Under cover millionaire

>tfw 1.5 million USD networth at 27 with no debts/very low expenses.
>still a KHV dateless friendless.
>low I.Q, couldn't even get a high enough SAT for Uni.
>still live with mother.
>treats me like a child.
>still wear the same t shirt, shorts, and flip flops everyday.
>stay in my room playing vidya and watching anime all day.
>have a nice BMW 2 series but barely drive it.
>all my peers/family think I'm a loser austic NEET meanwhile I'm a millionaire with a higher Net worth than they will ever have.
>girls reject me/stop talking to me when they find out I have no job/live at home.
>only person that knows I'm a millionaire is my mom.

Anyone else live a similar life? I'm technically not a NEET since I own some apartments that I rent out but I basically live like one. I see all this talk on biz about going on luxury vacations, spending 100k a year on material items, you won't make it if you think that way, lambo land will only make you poor. If you live a comfy life like mine you'll never have to work again.

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nice larp hired a hitman for 100k

fuck these kind of brag posts

im sure you can get a gf if you went out and told someone you are a millionaire, fuck you

But you can't afford this

But if you don't get a lambo you'll never get laid.

>If you live a comfy life like mine
>friendless, jobless, dumb KHV living at home
uh okay user


considering crypto rn, i buy it

>i won the lottery I'm better than all of you wagecucks
i hate cryptokids

isnt it the dream? people laughing at you while uve 1.5m normiebux should make you even smugger.

I have a job, landlord and investor in digital assets.

If this is true seriously sell your assets and have your million. Hire some kind of new-age behavioral trainer to teach you how to be a normal social-able person, you have the money to do this and you can fix your life.

What do I say? Do I just walk up and say "hey my net worth is 1.5 million and I have no debt" Girls in their 20s still care about fucking Chads and guys being "fun", right? Isn't it only until their 30s they care about money more?

stay humble, OP. don’t tell anyone your net worth unless you want fake people in your life.

keep half of your money in crypto, put other half in savings. get a nice haircut, get a job and enjoy life

offer them 2k a month to date you

This is my dream, how does your mom feel about it

You fucking idiot. You got lucky and saw some people post shit about reddit and bought in. It doesn't require skill you fucking retard. I'm rich too but I don't fucking go humble bragging about it.

If you haven't had a girl in your life, I can almost guarantee that you won't get a hot girl jsut by being a millionaire. If you're fat/ugly or sit around at home and do nothing, it doesn't magically change. You might be able to pay for high end escorts, but what kind of pussy does that? You might be able to get some gold diggers, but if they like you for just your money, they like your money, not you.

Once a pussy, always a pussy.

I hit 500k in December and I still live with my parents and work at my manual labor job that pays 40k a year. I have a networth that would take the boss of my company 5 years to accomplish and I did this with my little cuck bucks. But I'm happy, I mean when I get more money I'll force myself out more. There's a cute girl that invited me for drinks with other coworkers next week and I'm excited for that. The reason you're probably sad is because you aren't doing something you like. I mean it was probably a fun puzzle to get money from crypto, but you made money, now what? You know? I'm a gardener and I enjoy learning about plants and bugs. I'll keep doing this forever, just wished I had a gf. I was thinking about cashing some money for hookers, but I'm kinda scared.

no. alter your appearance to that of a rich man. get a good hair cut, smell nice, expensive clothes, cool car. girls will know youre rich

Don't actually do that. If you want to meet the girls, the best way to do that is ironically try not to. Focus on self improvement - go to the gym and see how ripped you can get. Read biographies, historical, economic, behavioral psychology, & political books and see how intellectual you can get. Then look for things in the area that you would like to do, and go do them. I promise you that girls magnet to guys who have a focus on their own life. It's sad to see a guy who tries to value himself by the women he gets because he ends up trying way too hard.

And you know what? Even if that girl didn't show up - you're rich, fit, and smart as fuck. And that in itself is what really matters.

>Buy a house
>Have a gym inside your house
>Work out
>Find a hobby
>See a life coach
>Take classes on improving your social intellect
>Go on holidays
>Start setting big life goals

It's really nice not worrying about what food I can afford or skimping out on the barber because of extreme frugality that crypto made me become when I first started scraping whatever I could.

