That feeling

Every time I buy more LINK, I get this weird feeling. It just feels, weird. You buy $1000 worth and you know, at the very minimum, in two years time, that money will be $50k. It's the most surreal feeling I've ever felt.

I love you Veeky Forums, you have done something wonderful for me.

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chainlink? more like memelink lmao

I felt my IQ drop just reading this post.


What an ugly logo why would normies want that? A trustless blockchain is literally useless, it's in the name, it can't be trusted. Stinky linkies are the msot deluded people on this board. You could be buying somehting that banks actually use like Ripple.

this has to be the worst performing coin on Veeky Forums



OK, so none of the usual FUD means anything any more to anyone that is keeping a close eye, but here's at least some food for thought.

It might not work. There is a non-zero possibility that, even with all their talent and hard work and ability to hire people, they just can't make it work. Do you realise what they are trying to deploy here? Hundreds if not thousands of nodes, every node being an extremely technical ongoing process (ie, no hobbyist or "passive" nodes, every node operator has to be completely devoted to operating and maintaining a node). There is a chance (and, depending on you level of LINK fanaticism, maybe a big chance) that a decentralised oracle network in fact presents too much of a technical challenge on an ongoing practical basis. The team understands that if the ChainLink network 80% works then it doesn't work at all. For the sort of people they are selling it to, it can't "kinda" work. It can't work "OK". It has to work impeccably. That means that they have to get potentially thousands of extremely technical nodes up and running, and they have to be working impeccably.
This isn't just "not easy". This is so difficult that even with all the tech wizardry and willpower in the world there is a chance this whole project will fail. Factor in recent question marks about the security of Intel SGX and you realise the sort of thing that could take this down. Even with a successful deployment a catastrophic security failure in the secure hardware or some other aspect of the network could arise only after deployment, and could be so ingrained to be fatal.

You can be excited about ChainLink, sure, but don't count your $100 LINK chickens until they have hatched. Any major and insoluble problem that arises during deployment could take all of the wind out of ChainLink's sails and actually kill this thing dead.

>actually kill this thing dead
and the collective soul of Veeky Forums

thanks, just sold 100k

sounds like someone needs to go to church tomorrow.

>A major and insoluble problem could cause problems

big if true

You linkies digust me. You're so deluded you don't realize that link is nothing more than a simple Jason Parser that could be written in javascript in a few minutes. it doesn't even need a token. Speaking of tokens, link being more than $1 defeats the entire fucking purpose of the coin. How can you be this oblivious?

What real world use does link even have? Have you ever thought beyond the memes and the charts and really considered it? Nobody uses smart contracts because nobody wants to get involved in white supremacist internet funny money. Banks aren't going to adopt it because they make money off of things taking forever, and normies don't know any better.

And that's not even talking about the 'team', which is literally two people. They haven't even hired anyone. Did you miss all of the reports of Sergey fucking prostitutes and eating cheeseburgers after the ICO was finished? Hope you got your $32MM worth, retards.

This is also all completely ignoring the fact that link is just an ERC20 token. What other token has made it past, say, $2? Can you name a single one? Exactly, no, you cant.

Even Vitalik says it's not worth $32MM. Are you going to disagree with the autistic genius money skelly?

Fucking deluded stinky linkies. Market sell your shit now and thank me later.

LINK will become $500-1000 and have a Market Cap of 175 Billion-350 Billion if it becomes the standard smart contract platform on the Ethereum network, and if Ethereum overtakes BTC.

You just have to wait for a few years, ETH's marketcap will explode this year. It's not unreasonable to think LINK could have a market cap similar to what ETH has now if ETH is $10k-15k

> Hundreds if not thousands of nodes
LINK has thousands of uatistic hodlers, that will gladly operate nodes so CL can succeed.

>Jason Parser
Fud all you want cucks, I love link and I'm gonna be rich as fuck

ETH went from $10 to $1000 in 1 year
That is x100 despite all its current and well known problems

I think LINK will follow its steps

Chainlink isnt a platform it is more like a service that 'platforms would use, right? Think ZepplinOS as platform, link as their api solution. That is the value, that dapps will use link.

