First it was HPB now it's INT

I gave you guys HPB two days ago at $4, it didn't get a reply. It went up to $10 then everyone here started talking about it.

My next one is INT Internet Node Token. It's an IOT company. Partnered with Huawei, IBM and more. Circulating supply is 150,000,000. Current price is $0.25. That makes the market cap $37,500,000. I'm giving you a very easy chance to 4x your money in a very short term.

It's on AllCoin, Okex and Coinegg. It's not even on CMC. Once it hits there and more exchanges it'll explode.

Other urls found in this thread:;all;al

Thanks you based user. Nearly tripled some money on HPB.

Stay in if you haven't sold yet. It'll atleast double in the near future.

how we do even know this is real? where's the website?

Where to find more info on INT? Can't find any.

found it. it's all chinese and hard to google for in english.

whats the tech?

Internet of Things. The team is very good, and also partnered with a pharmaceutical company as well.

汪晔 is one of the devs

it's very close to it's 24 hour high. i feel kind of dumb buying now...

partnership with IBM, Hawaii ?
they must know de wey

This is an actual scam. Like no joke. Take 5 minutes to look into it, and you’ll see that the exit scam has already happened, and now this is just people who got burnt looking to unload their bags on redditards lurking on Veeky Forums

ironically asking for proof

I doubt okex would list a scam.

It was literally just listed. Of course it's going to be ATH. This should reach atleast 75 cents very fast.

I already bought some coz it's so damn cheap. Like even if you throw 100 bucks you may get a lot in the future.;all

Dig deeper and the scam gets even more obvious.

This is no scam you fucking idiot. People said the same thing about HPB; look how it's doing now, and HPB has barely started.

Read the thread that's a totally different company.

So this is the new Bazingacoin? Holy fuck you're retarded if you buy this shit

Another broke uneducated loser giving advice.

kek bro, at least get your coin right

These FUDers can't even get the right threads. LOL. Okex would never list a scam coin. Even DBC hasn't been listed, and they will have it listed within a month.


not even same coin, but if so, then they just rebranded, and moved the website

Is this an erc20 token?

According to the website, it's a completetely different biz

I want to know what wallet I could store this coin in

eth wallet

Yes motherfucker, erc20, here's the top holders, I am guessing the big is the team other tokens on escrow.

Can't find proof of any of the partnerships anywhere.

All right thanks. Which exchange do you think would be best for an American to buy on?

OP, any other interesting token on bibox to throw some HPB gainz? BTO looks interesting.

Is this a scam?

Because it's a scam. Did you know that most of the cryptoscams originate from China? There's much safer coins out there with actual potential.

you will make money regardless

official website does not load the english version

also, where to buy?

high risk high reward, lets do this

here's one from me OP
Telcoin, only 2x of ICO price
easy 5-10x from here
just listed on ED

ahmen friend

also, didnt even read the op

is it on any other exchange?

This is it for now. I'm really high on HPB though, I think the tech is unreal and they are targeting huge industries.


actual scam

>people buying eth tokens owned by companies

dont know, maybe check out IDEX or radarrelay
just learn how to use therdelta, youll make lots of profits like this
what makes you say this?

Let's see...
>Ethereum token
>Owned by company
>Company can issue new tokes at whim
>Company can cancel transactions, issue tx fees as they please
>Totally centralized

Why would anyone buy that?

I got in at 6 bucks pretty nice how hub spiked I'm hodling for a while

ENGLISH whitepaper shitcunts.

you buy the fomo
sell the tech when it appears

ahead of the game

>> we try to
adopt our innovative Behavior Private Key (BPK)
algorithm model based on zero-knowledge proof
algorithm, by passing the user intent (intent) to other
hardware, without the need to pass the user symbol,
which not only can effectively protect the user's
privacy, but also can resolve concerns about the loss
of users.

privacy points

So you just go in for a pump & run?

Well, that's legit, if you pull your profits out early enough.

But still makes me wonder why people even construct these things. Tokens as a currency totally make no sense at all (other than, well, pump and run and some devs that want to join the ICO bandwagon).

Or are the Chinese people really that dense (since most of them seem to appear in China now).

looks like shit

about to buy 100k

putting 2K into this crapshoot

Ok, you got me. In for a little bit