Will honey potentially be worth more than gold within the next 100 years? All signs point to yes

Will honey potentially be worth more than gold within the next 100 years? All signs point to yes.

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Thanks just bought 100k

Depends if nigger are still on the earth or not.

100 years? distilled water

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I'm eating honey right now what the fug

omg, the bees dying off is actually a jewish plot so they can make massive gains in the honey industry
weetbix and honey a cheap meal? not anymore!

What you are eating is more than likely NOT pure, 100% honey. The real deal shit straight from the hive is where the money is. Invest in authentic honey, because soon it will be all mixed shit and synthesized shit, and once bees go extinct... no getting it back.

Could be as soon as 20-30 years. It lasts forever too

Nah, I won't be surprised if honey imitations come out if the bee crisis worsens. Even then you can create farms for specific flowers that bees would favor and eat. Along with genetics to allow bees to overwinter/resistance to diseases, it won't be a commodity that will easily fail.

But what about after the imminent reclaiming of the Earth by mother nature? When the solar flares eradicate all of our electronics and communication and Yellowstone covers our countries in ash? When society collapses, what will honey be worth?

sooner, vanilla prices shoot up and this will too

chocolate too

God this shit looks so fucking tastey. I'll end up eating all of my savings!

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Raw honey is fucking sex

Seriously try it as a cough suppressant one day. A few teaspoons and bam

Pretty sure we can clone bees with current technology.
And you're confusing synthetic with bee-less

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what did he mean in this?

mother nature takes over and society collapses and cell towers go into disrepair and bees are no longer being fucked around by weird invisible shit flying through the air and the bee population consolidates and honey is naturally abundant and is worth not much at all



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If humanity is wiped out then there wouldn't be anything worth it in our standards fool

seems legit

Could a gag thread lead us to profit?

Nice, just bought 100k.

it will quadruple in next two months easily
screencap this

>$735,000 marketcap
>doesn't even have a website
Goddamn I gotta make my own coin

unironically have two hives. hoping to 2x that every 6 months. should have 8 hives by end of year, 32 eoy 2019. At an average of 75k of honey per hive that should net me a few tonnes of honey by end of next year.

He meant this. It happened in December and it was literal niggers

>SIOUX CITY, Iowa -- The future of a honey business in Sioux Falls, Iowa, is uncertain after vandals destroyed dozens of their beehives, CBS affiliate KMEG reports. The owners of Wild Hill Honey said they discovered that 50 beehives were destroyed when they went to clear off snow on Thursday.

The owner, Justin Engelhardt, told KMEG that the incident basically wipes out his business and that it will be impossible to recover from. He said that thousands of bees died from vandalism.

>"I knew it was going to be bad we went around the shed every hive was knocked over, dead bees in the snow, it was terrible," Englehardt said, adding that the couple's shed was also damaged in the incident. He said a window was broken and the lock was damaged.

>Engelhardt said there was a security camera installed but it stolen during the incident. Police told the station they discovered fingerprints at the scene and an investigation is ongoing.

>Engelhardt told The Associated Press that at least 500,000 bees were killed in the incident, and that the estimated cost of damage was between $50,000 and $60,000.

Any wallet recommendations?

NIGGA i eat that shit from the jar year round. Raw honey is one of the only things Australia is good for

>compile bitcoin code
>make shitty wordpress site with no content
>$735,000 market cap

That's it, I'm making a coin too. Premine and sell some later to make a quick buck.

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How does it feel like to eat ETH at 1usd?

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filter paper looks shit
devs are lazy


How many bees do I need to make it? What exchange is it on?

Dont invest, bees are leaving dev team this shit will crash HARD

No because they'll be making it artificially by the ton in labs

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what coin is this

Guys i actually am a honey Exporter from a tropical region to Europe, like its not that big of a deal to increase production here, but i dont have the capital to reach new Regions and farmrs, should i unironicallly make a honey coin or become a Inc? And selly penny stocks... Dont wanna loose my lower tho

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They could always make bee farms kid but venoms where its really at