Can you imagine what it must feel like being a complete no-linker? The only arguments are that the project may fail or LINK may not be adopted. Noone denies that if Chainlink is adopted we will see $500+/LINK. This isn't some bullshit Bitcoin knockoff or "The Chinese ______". Bitcoin can always be forked again, updated, lightning network and so on, but you think LITECOIN is a better hold than LINK? Are you kidding me? Anyone in their right mind would agree that it is more likely for Chainlink to be widely adopted than for Litecoin to overthrow Bitcoin. For less than $1,000 you can get 2,000 (!!!) LINK right now! That is a cool ONE MILLION DOLLARS once the main net is live (2018) and we see widespread adoption (2020). The only reason these unfortunate souls - the nolinkers - aren't accumulating is because they don't have the patience to read into anything that isn't directly marketed to them like the latest super hero movie. There is no excuse for link to be absent from your portfolio. Perhaps one day you'll look back on my post and be grateful I led you down the path of light. Maybe you'll look back, full of regret for buying into the FUD, right before you pull the trigger.

What does chainlink do again? It's never really clear to me what the actual purpose of it is. Just seems like yet another an unnecessary middle man. Maybe one of you linkies can explain it.

> For less than $1,000 you can get 2,000 (!!!) LINK right now!
Ah, good ol times.
Now this won't give you even 1k LINK

someone is buying a ton of link right now

link is gay

You are probably too dumb to be investing in technology, just being perfectly honest

Buy walls are not a bullish sign. When will you learn that?

it solves the oracle problem. the most important problem in crypto right now.

Do they know how? This isn't just a case of downloading a LINK wallet and giving it 24/7 uptime. How many people are even capable of finding a market gap for useful APIs and putting them through a ChainLink node?

First, theres linkpool
Second, Serge gonna make sure the network is developed before marketing CL
Third, neets know their way around linux and shit, so this can be solved, if you tell them they can get some staking rewards for this

Also, now is the time to buy. The volume on this downtrend is dying out

>the most important problem in crypto right now.



On both ETH and BTC, huge buy wall but not much momentum.

Smart contracts won't live up to their promise without oracles, it's that simple.

It means the market believes the coin is overvalued.

Whales are holding the price up, preventing spikes downwards. Why is there a need to hold prices up?

thanks for sharing

oh so you're saying it's not actually an unnecessary middleman, but a very necessary middleman. Interesting. How does it work? Does it work?

or it could mean they're accumulating for run up

Decentralized Oracle Network.
Oracles are how smart contract get data from outside the block chain

Most of them come with oracles already for their network. Then you have coins that link other coins to each other. I'm wondering why link is needed at all.

It works already. You can test it on their site.

First implementation will be released in Q1. It's been tested by SWIFT and it won a prize. It will compatible with Ethereum, Bitcoin and HyperLedger (private chain used by SWIFT, IBM JPMorgan).


REQ says hi.

For every FUD reply I buy another 1k link. Thank you anons

Nobody knows, we can't verify the information so you have to risk to take it or not. The company can find out who it is since Veeky Forums logs IP addresses, but that's a lot of work. Dunno why he just doesn't spill everything since he already made himself open, would help a lot of people out.

I feel like 2018 won't be ChainLinks big blow up year. I think we can see it actually get the attention it deserves in 2019.

Yeah see I'm still not convinced that link is actually going to be needed for anything. Ususally I just skip over these threads because let's face it: linkies are goddamn annoying. But today I'm in an open-minded mood, so now's your chance to shill it to me. I will ask the tough questions tho.

I'm not even convinced that most of you even know what it does, or how to be honest.

If what you're asking is why own LINK when the nodes can be run without it, from the Slack
> it will not be a requirement to have LINK tokens to run a node, but it will be an option, and it will be a metric which will increase the rest of the network’s willingness to use that node operation…which then translates to more payout for that node operator

Why should we do research for you? You can easily go the r/LinkTrader and read it or watch Sergeys youtube videos. I am not a huge bag holder of this and a skeptic but I hate lazy faggots like you.

Hahaha just kidding. The tech is EZ, it's just a simple .json parser. Anybody with 2 semesters of LISP under their belt can write one that works for most smart contracts.

Link is basically just trying to secure business relationships so their token can increase in value. Meanwhile, every business could just hire a random college grad to write an oracle solution for them EZ. don't fall for the link scam

What. I've been reading. I'm just curious what you all can say about it. I mean if you're not here to discuss this shit, then why are you in this thread? So let's hear it. Shill away. Convince me.

Maybe you're right. I'm skeptical, but that doesn't mean I've totally written it off. It would be nice if linkies would just stfu, but they won't so let's see what they actually know.

Thanks for the clarification user.

Would that mean that ChainLink would become the standard api solution across all blockchains?

>A trustless blockchain is literally useless, it's in the name, it can't be trusted.
I lol'd

The only reason for that is that normies still think that smart contracts are only possible in ETH and never in BTC. While BTC (and thus all coins that come from BTC) does it actually better than ETH with their tc chain.

