Do you guys think XRP will hit its ATH again? Or will it continue to crash?

Do you guys think XRP will hit its ATH again? Or will it continue to crash?

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$15 in feb

It's been pretty stable around $2 for a day and a half. It's not crashing.

It will definitely hit, and then surpass its previous ATH. The question is when. I'd say by the end of February for sure.

Did you buy at ATH, OP? :DD

If the past is any guide it will (and greatly surpass it), but it will take months or years and the timing will be completely nonsensical. I've been holding since $0.006 and I expect the journey to $10 to take forever and be maximally frustrating.

That puts ripple 2x Bitcoin marketcap, cute

>still regurgitating the market cap myth

Normiecoiner spotted

>the market cap myth
the absolute STATE of brainwashed redditors

Marketcap grew by 1600% in 2017 compared to 2016. It will grow even faster in 2018.

What makes you say that?
What if xrp has hit its peak?

btc market dominance went from 61% to 33% in a month

XRP didn't even get started yet. It's literally one of the very, very, very few companies with a fully functional product. There are close to 2000 shitcoins now, and 97% of them are vaporware.

So many cripple retards here...

$1 billion per XRP EOM.

xrp is already over btc marketcap if you take into account all the shitcoins in ripple's possession that they promised to release in an "indicative and discretionary" manner

> happy bags, now youre at the hands of jews. next time buy XLM which is better than cripple in every single way + it's decentralized + it's non-profit

Doesn't refute anything he said. Now fuck off back to Twitter! #XRPthestandard :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

>Huuuur only one coin can go up at a time

See, you thought you were clever and now your realise how fucking stupid you sound. These coins don't exist in a vacuum.


Unlike crypto currency which anyone can mine, XRP was unironically created in a vacuum.

m8 this is a long hodl. will be one of the only survivors of the crypto bubble in that it's gonna be the one that the establishment coopts long term

maybe $10 at the end of the year assuming crypto continues growing

Bought in at 23 cents and 27 cents, you never lose when you side with the jews.

Market cap grows, you absolute fuckwit. How fucking brain damaged can you be to think

>That puts ripple 2x Bitcoin marketcap

is an actual argument? Why are you acting like market cap can't grow? Why are you pretending that crypto isn't in its infancy still?

Why are you accusing me of being a brainwashed redditor when you clearly know fuck all about what you're talking about?

>the absolute STATE of Veeky Forums retards

I think it has to do with the fact that XRP isn't a crypto currency and only retards from Twitter bought into it. While BTC and BCH people might actually fight each other irl, both will literally gas all XRP kikes.

One word.
Red. Dit.

hehehuehueuhuu market cap useless..........hahahhheueeuehehheehhehe

not an argument, buddy

There is still more big partnerships to be announced at the end of Jan apparently.

Might give it the boost it needs to escape all these sell walls.

Yeah I'm gonna need you to explain why the current market cap means it can't possibly grow in the future.

Gonna wait here.


It was due for a pretty big correction. I'm pretty certain it's going to climb back up to where it was, just don't expect it to do so overnight.

>Falling for (((Ripple)))
Very nice, don't forget to collect your custom Menorah as soon as you cash out

So what is it, Veeky Forums?

Buy more or sell?

Buy and hodl. You're welcome.


Do you unironically think XRP is only being bought by single moms and niggers on Twitter?

Quite to the literal definition of wasn't even an argument

XRP fudsters don't even seem to try any more...

But under $2. You'll likely be at $5 by the middle of 2018 at the latest. Easy doubling, but far from a moon mission.

Sorry man, it's all I've got..

Really bored tonight and I'm just trying to get my points to stay in this shill discord truth be told.

I was referring to the guy you responded to lmao

I don't even understand what I read, I'm just a pajeet in the end

LMAO seriously bro, youre in the wrong place if you think market cap doesn't matter. Or better yet, youre in the right place as you get dumped the fuck on.

The only people who say market cap doesn't matter are the ones who have the marjority of their portfolio in the top 10. AKA minimal gains.

No, there is no shortage of retards to buy shit they believe will make them rich in a hurry. Actually what am I saying, you've run out of retards to buy. Which is why this thread exists. Institutions don't buy, they get their supply from Ripple Labs directly. Enjoy your Chuck E Cheese bags!

green ids are now gonna make it

I never said that market cap doesn't matter at all.

My point is saying "muh current market cap" to argue that the market cap can't increase and the price cannot go up in the future is incorrect and just plain retarded.

>shill discord
Gonna be honest, Ive given up aye. I dont think it gives much of an advantage.

Sold my UFR at a lose but im not even phased, Im done with shitcoins.

There looks like there is whale waiting for you guys but everyone is so resilient to sell.

It's now below a third, and will probably stay that way.

Is that assuming that XRP gets added to coinbase?

Ignoring all the arguments from XRP-buyers about how XRP has real world uses, I can see XRP becoming a reserve-crypto if it gets sold on coinbase.