She doesn't mind, she has a similar net worth to mine, she doesn't make me pay rent or anything either and she's happy for me. She always tells me to never tell anyone I own crypto or made money from it though, it's almost like she wants to keep it a secret that I own crypto.

> buy expensive car, expensive clothes

Sounds like both of you should read 'the millionare next door'. No offense to you green user but that's one of the worst things you can do.

>thinks he has "made it"
>has never seduced a beautiful woman and felt that sense of complete dominance and power as he bends her over his couch and drills her until she calls out "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!"
>has never had epic adventures and hilarious escapades with men he would take a bullet for in a heartbeat
>has never been able to walk around his property ass naked doing whatever the fuck he wants and designing it exactly how he wants
>has never known what it is like to walk into a local bar and have everyone excited to see him and genuinely glad to spend some time with him

That's too much money, I'm not willing to pay 24k a year to date someone.

I am similar op

When I meet women I tell them I work some minimum wage job. Hopefully one day I meet one who doesn't care and I can stop pretending

non-ironically yes
people are fucking retarded and in their normie confusion, they think being rich is an authentic and interesting quality to have, even though you are the most depressing human being I've ever read about on the Internet.

some millionaire you are, that's the lowest budget for a trophy wife


idk OP, im a chick and I'm pretty sure you could find someone that would be willing to give you a chance

be lucky that you don't have to worry about expenses. I'm trying my hardest trading crypto to get just enough money (1000 bucks) to fly to see the guy I met online that I think might be "the one".

if you want someone to give you girl advice/how to get a girlfriend, im glad to help you, just drop me your contact info and I'll gladly help you out. I've helped out several male friends, even some autistic ones, that have been successful.

Best mom ever, I'm glad you have a mom like her OP. Congrats on the crypto gains.

What a condescending prick you are. Go get aids already.

My kik is Jackkek1220. I doubt you're a girl but whatever, never talked to someone on biz outside of Veeky Forums

Think you could give me some tips user
I don't think net worth depicts a persons actual value but it seems like your environment doesn't treat you properly cash out half that million and make your own life bro

>Taking advice from a woman.
This is the worst kind.

My and my mates are into crypto and we're getting there.

Surround yourself in the same type of people friends are the best way to get laid, guys are always willing to help you get your fuck on.

Focus on yourself, you're in a good position to have the freedom of time which most don't to improve yourself.

>Therapy if needed
>Learn new skills/hobbies/languages

help your mother. become a leader and support her. it's the obvious decision. you won't be treated like a child if you assume the role of a man. you are an autist if you haven't already realized this.here put some BTC in there for the advice


this gave me so many feels...
how do I stop being a friendless autist? I'm educated, Veeky Forums as fuck, work full time and read a lot but really fucking autistic when it comes to socializing.

Thats like if a girl came up to you and started going on and on about how hot she is when shes in like her old sweatpants and hasnt fixed her hair. You have to look the part.
>inb4 but i dont wanna change myself

Go travel for a few months or a year. It will force you to be social

1,5 mil isn't enough. you need like ~4 mil to retire and still live a comfortable life.

You aren't a millionaire until you cash out. I would cash out most of that and leave 250k in to play around with. Never know if it could crash.

Be careful. I saved up, flew out to a girl who I thought was "the one" and she winded up cheating on me. Long distance relationships only work if you plan to move in together.
Be safe and hope it turns out how you imagine it to. May crypto help us all.

I sent you a message


You don't need to make multiple millions during this bubble.

Cash out after breaking 1 million, wait until the bubble pops, re-invest into promising cryptocurrencies for actual long term growth

According to who? If you invested 1.5 million even in some mediocre stocks you could easily get 10% per year. You're telling me you can't live off of 150k per year? You're either a 12 year old with no concept of money, or you're a wageslave in 100s of thousands of debt.