> Comes to linky thread
> When will these linkies leave us alone??

Sorry for interrupting your circle jerk.
I'm just asking questions, cause I'm curious. Most of the responses seem to indicate that most of you can't answer the hard questions:What is it? Does it work? How does it work? How is it going to be indispensable in the future? Which means that you really don't understand it. Which means that you're just goddamned cultists, which is how you usually come off.

Reasonable post

>OK, so none of the usual FUD means anything any more
The usual FUD are memes ans copypasta posted by linkies for fun

I don't know what I could do if it ever hits $500. Fifty in 2 years would set me to live a corrupt life, but what do you even do with more? Like what, I go have dinner at a restaurant and if I like what I eat I buy the restaurant?

Maybe because I have had to explain this shit for the last 15 faggots just like you and I don't have the time to do it again?

>Jason Parser
every time

Who is Jason Parser?

where do i even buy chainlink? cant get it on bittrex

Elaborate fomo

Oh fine. I'll read more later, I'm done with this shit right now.

Jason Parser is the most vocal FUDder for LINK. He's a fucking moron, ignore him.

bug if trod

It doesn't smell legit, OP is acting angry when people call him out instead of being smug, as he would be if he had legit insider knowlege

I would've just left after saying it was link. Maybe he was young and was unhappy with the responses for giving away some insider secrets. Dunno, I'll pick some up for shits and giggles, not converting my entire portfolio for it.

Here are some hard questions for you, what's in it for me if I clear your doubts? Will you stop calling me arrogant? Is that the fucking prize? I'm just curious, I'm just asking questions, shill me why I have to shill you it's all I'm sure you have good answers you're coming as really cultist of yourself but I'm not really sure if you're necessary for the future.

It doesn't work, it will never work and if it worked by accident any intern would be able to make another one.
Look at the code of these "genius"
It's worthless, you can literally copypaste it so it's free so why would anyone pay for this shit?

It's unlinkely that anyone with insider secrets would spill the bean here in the first place.
If it's about LINK you can be sure that it's just an attention whore, because LINK is what would bring the more (You)s.

>Dunno, I'll pick some up for shits and giggles, not converting my entire portfolio for it.
It's unironically half of my portfolio since december. Probably gonna bleed through Q1, hopefully I'll break even with the other half

elaborate fud with literally no rationale, I bet you faggots have Bitcoin Superconference, SXSW and SIBOS marked on your calendars

I guess it is nubiz own fault for not taking the time to understand ISO20022 and PSD2, or literally any of the framework being developed fro smart contracts or how it all fits together. Probably don't even know what the EVM is... Or API's for that matter

I like your thoughts user. Share more if you want.

Those words confused me. I don't know what the conferences you're talking about since I don't go outside unless for work.

How the fuck was that FUD? If there is no news the next months, it is going to bleed the next months, simple as that.

>I guess it is nubiz own fault for not taking the time to understand ISO20022 and PSD2, or literally any of the framework being developed fro smart contracts or how it all fits together. Probably don't even know what the EVM is... Or API's for that matter
What do you think I am, a fucking nerd?

Oragele broblem

are you seriously coordinating this much?

Burgercoin Superconference is in February

k so what? If my coin is there great

I wasn't being Sarcastic user.

I'm a poorfag with 7.1k LINK and I want to know "how it all fits together" as you put it.

is the ceo of your coin talking there

That's speculation, stop shilling.

It's not that dude, it's the fucking tone that just sets me off. I don't mind explaining things (until I eventually get bored and tired) to someone who understands that he's requesting help. But I'm seriously not getting paid for it. It's the kind of people that write in twitter to Disney saying that they won't be going to Disneyworld anymore for whatever bullshit decision Disney made. At some point it's like fine, then don't fucking buy it.

Yeah, speakers and exhibitions. Just one coin missing. I'm already holding so what.

Same. Link shines with confidence more than any alt

XVG, TRX also say hi!

you fucking idiot lmao
>le 2 men team meme
>le erc20 token meme
>le vitalik fudering meme

you clearly don't know shit, this fud was trendy in october, not now

pic related
(t. LINK bagholder)

wow so hard

I'm a normie and I like it. guck you I'm drunk at a club. contrary to popular belief, normies wanna make it. I'm a normie and a stinky linky simultaneously. make me rich.

>finding a market gap for useful API
You know that all banks in the EU have to open up their APIs to the public, right?