Reddit infestation

how do we solve the newfag problem?

you being banned would be a good first step

We're gonna have to spook 'em.

Its not Reddit this time, its Twitter.

i've just been being an obnoxious cunt to everyone who seems remotely new hoping that i'll scare 1 or 2 people off
it's not that hard to bully people for buying XRP and TRX though

t-time-time to leave

you're right. how do we get them out of here

This is even worse than reddit. Turn the racism up to 11, boys.

Stuff like this

Easy, we just never tell them how to lock in the price of their cryptos, then wait for a dip and watch them lose all their money.

You don't. They slowly start to assimilate to board culture and become apart of the new oldfags.

Guess we can start teaching them about the JQ.

so we have to tell them to fuck off and kill themselves

I have noticed the tone changing the past 2 weeks

lol, Veeky Forums not crypto talk bud

The Indians are a far bigger problem on /biz in fairness.
Redditors as a whole need to be culled from society, nevermind just /biz. There's Redditors reading this right now thinking to themselves that they're not *really* a Redditor, and they're the worst of all.

For one, stop spoonfeeding.
If you shill a coin, dont state whether they should buy it or not. Make everything hard to understand.

Fuck we have to stop being greedy. I purposely dumb down my shills.

Enough of the anti-Semitic comments, this is a Judo-Christian image board.

basically. at that point, they either stick around and lurk or actually fuck off. it is that simple.


I have an idea. I think pol can help us. If we post enough nazi flags and shemales they will leave.


is she overage?

it matters?

Based Jones

don't wanna save cp on my computer m'nigga