1) Normies would feel a lot more comfortable buying a $2-3 crypto than a $100+ crypto.
2) The transaction costs would also play into XRP's favor.

it's going to zero, it has no use

Bitcoin and Ethereum get their values by being reserve currencies.
Most traders buy them on coinbase and transfer them to exchanges like Binance to buy other types of coins.

This is why ethereum and bitcoin have jumped so much in value.
If XRP does end up replacing both of them as the reserve currency, both those currencies will be crushed.

That discord was a pretty obvious scam to be honest- at least from what I learned when I was there.

Not sure how long I want to stay in the Crypto game myself, I'm in the top coins only, ETH, LTC, XLM & XRP. I'm holding until I'm over 10 grand so I can go and do my own little thing. I'm a cheap bastard so the gains are good enough for me. Just going to hold through the year and see what happens.

3 LTC, 3 ETH, 120 XLM & 64 XRP are my holdings

If you truly believe a useless shitcoin made it to 2nd place then your opinion of crypto, in general, must be very low. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, other than the fact you're mostly like invested in crypto yourself


It's really that simple.

Ripple is Vapor Ware. Banks have been "trying it out" for 5 years to make themselves feel "modern and hip."

Note: No banks actually use XRP in a meaningful way, and never will.

The top is in. When a bear market hits all of crypto Ripple will be below 1 cent again and go bankrupt as well

>Obvious scam
It certainly started to feel that way.

Your portfolio definitely looks like it will keep you up. The only "shitcoins" I'm investing in are ones that I've looked at and truly believe in such as HST and COSS, I can see a future with them. Trying to currently sell off my PFR because I feel like although it's a good concept, the devs don't look like they can pull it off.

Ok, let's stop right there for a minute.

Do you think even 1% of crypto owners give a rat's ass about the technology behind them? Do you think they even care about real world uses of the currency?

The only thing on their minds is which currency has the potential to earn them good yields.

Bitcoin and Ethereum derive most of their values by being defacto reserve currencies to exchange with other cryptos, not due to some "practical use".

I don't agree with many XRP buyers that real world application is what will set XRP apart from the other cryptos. I think what will set XRP apart is the possibility that it'll become the defacto new reserve currency to exchange cryptos.

XRP has literally pumped to 2nd place like 3 times at least in the past.

Stupid niggers get hype because they see that XRP = faster than everything on the market. Well shit nigger! It must be the future, why am I holding all this other shit! XRP proceeds to find a new high while Ripple Labs, its creators and any partners who got XRP for free as well dump on retards who thought they were buying into the ground floor of some new revolutionary tech. It usually isn't until around -50% that people read more about and realize they've been duped into buying a centralized shit token that doesn't even meet the most basic requirements for crypto currency.

Yes, yes I do. Pigs get slaughtered for a reason. Long term, hell even short term. XRP does not compete with decentralized platforms/economies.

this is lunancy

the world isn't going to put their money in a coin where the jews of the organization premined the coins and still have like 55% of the wealth

You think the world is going to hand its wealth to a few select Jews voluntarily?

Anyone that is stupid enough to do this has already done it.

The top is in.

Again, no one cares who owns XRP.
Transaction cost and speed will play into its favor.

>No banks actually use XRP in a meaningful way, and never will

Wow lol. Hey guys never take advice from this guy he doesn't know what he's talking about at all.

Intelligent people do. You're probably not aware of this, but there is a shit load of business that is conducted on blockchains with more and more starting or transitioning by the day. People who understand this stuff see XRP for what it is and aren't interested in buying tokens that don't have anything to do with decentralized economies.

yeah you are thinking and acting like a poor person trying to get rich

try imagining if you are already rich.

imagine you have 3 million dollars, what do you do? There is no way you are deposit 3 million dollars in to Ripple (if you aren't stupid). You are not a shareholder of Ripple. There is no contract law protecting you from the actions of this company.

Literally why would you do this?

Decentralized crypto-currencies have no owners/shareholders, and so their token is essentially like a share in the overall network value.

Ripple does not meet these requirements.

What makes you pump ethereum? You are just getting the founder even richer.

It doesn't have to meet your requirements to be a good investment. It doesn't have to be decentralized to make you a fuck ton of money.

Granted, MOST millionaire investors probably won't throw money into XRP, but you can bet your ass new-money millionaires with tech fetishes would be willing to sink in that amount.

>MOST millionaire investors probably won't throw money into XRP

but XRP will become the world reserve currency?

Vitalik doesn't have 55% of ethereum

look even Satoshi's million bitcoins is unsustainable, its just that he's presumed dead or those coins are presumed to be burned, etc.. If those coins move it would probably kill btc

Buy KO (Coca Cola) at $46 a share.
>Buffet bought in at $16 a share
>Board got in at $6 a share
>Founders family basis is $0.10 a share
These people and institutions control 95% of the stock.

