Where is my Batbro

Where are uuuuuuuuuuuuu?
P/s: fck 1$ meme

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Littel boiz, moonnnn... Moonnnnnnnn

5k Battie here prepared for the long hodl. Anyone who isn’t in on this is dumb

Here my dude. Still havent bought in cause waiting on shitbase. How much should I go in?

My goal is to accumulate 10k under $1 and hold for the foreseeable future

I trust Eich to make this work.

10k battie here, holding for a year minimum.
can't wait for the viral explosion that will drive the price UP

Holding 150k, it's going to be a big year brothers.

I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

Batillionaire here, buying until $1, holding until $10.

will be buying more tomorrow

You think people will use this shit what's so good about it they just seem ok still no working product yet

So you are talking about no product? Really?

Poorfag with 500 BAT here

Someone convince me this coin isn't going to continue trending downwards.

The product is out. In fact, I'm sure that everyone who argues for BAT in this thread does it from the Brave browser and regularly tips people with BAT, because if they were not willing to do it themselves, then why in the world would they be investing in this? They're using it right now and think it's the future, because it's not a terrible idea. Download the browser and try it for yourself.

How much did you buy your BAT for?
Who did you give your BATs to?
How long have you used Brave browser?

easy $100 bucks a coin by the end of the year

but...why though?

I don't even know what this coin does. I just buy coins that point to the moon. Triangles and arrows in general.

This strategy has unironically not let me down.

Because every night I pray hard for it to happen and I read in a self-help book that praying turns things into reality.

This thing would need to reach ETH marketcap to even think about that kind of price per coin.

You think it can literally 100x?

The whole point of cryptocurrencies is to use decibel numbers, you don't have to give one whole BAT to a content publisher but a fraction of it instead!

no not really I was just shitposting. My bad, I didn't realise you were looking for actual discussion.

A 2x is all but certain. There's few investments where you can say that.

Of course! It can reach whatever amount the average PewDiePie fan has the means to tip for one of his daily videos. People don't realize how much disposable income the average person has, and people want to have the freedom to vote for the content they want with their wallet. Some people say that BATs being over X value makes them useless, but they don't realize that the price won't matter. In the next 10 years automatization will leave a lot of people jobless, and those people will be able to sit on their couch all day watching ads in exchanges of BATs. Then in their time off, they'll be able to exchange their BATs for youtube entertainment. So it's not like they'll be paying real money for it. I could see it reaching in the mid-4 numbers EOY. The sky's the limit, batboys!

Brave browser is pretty great. Better than Firefox on mobile and now I don't have to use botnet chrome

fuck it, just bought $500 worth.

I'll hold it for a year, not a day trader.

Hopefully one day I wake up to $50,000


hold it and forget about it until you hear Zuckerberg mention it

I wish i had more BAT



>Being this dumb
It's literally on an upward trend.

>stating the obvious
Yeah nobody actually believe the $1 meme dumb fuck. We want to know if you think this could be as big as ETH. The market cap would need to be just as high for $100 BAT.

Your retardation is deafening

You're a retard. He said to convince him it "won't continue to trend downwards" so I posted the graph to convince him that it's not trending downwards at all, it's trending up.

Somebody gets me finally. It is so fucking frustrating to be so alone in knowing this will happen. BAT is being distributed to every website and every fucking youtuber on the planet. BAT is the first cryptocurrency every fashion blogger owns. BAT is the first mainstream fucking cryptocurrency.
> BAT is a utility token
NO YOU FUCKING RETARDED IDIOTS. IT'S A FUCKING CURRENCY AND WHEN I GO TO MCDONALDS I WANT TO PAY WITH MY BAT. IT WILL BECOME THE DOMINANT WORLD CURRENCY. Because it will be the most common fucking cryptocurrency for normies. Fuck every other argument.

BAT is a good project attacking a serious real world problem. Its a shame about the $1 thing tho, thats the only thing keeping me from investing


>$100 BAT.



Coins named after animals will be huge in 2018.


Komodo rules.


Fake tweet.