If you like NEO you're going to love this

If you like NEO you're going to love this.

I'll give you a hint, look at the team.

You're welcome.

what's the name again? nebulas?

how much needed to make it?


Goal / 10 = Initial Investment

Its so funny how little exposure this has. It is so fucking obvious. I have already called the porche dealership to set up an appointment for q2 when this will EASILY go 5-10x.

That's really bad logo design, although PRL is proof that it doesn't matter.


This is a scam coin. Created by a PnD discord group.
For proof check this discord link of theirs:


Do NOT buy these BAGS! DYOR.

None of that shit matters. There is so must eastern popularity of this coin, its never going down. Its all up hill from here.

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you know nothing john snow. stay out, plenty of money to go around. but this is a sure thing.

This is not a pump and dump you fucking retard. Go read the white paper and look at the road map. Test net is out, main net is this quarter, team has some of the best network connections I've seen. Shits so under the radar.

You are actually retarded. Do YOUR own research.


name the fucking coin first you dumb pajeet

you dont even scam correctly

>someone this fucking retarded calls other people stupid
the absolute state of nu-Veeky Forums posters

How does it payout like NEO does gas? What is the rate?

I didn't realize there are people this retarded. Please leave Veeky Forums and never come back.

This is actually an advertisement for this PnD. Its being spammed in every thread.




>token sale ended
Fuck off not buying your bags

The second I saw NEO founder was also Neb founder. I threw 1 BTC at it

>I have already called the porche dealership
Don't buy some cheap Chinese knock-offs, user.

>Don't underestimate China's influence on crypto this year, user.

let me tell u more about it retards

> founders are NEO
> NAS founders also advisor to TRX
>NAS advisor evan chang also advisor to chainlink
> offices in beijing, Singapore, SF, one more coming up in bay area
> Lan balina calling it as hidden gold mine, he saying 6 bill mcap by mainnet. mainnet in March end
> it is called as google of blockchains
> founder also ex google director for search engine

I think these are enough hints. if u still did not get it. u deserve to be poor in crypto.

> if you like chainlink, u would love this as well. chaninlink advisor evang chang also advisor to NAS

NEO is not evolved, and NEO only has 2 founders, none of them in the team page there.

>advisor to TRX
Why should i trust this scam coin they copied the whitepaper and today on their github they got caught copying code and not licensing properly. Either they are dubious or dumb