This is tanking hard, should I get in?

This is tanking hard, should I get in?

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nah, the actual project is not good

good coining sir, still cheaping sir, good buy now big profit big big moon.

moon this week. buy more


weak FUD. Guy raped his sister. He broke down the guys door and smashed his face in. 19 years ago. KYS

>knowingly investing in a project created by burglars and rapists.

I love how this is posted now every time this coin is mentioned. This was 2 fucking decades ago. Get your FUD bullshit outta here.

This coin has been under radar for months now all of a sudden it's gradual organic growth is being met with asinine FUD.

We get it, you didn't buy in cheap. $2 is still a drop compared to where it's going with the coin burn and beta release. Grow up and make fucking money.

Looking hard at any retards that can't spot a scam coin.

I brought this coin up a few hours ago and got met with "they paid datadash to shill their coin, hur dur hur dur" and the whole "dude went to jail" bull shit. Man, this project seems pretty good. Its down 10% today, but nothing has launched yet. Still feel like my hands are heavy.

Are you the same guy who created that really weak evidence FUD thread where you posted criminal records of the creators of various cryptos?

Mate, you'd have a very hard time finding a company where all of the executives had a squeaky clean record.

>break into house and rape underage girl
>b-b-b-but that was in 1998, i'm honest now!

subscrotum pajeet coin

No man, he broke into the house of the dude who raped his sister and whooped his ass...

Man, biz is seriously like FUD city on every coin they didn't buy.

if that's true i will legitimately buy 100k

You're one of the masses who listens to the news everyday without ever verifying the "facts" for yourself I see.

>tag this mug shot "hottie"
damn burgerland u weird.

>Substratum’s price rose from $0.30 to over $2.50 in the last month alone, heading straight to the moon. However, due to some rumors that have surfaced from Veeky Forums about SUB’s CEO and their team, the steady climb has been interrupted.
LOL... please stop

alright man

>"I was arrested for beating up the man who sexually assaulted my sister after kicking his door in. 17 years ago.”
100k bought

thanks user