This board truly makes me happy...

This board truly makes me happy. This board is filled with people trying to help others get rich off awesome crypto projects.

One example is they will tell you "we're all gonna make it." That's totally true because we're early adopters. Most people have no idea what cryptocurrency is or how to buy it. We're a small group of tech savvy young guys and our crypto riches will turn us into the new ruling class.

Another example is someone will tell you to buy a coin because it's super undervalued. It's essential to find undervalued currencies that have a lot of room to grow. Privacy for example is becoming a a major issue with government and hacker intrusion into every facet of our lives, so privacy coins will grow because they are severely undervalued.

Also are you thinking of "long-term HODLing?" That's a good idea. Only a small percent of fast reacting individuals and bots can be successful daytraders. Holding long-term through the ups and downs is what make a lot of early Bitcoin adopters rich, so that can be you too with the newer projects. Don't just sell at the first profit you get because the long-term profit will be greater than the short-term profit. Don't panic sell the down turns either. because they will come back up. Cryptocurrency on decentralized ledgers is a new technology with so much potential to be used by so many companies and you really are getting in early.

Just know that when it comes to making money, it's about encouraging others to get in on great opportunities which encourages them will help you in return. We're all friends here for the same reason so let's help each other by sharing information and posting great threads.

just bought sonm, think its gonna moon hard this week

nice just bought 100k

you sound like a redditor and need to go back

nobody on this board actually cares about the well being of anyone else. This is made very clear when the topic of taxes or charity infrequently surfaces.

All relationships are transactional. Particularly anonymous internet relationships. The only time someone here will pretend to care for you is when it benefits them. Words are cheap and easy. Most of these people wouldn't take the time to look if you were lying dead in the gutter.

I disagree.

user are united.

then you are admitting that your extension of empathy is completely arbitrary and perverse. You don't know who user is. It could be that third world nigger you scold for taking your tax money. Or a NEET on welfare.

Yes, thats true.

I also know that the only thing connecting me to him/her/it is Veeky Forums/anonymity.

Its that much different than fucking normies, that yes, I would help this creature out of a trench.

>Most of these people wouldn't take the time to look if you were lying dead in the gutter

/gif/ would like to say a word

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Hey I'm a hot crypto youtuber with 23k subscribers and I'd like to interview you. Is Bill available to answer some questions? How much will you pay me to shill your ico?

>young guys
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I mean I don’t know why, unless you think biz is a huge influence on the crypto market

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100k in

>That's totally true because we're early adopters
I still unironically believe this. Yeah sure crypto has been in the news recently and some normal people are talking about it, even a very small few of them have ventured far enough to invest a couple hundred bucks. But the wide majority are still either completely ignorant of cryptos existence or shun it all together.
Just take a look at other boards on Veeky Forums and try talk about crypto. They either call it a scam, are too uncertain about it, or bust out stupid cuck and jew memes. If most of Veeky Forums isnt onboard...

A few people at my work are going to a "how to buy bitcoin " class this w33kend..

So yes. We are WAY ahead of the curve.

Thanks man i just bought 100k butt koins when them gonna blow up?

I have too much empathy like you as well. Once you have more setbacks in life I think it will help curb it down to more realistic levels.

You sound like a normie, are you a normie?

i don't know about butt koins yet i'm new to this.
i bought 100k of bitbean, am I gonna make it user?

>One example is they will tell you "we're all gonna make it." That's totally true because we're early adopters.

People who spout this are telling you a lie. You might make it. You might lose it all. It really depends on how quickly you can learn from mistakes, your ability fathom the underlying value of a coin (dissecting the Whitepaper, the roadmap, the market cap), your attention to securing your coins as safely as possible, your investment strategy and vision, your cashing out strategy and how you plan for an endgame strategy if the market goes tits up. If you haven't figured all of those things out you may well lose in this market. Most of all, you need to be self aware in this game - aware of FOMO, aware of your frustration your euphorias and complacency.

The 'you will make it' philosophy is complacent lazy thinking, and if you accept that then that will be reflected in the way you trade. And you will lose.

lol OP was clearly going for the 4D chess type of sarcasm

Lol fucking morons. I love all these scam guides and help etc out there atm for crypto for a premium. People still don't even use the internet for its intended purpose in 2017 a source of info.

you can learn literally everything just by using google