The flippening


Be smart. Act now.

does that mean sell or buy you little CUNT

he's saying to buy ZCL before the fork. BTCP will overtake bcash sometime

accumulating profit on luckygames gambling to buy more zcl

bcash? were talking about bitcoin itself normie bum

this will hit $2-3k within 2 months of fork. cap this.

in zcl we believe

BTCP is better than BTC and BCH in every way. Everyone will migrate and the new king shall arise

ZCL to the fucking moon. Let’s fucken do this.

fork when holy shit I'm so bored tempted to cash out whatever gains I've made and play with other shitcoins

I thought I was the only one thinking this...

Sheeit try within 2 weeks of the fork.

this is as big a scam as bitcoin diamonds wtf how is this happening you soil the names of btc and zerocoin


You are invested in Zcoin. Now you are afraid. Perhaps you own 000 XZC and a masternode. Well, I'm sorry, but the best thing you can do right now I sell those 1000 units for 500 ZCL and you will live a far more prosperous life. You come from an emotional place. Now you want to FUD this thread. I'm sorry. But nothing you say will have any effect on us or what is meant to happen.

i hold both. got some masternodes for xzc and plan to run several btcp masternodes. you honestly can't go wrong with privacy coins.

I'm holding ZCL but I'm dumping both right after the fork. If BTCP proves to be better than Monero and starts getting adopted by the masses, I'll buy back in.

this is the smart play

don't even think that you'll be faster than the bots and whales post fork in dumping your zcl for a respectable price

oh and BTCP is going to drop precipitously but if you believe in the coin then that's great because you can buy in low and wait for gains

its better to sell your zcl right before the fork to the masses FOMOing

>its better to sell your zcl right before the fork to the masses FOMOing

that's my plan.

Just about this. Sure would love some Zclassic for 10 bucks but not 200 big nopes all over

Will the total marketcap of this be higher than 21 million coins since it's forking from both blockchains?

masternodes get announced right after the fork. dont fall for the pre sell meme

buy btch

won't ever reach btcp levels but you know it will pump some day.

no. 21m is total supply

This has never been confirmed.

masternodes are fucking centralised bullshit. btcp is finanical freedom, freedom from centralization.

Just sayin'

king is coming

Waiting for this wallet to release. By the way, what's the transaction fees on ZCL and BTCP?

How does that work if everyone with both BTC and ZClassic gets coins?

Fuck off and die with your scam, faggot