ICON just surpassed $10. After the recent false Korean crypto ban FUD, this coin has been recovering nicely

ICON just surpassed $10. After the recent false Korean crypto ban FUD, this coin has been recovering nicely

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this is a scam

Literally breaking out, right now. Get in faggots.

Please go be a pajeet somewhere else you faggot

looks like another asian nigger scam

seen this many times in the charts, let's see what happens in 30 minutes with that next candle, brah. otherwise this is nothing like awlays, and will continuie to bleed out. shit coin.

Does your carer know you're on the internet?

you had plenty of time to buy the dip, sorry pajeets

dont getexcited just yet, again, look at the charts man. enjoy your penny gains, hope you can get out at the top otherwise its a slow slow fall down, and you seem to be a bag hodler

mainnet soon

Damn, its really going up. WIll it passs $11.00 tonight??

Better sell and save your bags, this isnt going anywhere. Check 2 hour charts dating back 1 month. youll see it fast.

Garbage ass coin. I'm buying the next lambo CoinHealth, went from 5 to 29 cents in value and presale ain't done yet.

no dude, its in a downtrend... notice the lower highs and lower lows... sell at the peak and rebuy at lower points

I am gradually selling. Watching 1 min candles and sell 100 shares each time it starts looking red so maybe It will dip and I can rebuy like 105 shares or maybe more. Easy $50. And I have 2000 shares so I am not salty if it keeps mooning

The fact that so many pajeets are discrediting this coin is giving me more hope. Thank you. 47.1k icx holder here.

>lower lows.

you're looking at the wrong graph /b/ro

youre creating so many taxable sales, not realy $50 man.

If you look at 6h he has a point. unless it breaks out now

Each one being a taxable event means you pay taxes on profit then. Same amount as taxes on net profit, it just triggers you being responsible for the taxes in that year. And I don't plan on holding anything for more than a year in this market so it doesn't make a difference, since I have enough fiat to pay taxes on any gains I might make (unless I become a millionaire or something)

the only reason it resembles downward trend is because of the cnbc crash the other day. If you ignore that then it is a pretty damn healthy correction

Anyone know why its mooning? just random or is there news?

this will drop soon, dont fall.

I was all in but sold before the dip. We're less than two weeks from launch and compete radio silence from the ICON team.
They can't even provide basic info on token conversion which likely means they are going to delay the launch yet again.

That's a good point. I might try to get out before something like that happens

Actually I take that back. Did you see this? twitter.com/helloiconworld/status/951445504142950400

It looks like they might be on schedule

Yeah not trying to FUD but seems to be a lot of uncertainty right now and the silence isn't helping

Fresh ass youtube video showing team and goals:


i got in at ico i'm doing just fine, pajeet

Incoming red dildo. Sell while you still can.

and FUN hasnt recovered

What the fuck Veeky Forums. I ignored this because I thought it was a meme. Do I get in now?

It looks like a break out, but the volume is not very convincing. Let's see.

Might as well. You risk buying before a dip, but if you are willing to hold for 2 weeks you will see some solid gains

they pretty much hard confirmed the 24 Jan release, would be too big of a fuckup if they don't deliver now. unlikely.

That's what you get for being a fucking brainlet who can't do his DD.

Yeah, it's recovering from the weak ass fud it was dealt a few days ago.

Whales moved in week before the mainnet release. They have things scheluded.

They also made a diversion.
I lost 6 icx and some ven and had a lesson
of sorts.

First big icx buy was at 02.39 and ven started
mooning the same minute. Whales ate the icx
wall and moved to positions while i was busy
chasing moon.

The entity has fled.

I regret to inform that i won't make it.

It’s stabilizing right now. It will be back to 6900 in a few hours. It will be a few days before a legitimate moon. But yes, it has recovered nicely all things considered. Not selling anything.

>bleed out
The daily low has been getting higher and higher each day.

man o man i was right, less than an hour of fun. enjoy your bags, dick sucks

Oh thank god I'm green again.

This. They arnt going to have a huge event on 31st only to delay it. They mainnet delay was probably to coincide with the regulations

for once i managed to get out before the dip.

There is literally no worse fate than being born a currynigger.
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Cup and handle forming?

What dip are you guys talking about? It’s back up to 7355. Literal pajeets here.


Zoom out brainlet.

Sure im calling it prematurely but with thr mainnet release its gonna happen ladette

Don't. Things are still uncertain in Korea, it will be retarded to invest into korean coins.

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

Dude, gtfo

They aren’t uncertain. They are not going to pass a bill to ban cryptos. The gov already confirmed. The only one who wants to is the justice minister. Literally the only one.

like Ive been saying, this is trash. Going back down FAST.


>100 sats is “going down”