Biz isn't know what to do

INT - Internet Node Token - A new Chinese IoT token that's not even on CMC yet.

I've tried to warn you a few times, and people said "scam". Biz calls everything under a 400M marketcap a scam.

Don't blow it.

Website :

Partners :
IBM / Huawei / Link VC / Microsoft Research (per website / chatter)

I am literally, again, just trying to help, as I have done many times before.


Monaco man will make you rich, definitely

Chief Architect : Dr. Xiang is a young expert in the Next Generation (5G) Wireless Communication and IoT technology. At present, he majors in the applications of “Blockchain - IoT” technological convergence. He once did post-doctoral research at CAS, and took charge of an “863” Project. Dr. Xiang writes many papers, and applies for many patents. Xiang Ruofei graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a doctor's degree in 2011. He was instructed by Hao Yue, a well-known academician in the field of microelectronics. He had participated in numerous projects with many institutes、universities and enterprises, such as Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences、Peking University and Huawei.
After his graduation, Dr. Xiang is hired as a director-level expert by Wuhan Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision to supervise the standardization research and project management of the National Infrared Center. One year later, Dr. Xiang continued to engage in postdoctoral research in microwave communication devices, cooperating with Wang Zhanguo, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He hosted the "863" project led by Huawei and Xidian University.
Dr. Xiang used to serve as CTO in Guangzhou Teleimei Biological Technology Co Ltd and deputy General Manager of Guangdong Jinhu Investment Co Ltd.
In 2017, Dr. Xiang joins INT this year and serves as the Chief Architect of INTChain.

Total coin supply : 1 Billion
Circulating supply : 150M? (so, 45M market cap?)
Current price : 0.27 (looks like a pulse to .40 and now in a dip...)

Consensus : This could be a short to mid term hold for huge gains based on China / other IoT tokens....huge value possible long term, but impossible to say for sure. Chatter in telegram is talk of a non-updated Github...but that doesn't matter too much, given partnership NDA's. Everybody wants to be “the next IoTa”, but this thing is definitely worth consideration IMO, before it hits mid-tier chinese exchanges. One worry OR consideration is consistently being over-shadowed by Waltonchain or IOTA themselves, HOWEVER, there is always the possibility they could join WTC's Chinese “IOT ALLIANCE”....imagine getting in on WTC when it first hit Chinese exchanges....

There is a lot of “confidential” information right now. How the partnerships are working. Github. Etc. E

This may mean slow movement, but they have been active since Q4 last year. Either way, talk is moving fast. Lots of Telegram activity these last few days.

The whitepaper can be easily found on the telegram. I've attached a screenshot below.

Still digging on this always, this is very early, so DYOR, and only go in with what you're comfortable with.

From the Whitepaper, of which there's a new version coming soon. This can be easily found on the TG.

I got in yesterday, so comfy ready for the moon, they are going into further detail soon on their partnerships. Everything is all still in Chinese. So much room for this to grow in the western market

Where can I buy the token user

Your efforts have been realized. Will look into the coin, thanks user. Here's a gifto

where the fuck do i buy this,

Okex and coinegg

Site too slow

Bibox, Coinegg, OKex...I gave you the website, goddamn, can you brainlets not look up one thing for yourselves.

Thanks user. Where do you find these?

Oops, not Bibox, ALLCOIN. Sorry. Aidoc was Bibox. #morecoffee

Jesus Christ, Pajeet, don't they teach you how to quote in Veeky Forums Shitcoin Shilling School?

What is the circulating supply? Their whitepaper doesn't disclose token distribution percentages or what the max cap was.

the website wont load reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

appreciate the heads up



This was the gateway of me finding a hidden gem. Thanks!

Interesting. Hard finding any info on it at all. Any news coming out on it soon that would cause it to blow up?

I'm in NAS for a similar reason, but I feel like that might be more well known that this.

God dammit just signed up too