The pump is coming any time now

The pump is coming any time now..

R-R-Right guys...?

Literally retard shitcoin with zero reason to exist


It's ogre.
I hope that you got out before the break even point.

Shiieeeeet dropped under 700


Just sold 100k

Confirmed descending triangle. She's going down fellas

If only you autistics knew the awesomeness coming in the next couple months...

Do you really think this shit is going to zero?

I'm all in on TRX again. Enjoy getting JUSTed in a month or so when you see that this was the best time to buy back in, OP.

holdings $132.03 KEK

Everyone that fell for TRON deserves this
Seriously could you not tell this was a pajeetcoin by all the scantily clad women posted in the OP's of TRON threads?

I think TRX will make another big pump, (hopefully soon). Then I can cash out of this.. Good thing I only put in .25 ETH @ 0.000200ether

TRX went close to 400% back down to 0%. That's nuts.

u bought the wrong coin

Im going down with this ship YAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR

I bought 50 bucks at .25 and im a poorfag. There is no point in selling now, might as well see where it goes.


>I bought 50 bucks at .25 and im a poorfag. There is no point in selling now, might as well see where it goes.

thats y ur poor. sSELL

bought 45k worth at 15 cents...

just gonna ignore crypto for a week and come back and see what my money looks like

Fuck you guys ill never sell. Ill get bogged and itll pump

I don't own any of these coins but he's right. You have only two options, buy the dip or hold until there is a pump and if it's taking a year or so. And since he's a poorfag, he's set to hold.

>130 bucks


Honest to god, how can you pajeets be so retarded? Its a scam, get out now.

Down over 100% smfh

Have they let people take out of the dog site yet?

>tfw binance gives you 100$

When 500 TRX were deposited in my account for no fucking reason, I knew this coin was absolute shit. Forgot about them and sold at 30 cents.

Anybody who spent actual money on this shitcoin deserved to lose it so badly. Please, if you are in the red on this coin, understand that it means beyond a doubt that you are an idiot. Only buy and hold the safest coins you can, because you have zero brains, judgement or skill for crypto.

U mad bro