How many ETH do I need to eat fecal matter out of the poopey hole of a woman like this?

How many ETH do I need to eat fecal matter out of the poopey hole of a woman like this?

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Eyes are weird, need paper bag for head.

You only need to own one BBC to buy a girl like this

How many ETH do I need for a woman like this to eat fecal matter out of my poopey hole?



Her body is fine but her face is pure horror

You'll never have enough.

Holy fucking kek someone made a meme frog of that roastie



>Meme frog

Fuck off, Reddit.

lmao dude when did you do it?

if u live in India, the question is "how many poopey do you need to get a girl like this to buy my shitcoin?"

I unironically want a girl to shit in my mouth and I hate myself for it

Why? What exactly do you find arousing about that?

How much is her apartment?

Do you have the pic of the roastie in the laboratory who is whale tailing her red panties? It got shitposted around a lot earlier this week but for some reason I want to see it again.


because its a female?

Spend that ETH on therapy instead

Pure horror on what planet? She's hot

I really don't get it when people look at a hot chick and say stuff like this. She isn't ugly no matter how you look at it


ok couldn't tell from 1st pic but she actually has a really cute face too

I don't know how much money you'd need OP, but I too would slurp down a log fresh from her asshole.

>Pure horror on what planet? She's hot
Hot only if u are a basement dwelling virgin.

Anyone have a link to her gallery?

Heh, I'm pretty active and I've got a lot of attractive female friends. I've got enough exposure to know my judgement is on point

I find it's genuine basement dwellers (like yourself) who have unrealistic ideas about what = attractive, given the only exposure you've got to women is the pornstars you fap to

Twitter gallery's the best I can do


what a qt

we need to integrate logposting into Veeky Forums somehow


Thanks. I know there's a TON more. Damn. Help a user out biz

imagine being a woman

people will literally pay money to eat your shit