Initial investment

Where did you guys get your initial investment when you first started investing in crypto

A real job. ~90k annual salary. Still working so I can accumulate effortlessly. If you dont have an income to accumulate more you are wasting this opportunity.


i should have never sold my precious doge fuck this gay earth

I worked for my uncle who did landscaping in high school.

They day I turned 18, I used about half of my savings, signed up for coinbase, and 3 days later I had 2 BTC at $612 each.

Now, my portfolio is close to four btc, after taking out some to buy a car. My businesses pay for my college and crypto is finally a hobby people won't call you a nerd for having.

>people won't call you a nerd
>giving a shit in the first place

>had 3k to my name
>go to casino with 500 in mid December
>play poker and blackjack for 3 days straight
>turn 500 into 15k
>take 10k and buy tron at 1.5 cents
>sell tron and go all in on ICX
>sell some ICX and invest in some other coins

currently have 50k crypto portfolio + 5k in jibrel ico

life is good

Had nothing, a total poorfag. Made an airdropped shitcoin token, kept 10% of supply, retards bought and pumped shitcoin and I dumped my 10% for 40k. Now I have 400k months later from ETH, LINK and XRB. Life's good.

Got like 0.7 btc back in 2014 from Stellar referrals, had like 37k str or some shit

>Still accumulating instead of taking profits.
You are not going to make it.

to be fair I was a pretty big sperg even just a few months ago. Since then I've lost 70 pounds(and put on 20 in muscle), sold my 20 y/o shitbox and bought my (attainable) dream car, a Porsche 987 S, and just generally really cleaned up my appearance. Now the same people who were cunts to me in high school are showing up in my DMs again asking how they can get in on crypto-money or whatever they call it

it's actually really amusing; wouldn't have it any other way

savings from my day job

wage cucked 2000$ savings gambled it all on shitcoins the rest is history

That's very nice, making it in every way. Jelly, my day will come too.

>portfolio of 4btc
>buying a Porsche
You are not going to make it either.

Runescape RWT

I was working for 6 months and I had saved a couple of k. put 1100 euro in it. Now I'm a multi millionaire. Ah sweet 2013.

>Joined army
>Saved every penny
>Got out went to college for free
>Got free scholarships that I didn't need upto like $6k
>Read about Ethereum and dumped all my money into it at $10 because fuck it

Now I'm here

what exactly do you mean by this?

You never sold any?

My job, i'm not a fucking NEET like 80% people in here

I was an early adopter and only put in $20, I now have ~$130k.

Financial aid.
>mfw the tax payers are funding my crypto addiction

a used 987s is 20k usd. and that was AFTER what I took out for a car

thats fucking hilarious lmao. tell them to eat shit

IDK how long you have been in this game. If its like a week or two ignore me. But if you have been in literally a month already you more than likely did multiple times over. Which means at the very least you should have pulled out your principal. If you have been in it for at least 6-12 months, you should have pulled out gigantic profits, and still had at least like 10x your principal. It's not going to be one gigantic bull market for all eternity, you should always remember you havent made money till you cash out, so remember to take profits. If you keep just throwing more and more money in, not taking anything out, you are losing money. The way the market is going you dont even really need to add more anyway reinvesting the serious gains you hopefully made would be more than enough.

i make $200k/year at a comfy corporate work from home job

maintaining a shitty used high mileage porche is a bitch tho user. How much is your insurance?
I cashed out like 4 times that last year and used it as a downpayment. I still drive an 08 ranger I bought for 10 grand like 5 years ago. i use the cheapest gas, barely do any maintenance, insurance is cheap and if anything goes wrong I can fix it for cheap. I mean whats the mileage on the porche?

choke on shit you annoying fuck.

>gives someone common sense advice
This happens every time I tell someone anything other than they will get 100x on every investment in crypto for all eternity. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

I would've thanked you and appreciated your advice had I asked for it. But I just feel like you're spreading unnecessary FUD in this case, thus the response.

May 2013 tax return

How is it FUD?
what is your exit strategy?
When do you intend to take profits?
if you have more than a few thousand dollars in the market start to think about this stuff. I still have money in crypto Im not saying its hitting 0 tomorrow. Im saying we are here to make money, not spend money.
not everything deviating from your optimistic pipe dreams is FUD. People get pissy if I question whether REQ will be $100 by the end of the year even though I have like 30% of my portfolio in it. Do you guys honestly believe this stuff? if so get help and dont do your own investments.

When I was born my parents put £2000 in an ISA

I'm actually considering pulling out some profits. My only thing right now is the hike in taxes if you pull out before a year goes by. Am in the USA. thoughts?

>"remember to take profits"


I have a fucking job pays 80k.

>My only thing right now is the hike in taxes if you pull out before a year goes by.
Dunno Im not american. I thought your taxes were per trade anyway? depending on your portfolio size (not absolute values, but how much its worth to you personally) might be worth biting the bullet even if you get jewed.

You're an actual retard.

from work ?

Fell into it. Was selling electronics and someone asked if I could sell their old GPUs. I bought them for dirt and built mining rigs. I mined ETH and was at dinner with a close friend who is a VC. Told him about mining, we partnered up and now have a half million dollar a yr operation. I've learned the hard way that HODLing is way better than chasing a moon. I should have a lot more than I do. I'm gay

Schoolarship for good grades ar uni.

When your mom blew me

>lost 70 pounds of fat
>gained 20 pounds of muscle in "a few months"

do you retards just jerk off to larping?

Me too user, god bless the duel arena.


working at target

Holy shit and after all that you still manage to come off as an autist on an anonymous forum. I'll be praying for you user.

>where to find a few hundred $$$ to get started..
Gee I dunno.

I catfished pedophiles online, found their Facebook/employer than threatened to ruin their life if they didn't pay me, ended up making $15k in one summer. Then I put $5k of that in crypto and I'my folio is at $40k now

my first purchase was 3 ethereum on coinbase

I had 4k neetbux saved up while living with my parents.
I put 1k in
That 1k became 5k
That 5k is in FUN and a bunch of Gen 0 Etheremon (which paid themselves off and then some).
Now I just wait for one to moon and the other to be a full game and I should have enough to be able to make it with a few more decent guesses.
I refuse to be a wagecuck. I went to uni and college, etc, but those degrees take you nowhere without connections, and I don't feel like sucking up to a bunch of normies just to get a job. Even now I'm paying everything I can out of my neetbux so that I'm not a leech off my parents, and once I make it big I'll pay off their house, loans, etc