thing looks like a HODL until 2020

Im confident it will recover and go higher but i would have tripled my stack or something like that

I bought around $0.40 and sold half my stack at $4.50. I think the market cap can at least hit 200-300MM, so I'll keep holding. But it's gonna be a few months. Now is probably not a terrible time to get in, if you want an easy 2-3x.

I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/


whats this token

>Can't read the title

Its something that you use on the internet.



So what caused the jump a few hours ago?

Smart people buying the dip up