I need a new car. Drive an old beat up civic that's going to break down any day now...

I need a new car. Drive an old beat up civic that's going to break down any day now. Worth financing a $25k car with 10k down.? Have about 120k in crypto. 40k in checking and make about 8k a month after taxes but somehow still feel like a goy buying a new car.

>financing a car
>literally depreciates as soon as you drive it
>pay 2x as much through financing

oyy vey!

true Veeky Forumsraelites buy cars that or so cheap that they can't go down in value, or cars that will go up in value

so either get a $1000 shitbox or a classic

Buy a newer but used used civic.

Buy a 4-6 year old car as they have gone through about 50% of their depreciation but still have like 80% of their useful life left.

Don’t buy a shitbox. More likely than not it’ll be a huge headache and you’ll sink money on repairs. More hassle than it’s worth unless you know for sure the car is in is good shape

tempted to do this desu

knowing the opportunity cost a new car would have instead of putting it in crypto would haunt me

As for the financing if the payments won’t stress your budget borrow as much as you can assuming you can get an interest rate below about 5% and invest what you would have put down.

If you have shit credit and have to finance at 8% or more you’d be better off putting down as much as you can reasonably afford.

Or you can not be a fag and go all in on LINK and bike everywhere

I spent 4000 ETH (at $10) to buy a F150.

Do you think it's worth 4000 ETH to me now? Do you know what it feels like to have spent 5 million dollars on a truck? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THIS FEELS LIKE

What if eth never took off or it sank hard to $0.50 cents? You can’t predict the future user.

spend $4k-6k on a well maintained prius.

damn brah a $4.3 million dollar f150? I get your point but im not taking out any money from my crypto folio

get an old persons luxury car second hand (think buick or lexus from early to mid 2000s).

you are pretty much guarenteed no young person owned it because they wont touch an all beige car. Comfy v8 cars and plush interiors and good reliability

why would you buy a depreciating asset, are you a fucking stupid normie???

I got a 2013 Altima for 9k. paid for in full /Comfy/

buy a fucking old camry

those things will not break and you can find one for like 6000 if not less

if you are a faggot who cares what your car looks like kys

I did just that. I put 10k down on a Porsche Cayman S that cost 19.7k. It's a blast to drive, won't depreciate too much more, and is rock-solid reliable.

>cars should be treated as investments, not machines to get move you from point A to point B

Do you consider your TV a depreciating asset too? What about your toilet?

You own a TV

Haha, sorry dumbass, normans are *not* welcome on this board

how do you considering a car an investment, it's literally the opposite of an investment because it's going to be worth less than what you paid for it. probably about 50% less in a few years alone. for new cars, you lose $5k just driving the fucking thing off the lot.


Buy a nice car user. Drive a car that makes you feel good and gets you pussy. Be a chad. Look the part be the part.

Bro if you absolutely must feel like a baller buy a demo car, or a 2-3 year old lightly used full warranty car. Buying a brand new car is what poor people who want to be rich do. 20% if the value is gone the minute you sign the line.

This is an question.


>wants new car
>could literally pay in cash
>for some reason wants to finance and pay interest on the vehicle

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BUy a fucking Ford Fiesta or Chevy sonic less than 15K and will last you about 8 years

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What kind of retard keeps 40k in checking?

who the fuck pays 2x as much through financing? If you finance 15000 for less than 4 years and get a normal interest rate, 2.5 or less, then you pay 16000. thats a whopping 7 percent premium to finance.

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Are you literally fucking retarded. Buy a used car in cash if you HAVE too; meaning keep driving your honda until it dies. What the fuck is wrong with kids these days.