Both of us are pretty trad and we don't like the whole degenerate modern day behavior. We plan on living together soon, but I want to take this trip so I am able to gauge if I would like to move to be with him. thanks for the concern tho senpai

Op this is a fat user or pajeet trying to fuck you out of your sweet coins

>paid for a girl to fly to you

My net worth isn't entirely crypto, around 40% of it is stocks/real estate/cash.

lol, you fucking LARPer. I saw this bullshit last night.
>hurr durr femanon here pls email me
98% of crypto is dudes. You really think there's a femanon on Veeky Forums of all places.

i wouldnt talk to some fat dumb roastie unless you are planning to fly her out and settle for that trash.

Dude, you've fucking made it
Cash out a million, invest it in something conservative, leave the rest in crypto
The lowest the stock market has ever returned over a 30 year period was a cagr of 4%+ after inlfation
So just live off 3% per year, and historically you'd never hurt your principal after inflation
$1,000,000 * .03 = $33,333/yr
With that amount you should be able to live a modest life not in your Mom's house, work out, make friends, do whatever the fuck you want because you literally have all day every day to do it

You're done, you win

b-but I'm a femanon..

Just a half millionaire but similar, still not sure if it's a good things I stopped wanting things or if there's actually seriously wrong with me.

user, just get ur shit together, u dont have to worry about money anymore, then start worring about other stuff, go to the gym everyday, get some SUN, try to make some friends, get a social life, go out and try to find a nice girl

or you can just stay home and play dark souls

not gonna lie if you're a grown man and having these issues it's likely too late. you probably grew up in the 2000s era where everybody had online friends and could just hide away in their rooms playing WoW and shit. i'm slightly older and actually had to make friends irl growing up.

> tradthot

>has never heard of hugh hefner
Ya man, all millionaires bang milfs

i want this but at 300K per year after taxes. that's my goal in crypto. freedom to do whatever the fuck i want.

>ironically try not to
Uh yeah I already do that and it obviously doesn't work.

Honestly this might not be a larp. I ran a business for awhile and hired only women and they all had storys where they spent a ton of money on a guy they flew out to visit and buy things for and in the end the guy was just getting free stuff and sent em packing.

Pretty spot on

fucking amen to this

>has never seduced a beautiful woman and felt that sense of complete dominance and power as he bends her over his couch and drills her until she calls out "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!"
>has never had epic adventures and hilarious escapades with men he would take a bullet for in a heartbeat
My parents raised me to be a fucking pussy. What a fucking waste. Only thing it turned me into is a bitter loner.

1.5M today is

Not OP but I never figured out how to connect to people in that way so I intend to get rich and look down on them instead.

bodyguards and hookers

there's no dominance like owning someone

>never talked to someone on biz outside of Veeky Forums
There's a reason for not doing that. You should be more careful and ofc take good care of your privacy and private keys as well...

it's hard in this world, user
the big problem is a lack of third places (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_place) in the US. the only types of these places you really meet new people are bars/clubs. but there are undertones of sexual interest there, so everyone is vetted heavily in comparison to those around them. plus many people there are in a group of friends and not looking for new connections
some of my friends from from college (top 10 US university) who are smart, interesting, attractive, employed etc lament how hard it is to find friends in a new city
my best advice is to get a hobby. this approach is particularly good because the shared interest makes conversation easier than in a bar-type environment. there are a ton: rock climbing, martial arts, camping, reading (book clubs), RC planes, art, disc golf. the source of most of my non-college friends is political activism; met a lot of friendly excellent people there

I think its larp but without the part of you being a millionair no girl would ever care

This is a perfect example of money isn't everything

live how you want OP. do you at least help your mom with bills?


also if you do a lot of blow you'll socialize fine
wall street has this figured out, now you too mr crypto trader

>green id
>must be true

Look up meetups for areas you are interested in, if you are fit try martial arts, you gain skills, get your cardio in, and everyone eventually becomes friends from beating eachother up. Also social skills come with practice, not even your social lord friend started that way, sometimes you just have to say fuck it and talk to people about nothing. Some people hate small talk (Fins) but some people love it, doesn't matter in the end what they think just talk to a fucker

>btw i'm a girl
fuck off.

Make sure to write a will so that your mom gets all your crypto. If you feel like getting your shit together start eating right, working out and move into a nice place. A BMW and a nice clean apartment can get you quite a lot of puss. Now post your folio and help your fellow NEET.

jelly, sick of wagecucking. teach me how to get sick gains senpai!!!

