You sold at the bottom and are now fomoing on the way up, didn't you user?

I dumped some of a coin I believe in so I could increase my eth stack for this recent moon trip

Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been 2 weeks since my last fomo.

I was previously a fomosexual but my days of degeneracy and whale feeding are over. My iron hands clasp tightly around my bags and my rosary beads sit lightly on my breast.

No silver tongued whale may sway me from now on father.

I can't holdl these 5200 sat XLM bags any longer, father.

Cast this sinner down to the fires of retail banking father! With 30% apr credit cards and wagecucking

sold 200k xvg for 120 sat back in July

Vitalik forgives your sins, my sons.

You must chant thirty Wakey Snakeys and pray to the god of the green candles. Hold fast, my son.

lord save this man

You have suffered enough. May many moons and green candles come to you, my son.

Father, I stood strong as the WTC whales dumped on me. I set a limit order slightly above my buy price and woke up to the order sold. Your guidance gave me gains!

I thought so but not really. I sold Canya at a loss but I don't know where the bottom is.

I thought $1,000 was a good point to sell my solitary ETH.

I was drunk last night and forgot the number 1 rule of trading. Feels real bad man.

I fomo'd into WTC last night on that stupid ass "disney announcement" Sold low to jump into MOD. And then bought back into WTC even higher than before, and am holding bags now.

guess again, was too lazy to move my REQ from my wallet.

I have less than 2k LINK

I hodl'd through a 3x moon and now the coin dipped lower than it was when I bought it.

I milked my momy's tits

We've got the biggest sinner of all, a stinkie linkie. Father, I would like to request an exorcism for this poor soul to see the light.

buy high sell low?

I've done this... Too many times.

Father I recently fomo'd ENG and panic sold. This was about a week ago, idk what I was thinking father. Please forgive me!

I bought ACT at ATH. My hands are getting weak.

lol @ tron

father im tempted to sell my links

what do i do with these feelings?

Too late I already sold. Checked my transactions and it 4200 sats not 5200.

Thank u crypto jesus

Father, I sold CAN at 20% loss even though I know it will eventually some point