My portfolio

>My portfolio
>I just want to make like $50K by end of the year.
>My plan: Either HODL ICX and VEN till EOY and sell for massive profits (if they hit 3 figures) or sell end of Jan / Feb once main net etc releases and buy some other coins
>Also thinking of selling my BTC as soon as it picks up again for some ETH
>Give me tips

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Put a few ETH in an ICO
If you use an exchange wallet to send ETH, you’ll never receive your MGXL tokens.

When you receive your tokens, keep them fucking SAFE. Keep your private key safe. Use metamask or something and verify your tokens are there on etherscan.

This token will start trading in June. Binance is already heavily invested and it’s going to get a massive binance pump.

30 cents each, 10 million supply, it’s literally the easiest 30x I can think of.

Now this is real advice. Want to keep following shitcoins? Go ahead. I’m trying to help you.

Stay away from Magnalis if you hate money

im right here with you op, banking on FUN, XLM and a little ZCL right now. Selling all profits for ETH when i get there

I'm also a bit afraid of this bubble popping talk... So I may want to cash out before EOY...

Heard about WANchain, might invest in that this month for easy profits? Idk just give me some fkn ideas.

Put your 1k into a high risk coin. No need to diversify with such low investment.

Give me some prospects? How about "ICOs"

Oh only 50k huh? Should happen any minute now. Since 50k is “no big deal” you should have it any day now. Tell me something you entitled fuck, do you not understand? You don’t have enough money to make 50k. Chances are your portfolio fluctuates between $700 and $900 and you think you’re magically going to get 50k.

>being this fucking stupid in 2018

huge website lag

For ICOs right now, I can say any is good as long as you DYOR.

scared money don't make money lil boy

It's definitely not too crazy dude. The crypto market lately has been insane. I already turned my 800 bucks into 20k in a month, yeah it's not always gonna be that easy, but no need to chimp out on some dude with a goal

Thanks for that. Got any tips for me bro? Im 22 almost done university and I dont have too much money (5K savings in bank) and I dont want to spend it all on crypto due to bubble etc

>800 bucks into 20k in a month

what the hell

>t.same portfolio as op

I'm definitely not an expert since I've only been trading for like 2 or 3 years, but with crypto is learn how to tell if a coin is being manipulated by whales and how to tell if a coin is legit or just being shipped, also if you aren't 100% sure of what's is gonna happen and what you or doing don't try to day trade. Don't be afraid to early for a smaller gain if you start getting a bad feeling, but also don't be too controlled by your emotions. Learn to tell if you are thinking on logic and judgement or emotion, and this one is obvious but once you get to about 15 or 20k you definately don't want everything in one coin

Thats because with our safe coins we'll never know major profits :"(
Are you just trying to pajeet me?

Don't listen to this retard


piggybacking off OP
>my deltfolio
>want $150k by eoy
>currently FOMOing coins and getting burned
>burned by iExec
>will probably be burned by HPB
pls just give solid advice

I just want 10k by late q2. Will I make it?

Stop falling for shills.

This Magnalis ICO is a confirmed scam. Just search around there are a couple of threads on it.

Dead unless LINK comes through?

crypto school is in session

drive uber if you wanna hit 50k

I have more faith in 0x than Link.

Fuck no

Shill me?

>I just want to make like $50K by end of the year.


You're poor because you're dumb and dumb people stay poor. Get fucked.

No im poor because im a fucking student who is trying to get a first class honours in engineering whilst doing multiple extra curricular. ive literally just turned 22 almost graduated as an engineer and ill have atleast 10K in my bank and no debts with my degree fully paid off... so who's the dumb one?

>Kek its you

so defensive, I wonder why? You're never gonna make it faggot. Enjoy wagekeking and making Mr. Shekelstein richer.


Ohh look an old college drop out who made 12K in crypto and thinks hes the next fucking Forbes # 1 entrepreneur meanwhile im young as fuck and have my whole life ahead of me.

I'm still fucking down 18% because of my coins bleeding. One goes up and then another drops 25%.

Tough life huh :( I just HODL with my portfolio

copy me and you make it


I'm down 20% also but still up 250% from 2 weeks ago. Relax bro.

how'd you pay off your degree?

Go back to plebbit faggot.

I sucked multiple dicks. Can I suck yours too?



You aleadybhave 33k from BTCP and iexec will be $50 EOY

i call bullshit unless that happened during some fishy ass insider trades which are illegal

Once btcp is worth 1000 I will probably cash out. Into what is the question.

Checked there Eth wallet which is 0x560833296ef7A7F41b30c1065225Fa9b33830c19

They are distributing MGLX with every Eth transaction. Don't see how it's a scam.

The bubble is never going to pop imo. Crypto is completely unregulatable and accessible to anyone in the world. Let's say bitcoin crashed tomorrow to sub 1k and most of crypto went down with it. There are billions of people who have been watching this bull run and waiting for such an opportunity. They will buy and the price will rise again.

You're better off looking for new low cap projects and going all in for a month or two and sell once you 2x or whatever. For instance, I'm looking at hat rn because the market cap is sub 10m and I can see that rising to 50-100m short term based on good news. Coins like eth and btc have not tapped out their long term potential imo, but short term it would take a lot more for them to rise 20% than for a low market cap coin to 10x. There's more risk involved, but you said you wanted to get to 50k by eoy and that's how you do it.