Predict the next coin on Normiebase

Predict the next coin on Normiebase

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>muh browser plugin

Not ripple

If request network completes everything they promise. That will most likely be the next coin on there.

chainlink desu senpai

Most definitely ripple

honestly dont give a fuck anymore. fuck coinbase.

REQ or Ripple

I can see this happening by summer, but not any time soon.

Coin will double, at least that’s what happened when BCH was listed

who the fuck cares. we see 2x all the fucking time. its a shitshow when they drop coins. they can never handle traffic either.


Its BAT, NEO, or DASH.


REQ its already backed and funded by Ycomb, Ycomb owns coinbase

Coinbase has no need to add anything at all this year

Privacy coins. The owner is an AnCap. He likes privacy coins.


fluttercoin. don't say I didn't warn you, whales are accumulating.



Coinbase LITERALLY said they weren't going to add any more coins at this time(soon) because of the shitshow BCH caused. So to answer your question: nothing.


BAT for sure.

Unironically all of the USA-based tokens that have performed the proper KYC steps or performed on a larger level... DRGN, BAT...

Dogecoin. Normies love that shit

ETC you not very smart people

That only caused problems because it was already a contentious fork, employees engaged in insider trading, and Coinbase deployed it two weeks before they had indicated.

Coinbase *is* going to add more coins because Coinbase makes money on the volume -- more coins, more volume, and therefore more revenue.


>trying to predict the next coin on Coinbase instead of Coinone
>you arent investing in the next coin thats going to hit Coinone

Drgn had zero kyc

The Bitcoin forks... not because they want to, but because fiduciary responsibility. I don't understand the how the Etherium classic fork went down so can't say how or if that applies. After that I could envision a Etherium lending token, something like SALT, which takes a load off Coinbase system but let's facilitate leveraged transactions and helps people monetize their balances.

Coinbase won't add anything else anytime soon, but when they inevitably add another coin in the future it will be XRP.

it's gonna be NEO, repeating digits confirm.

Can someone explain why coinbase adds so few coins anyways while other exchanges will literally have dozens?

Easily, XLM

DASH - maybe. Same with ZEC. But until they set precedent listing a privacy coin, smart money bets against.

arguments against every other coin but XLM, whether it be difficulty of wallet, GAS, too centralized, etc.

XLM 3/2.

they want fucking volume not a knob

gonna be BAT

kek wills it

Coinbase is stupid, all of my assets are now in crypto anyway.

One of these: XMR, XRP, XLM, IOTA

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@

Why will this moon? Why does anyone need/want these tokens?

CB isn't pushing shitcoins dude