Congratulations for having that amount of money, I'm glad someone here "made it" at least in one sense.
I wish I had the same amount as you.
If you were able to get 1.5M, I think you would be able to get other things you want if you try it.

>still live with mother.

I think a good step would be to move out of your mom's house. If I had that money I would immediately, not because I don't like my parents, but because I like to live independently and have my own space and way of organizing things. It feels much much better.

>still wear the same t shirt, shorts, and flip flops everyday.
So.. buy new clothes? it doesn't have to be expensive, but new nice looking clothes.

>girls reject me/stop talking to me when they find out I have no job/live at home.

Yeah, living with your mom doesn't sound too appealing to anyone... That's reality. You need to move out.

>low I.Q, couldn't even get a high enough SAT for Uni.

How do you know you have a low-iq? IQ is not necessary for success btw.

>>stay in my room playing vidya and watching anime all day.

Do something else? Unless that's what you like, but if you say you feel bad for doing only that, then try doing something more, I know it sounds like a meme, but lifting weights will make you feel a lot better (no, it won't make you a chad like some people believe, but it does feel rewarding).

Good luck.

not a LARP... OP can confirm, I provided proof to him. Im not a 10/10 girl but im definitely not a LARPer.....

>implying he has anything to fix

Biz is truly infested by normies.
Telling a neet living the actual dream to hire someone to teach him how to live a normie approved life.

man your a faggot. Why the fuck have you not paid your mothers mortgage off and moved out?

Can you cook your own food?
Do you do your own laundry?

This is the saddest thing I’ve ever read. God damn

Try living by yourself, user. You don't have to buy a mansion and dress like Chad Billionairecock, but you should try to make yourself look nice. If they see you own a nice clean house in a upper middle class suburb, they will know that you have some worth. You just don't want them to think you're a millionaire, because that will attract the worst kind of roasties to you.

>OP can confirm, I provided proof to him.
post dem titty pics OP

jcrew factory is easiest way to fake like youre a normie

How are those red wigglers doing user?

you're gonna get kidnapped and then killed buddy boyo

>tfw 1.5 million USD networth
>lives with mom


Yep, something like that,

actual chad/pua here. do not take any relationship or dating advice from women. a woman will tell you to do things that she wishes some chad she can't snare would do for her.

it's terrible. people like me a lot (no larp I promise; the only reason I'm on Veeky Forums anymore is for crypto trading) and I have a decent amount of great friends.
but I just moved to a new city, so lots of them aren't around me. it's tough as fuck now. becoming acquaintances isn't bad, but bridging the gap between seeing someone in a group environment and actually hanging out takes serious time and effort

>all my peers/family think I'm a loser austic NEET meanwhile I'm a millionaire with a higher Net worth than they will ever have.
lol, I hate family reunions too. My cousins are in college and think I'm retarded or something but I'm doing what they couldn't see.

Lie to to the girls you meet and say you ran a successful startup for a few years in your early 20's and sold it for enough money to retire early when they ask about your career.

If you can't come up with a good cover story for that just be honest and say you inherited it/got lucky from investing.

If you don't want them knowing you're rich just say you day trade or run an online business from home which provides a modest but comfortable annual income.

I would very much cash out atleast 1M.

Once that's done I dunno, start a business, go to meetups, meet and fuck random hookers. Go on Tinder, put your net worth done, take girls to eat.. fuck.. but never call them back.

use 1M to secure yourself, spend like 100k to go out and see the world. Literally put out a tinder add or something:

"Seriously, I came into a lot of moeny looking to take a long trip around the world, looking for a female buddy, all expenses paid, just chill with me for a month wel'l check stuff out"..

Once you've done all that, you still have 900k~ and hopefully not a father... at which point buckle down put 900k into property, become a landlord, collect rent, trade the 500k of crypto leftover into much much more.

Haha, we have mostly invasive worms at the park. Which is not good for our forested sections because they are eating and having too much sex. It fucks up the entire forest ecosystem because they influence the food chain on the most basic level. Nothing we can do about that though. :D

This tbqh