You as an individual shareholder have no rights, because the others can take them away anytime, and furthermore you buying more is just making these people even richer. Compare to Ripple and tell me there is a difference?

>but XRP will become the world reserve currency?

I don't think it will, so no point trying to arguing that with me. But I think XRP's price will go up and make a lot of people richer.

When CNBC starts dumping bags on you, it's over.

There is no difference

That is why Ripple is not a part of the new paradigm

>shareholders have no rights

No faggot, XRP holders have no rights.

fact is nobody really knows for sure. Ripple is as normie as it gets, at the same time if you're purely rational and look at it objectively, Ripple is also the symbol of the full acceptance of cryptocurrency into the culture at large.

I think 15 dollars is fucking conservative for what Ripple will eventually hit. All the talk about Ripple just being "transfer between banks" is fucking bullshit. Ripple is a genuine competitor for Bitcoin's title and it's something people literally want to own and use.

Crypto is here for good. Bitcoin might have reached it's peak. The Alt-Coins are only just in competition, but we don't even know how the "CRYPTO" world is going to function in 10 years. Or even one year. More and more of these coins will be accepted by major retailers as people recognize their utility (why the fuck would you want a fucking bank to take care of your money for you?).

Yeah there is contradiction there. I understand that Ripple isn't a hard-crypto. It COULD become a halfway point between hard-crypto and fagmoney like the USD, but for now it's more of a tool for financial institutions.

That said, so long as crypto becomes more accepted by the mainstream, Ripple is it's Trojan flag. Ripple is a fucking army storming the castle disguised as a fucking peasant.

All in all, all I can say is that I do think the likelihood of a massive gain is high, it's not certain though. Anything can happen. I think it's likely.

XRP isn't a crypto.

>Ripple is a fucking army storming the castle disguised as a fucking peasant.

This is why the only coin I hold is XRP.

Can you tell us how cryptokitties fit into the new paradaigm? I had to use ETH to transfer money about a week ago and it took 4 hours.

There WAS always going to be a Ripple XRP in the crytposphere, there always WILL be banks and centralisation, hop on or cry later.

XRP will overtake Bitcoin in a month, 15-20$ eoy. Screencap this cucks

Why not a billion $ EOY?


>B-b-but muh principles, muh decentralization

Daily reminder that you're not a hero for missing out on gains by being a hypocritical ideologue.

Virtually everyone criticizing XRP for being antithetical to crypto would not hesitate to cash out into fiat if their portfolio suddenly hit millions.

Bitcoin reaches 20,000$ with little publicity and nothing but governemnt disaproval. How the fuck can you not expect ripple to easily crush this amount given the support its receiving?? I think you all forget that bitcoin was stuck bellow 5$ for years, give ripple a month then youll see.

because having 300b would be too optimistic even for crypto

Save me Ripple!

>sell 1 bch for 0.165 btc
>short XRP with all that btc
>XRP goes down, i'm up to 0.185
>bch is 0.189

was better off just holding instead of trying to get ahead
when will i learn?

Its got all its support from stupid Twitter niggers trying to get rich quick. Nobody in this space is actually interested in XRP. It's not a crypto.

Not this year or next, but eventually.

Can you not see the similarities between the doubt or bitcoin and now the doubt of ripple?! I feel like im taking fucking crazy pills youve got a coin sitting below 5$ with potential to go above 20,000$. It's already half of bitcoins market cap it can easily reach it and we'll see a 20,000$ xrp this year. Screencap this

XRP is just a centralized database. It's no more impressive than Visa. Which is why its transaction fees and lead times are unimpressive, they're actually pathetic for a centralized system.

Alright I think that's very overambitious. This is where market cap comes into play. I would love 20k per XRP but I think that's mighty unrealistic.

People like you have been saying this shit since the dawn of time, youve got the next bitcoin staring you in the face and you still doubt it.

Peace yall im out, obvs cant get through to anyone on this sub.

By market cap I meant supply, sorry. As you can easily see, the supply of XRP is WAY higher than the supply of BTC. XRP just can't be as expensive as BTC at the same market cap, that's just how numbers work senpai.

I'm not FUDing XRP here, XRP makes up most of my portfolio. Don't get me wrong I would love for XRP to reach those heights, I'm just trying to be levelheaded about it.

Not a crypto. Learn wtf a blockchain is and how mining works to validate/secure transactions and the network. That's your homework.

That dude's trolling. Don't waste your keystrokes.

>Uses Public and Private Key pairs for wallet
>not crypto

pick one

Hell no

EOS is the future

>PGP is now crypto currency

What is the market cap of the US dollar?
What about the pound or the Euro?

People don't think of currency by market cap they think of stocks. Crypto is a currency not a stock.

>on this sub

pretty sure it wasn't a troll too

>What is the market cap of the US dollar?
$61.9 trillion

definitely past its ath