Alright guys, VEN had a slight setback because people don't understand what we were doing with it

Alright guys, VEN had a slight setback because people don't understand what we were doing with it.

>Veeky Forums and associated Veeky Forums discord groups are inflating VEN. This is on Binance (ETC and BTC) Pairings.

This is not a pump and dump, we do not drop huge bags on people In fact dumping bags is completely the opposite of what we are doing. To put it simply, we create green candles. That's it. We push time and time, minute after minute, to create green candles on a coin. That's all we do we push the bare minimum to get green candles on a coin, and you know what flocks to green candle after green candle?


I'm welcoming you all to join, you can buy, you can sell, you can join for a while and leave. The launch sequence for round two is about to start. But the goal is to just push green candles every round.

We don't dump into active buy orders, we put up sell walls and wait for normies to buy into them. You know why? Because that's a green candle.

Our goal is roughly 9$ Tonight. It's not hard, just create some upward motion and the market will follow.

If we go up just 5-10% from where we are now, we'll be on binance front page and shit will really take off.

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Just wait for the big news that are coming soon.
Maybe tommorow.

I'm in

this is what he's relying on to gain credibility lol.

thanks user, just bought 100k

mini-whale here

I'm in

Who the fuck is this


I love this kind of fud, it's great.

We have three groups backing this coin for a quiet rise.

Thank you for just laying it out instead of shilling "MOON MISSION INC". I'll look into it and try to create some green.

The manipulation on ven gives me a headache.


Just put $3000 dollars into eth, moving to kucoin now, you had better be right OP

If you are a whale then I am a whale too.
So basically you are not a whale.

ven is a good coin to begin with, good buy in a bear period imo.

all you guys popping along when most decent coins are about to pump anyway
any fool can see VEN is about to pump back to ATH levels
nothing to do with you

What news user

I'm down

Go on....

I hope, its fucking falling rright now

then whats the problem in buying in?

strong rumour of a partnership with Chinese Tobacco



Don't let the whales manipulate you into giving away cheap VEN.

yes, they make over 150 bn profit per year.

we don't really need to care about the coin to get normies to buy it off us for higher prices do we?

New tweet

Coca cola kid was right. Shit is happening.

Is WTC legit?

I wish I was chinese



I'm sure this is only good news

Just like last time they had a state level partnership.
If they get national tobacco too, then pboc is not far stretched at all.

what the fuck is this supposed to mean

Wow, look at that movement. $8 easily within reach!!!


is it happening???

It's happening

>First Mover to Disrupt, Deploy in Force One Market At a Time
>youtube link to china national anthem
how does this kind of random blabbering inspire confidence




He's an octopus or maybe dolphin. I forgot the measuring standards since I'm a shrimp.

I'm sure it means something positive I just have no fucking idea what.

last time they tweeted something like this out was the 14th dec

few days later this was announced

Last time they posted this a few days before the national level partnership was announced.
So same thing here one would think,

crazy how just a tweet can change the market in like 1 minute.


How about you just look at the chart then nigger, easy $8

Last time they tweeted that a national level partnership was announced

admit it faggots
> you got scammed and now you are stuck with heavy heavy bags of this fucking shitcoin until the end of february

i fucking warned you, but you wouldn't listen, rooting for this fucking shitcoin like a football team... you got chinked

and here. we. goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

sitting pretty comfy with 10x gain in a month

Check their Twitter right now.



I want to punch you right in your michael from microsoft support little face u fucking pajeeet

It’s happening!

A song to watch the charts:

Suck it Waltoncucks.

i'm fuckin innnnnnn


How much can we expect eow and eom?

who fucking cares about all these wabi walton ven shitcoins

unless you got in early you are holding bags that aren't going to move any time soon. maybe wabi has a chance to moon judging strictly by marketcap and working product, but seeing how incompetent and clueless the devs are... not in sight

and dont get me started on walton the cuckcoin. what a fucking cope - pos+pow hahaha... in your dreams not gonna happen

go on cryptopia etherdelta etc and scout for some real moons, not gonna shill and do the work for you pajeets

Its not fucking dumping you moron.

reverse dead cat bounce

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Octo I think.
Dolphin is 50btc

I will be a dolphin end of february.

The tweet is talking about disrupting new markets one step at a time. Tobacco one is probably the first.

Nobody knows. Depends on announcements and stuff.

All we know rn is that there's some big players playing with VEN. I'm thinking it can hit ADA market cap in the next 3 months. Maybe.

This shit is $8 easy tonight

I would say till eoy, mainnet is out in june.
But then again ada is not even that far in developement.

But why does the price keep going down?

>t. brainlet

not if the chinese whales say "no"

this coin is the most manipulated and strangled in the top 50, the price is very carefully controlled by the people with a shitton of it

I hold a tidy stack myself because I am sure it will be worth quite a bit more someday, but I have no anticipation of it seriously mooning again in the short term

Remember, it already went 1000% in a month.


daytraders taking their quick buck

Totally depends on when the market will bull again.

Delusion. I'm going to dump my bags again. Volumes so high they'll all be eaten this time probably though.

10B market cap by EOM. Remember this post. Trust in CCK

potential price prediction?

$8 easy EoW

and if PBoC happens we will fly straight into the top 4 within a month

im rolling with it.

I'm thinking $7 tonight, but +5 to 10% each day for the next couple of days

We going up boys

Stay wije

6months $45 eoy $135

what about in the long term? EOY?

>Top 4
If PBoC uses them it means China has decided VeChain is THEIR Blockchain.

It would be knocking on BTCs door within a few weeks. It would be the most bullish announcement in crypto history.

I don't think it's happening though despite how accurate CCK has been so far.

BEWARE GUYS! A Whale discord group is on the case!

Agreed, if they're stacking their cards to take Crypto by storm, we'll hit top 5 within days of that announcement.

STOP BUMPING this thread retards , this is the final post. anyone posting below this post is a confirmed discord pajeet

The market manipulation for this coin pisses me off. It's the reason why I dumped mine after making some sats buying in a dip. They don't let it fall too much but won't let it rise either. The last couple of days they let it fall within $5.20-$6.20 and just accumulated from the retards who panic buy/sell.

Count me in, Pajeet!

tfw shrimp

>Dad, how did our family get so much money?
>Well, son, I listened to an rich china man spouting cryptic bullshit on a website called "Twitter" and 4Chin

I don't expect top 5, but it's primed for a rise

I don't know man, the library thing said they might work with the government media thing if it goes good.
They work with the government in the building of this silicone valley smart city.
Now a state level partnership for this tobacco corp.

3 state level partnerships, each one makes pboc more plausible.
I mean I would not bank on it, but it seems more and more believable.

its impossible to accurately predict the price of any coin, much less this one...

if somebody told me vechain would be worth 6 dollars on Jan 14 back when I bought it at 50 cents, I would have laughed at them, since it was ludicrous. Yet here we are

this is stupid, a discord shill group with ~80 members cannot possibly influence the price of a coin trading in this volume, it's like a drop in a 55 gallon bucket

Eoy = end of year . $100 eoy at least I think 135-150 tho

Has anyone scoped out a cryptopia shit coin that hasn't yet mooned?

yes, vechain on binance

make your own thread you little faggot begger

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