Literally just wait a little while you idiots. DBC is gonna go back up after weak hands are all shaken out

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I'm not even worried a little bit

Two words: Mickey fucking mouse

The Mouse has given you the buy signal. Get in.

Worried? Not the brain gang

Marketing is gonna be improved and focused on in the next coming weeks, not even shitty walls can stop the rise from that. AI is still a buzzword, and with NEO behind it I don't see how it can't go up. This is a cheap as fuck price right now


nice try pajeets. nobody falls for vaporware evre since verge was outed as a scam. go invest in a toilet

>captcha: minuscule cranium

When he pulls his order I'm gonna enjoy the falling screams.

I have 960 DBC, and am not worried 1 bit

Let's talk about you pnd discord faggots accidentally admitting to putting up walls for the next two weeks then spamming the thread to hell and trying to start new ones to keep people from seeing

>comparing verge to DBC in any way

also, verge is barely even down, it's been less than a week. ADHD moron

Big timer over here


Yes, this is the purpose of this thread. What are the implications

>since verge was outed as a scam
elaborate, literally every big fish is shilling for verge since day zero and it has never stopped

bought 30k at 14 cents. sold 10k at 40 cents, then 10k at 50 cents.
holding the last 10k until this reaches top 20 mcap.
couldnt be more comfy

these kids will be the ones tracked down and make harsh regulations come down on crypto. if youve known some of these guys for a while you can rat them out. fuck them i see that shit from a mile.

The funny thing is that toilets were an amazing investment at one point, weren't they? It's that can in your bathroom that your mom sits on when she pinches off a loaf while your dad jerks off to the smellz. Its only smellz.

I am negative three thousand dollaroonies and am about as comfy as a torture rack


do you not remember them being late for every single update? did you not hear about the obvious shills like xvgwhale that were overhyping a ripoff of dogecoin? it doesnt even do what it's supposed to do. this shit is still half what it was a month ago and slowly bleeding out

>it's a scam cause the devs dont tweet shit 24/7
Wraith is literally a game changer, enjoy flipping shitcoins forever while I sit on my 30k worth of XVG awaiting to be transported straight to Lamboland by the end of this year.

Haha wraith protocol

Good times

God they really got you guys on that promise

you should have sold at midnight. it dropped from $0.22 to somewhere around $0.10. I happily walked off with profit. I was actually just trolling about my comments on deepbrain chain though.

just popping in to confirm OP's post
had a lot riding on this and these retards completely fucked it up in that other thread. don't believe their shit, just hold your DBC

>They still think it's gonna go back up when we're below every possible support

the absolute state of brainlets

Ignore the bs fud
Expect 2 or 3 artificial pumps(then dumps) before a real pump towards the end of the month

just have patience

Deep brain chain.

That is all

Don't come cryin to me when I'm rich and you're not

Crypto kiddies don’t have that. Let em sell at a loss or whatever.

lol i'm already making a killing with other moons while you sit here getting your ass tossed around by whales hoping for some miracle

carry on

Please boy, you ain't makin shit you're just jealous. Why aren't you in Ripple thread? Oh yeah it's down 183%

Brain Chain is on the rise and you can't stop it.

Hop in. Or get run over.

You obviously dont understand the power of the brain.

Dont get left behind faggot.

Am I comfy? Yes.

Hey Gang, been holding 200k dbc since .04 and got another 50k at .25 since this dip. There is literally no reason for the price drop other than week hands and FUD waves. This coin is going to blow up by the end of the month and we'll be back at .60+. In the next two months this coin well definitely be over $1. we can only go up from here friends.

bought @0,9 :^)

and i bought in at 0.006. for the last 2 weeks i've actually been making money with my gains instead of just sticking with verge and stagnating

i wouldn't be too surprised if it has another pump soon though, looking at the graph

My brain hurts from reading that!

Why isn't this garbage coin mooning? Missing so much gains because this is shit.

When did you get in? $0.60? It already mooned hard. Have patience and HODL for the next rally. By January 20th, it'll be +$0.60

God speed.