Is this a shitcoin? Did I actually fall for this shit?

Is this a shitcoin? Did I actually fall for this shit?

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it's a good coin, you just bought at the top

Who cares? I just put my money in because there were memes.

>not accumulating more during these dips

FUN is a great coin, with a bright future cuck.

No it isn't just buy the dip

Expected dip after reaching ATH, might still fall further.

This. I'm gonna laugh if I get rich off of it.

everything is falling right now you fool, this is the time to accumulate more and HOLD

Exactly, anybody with FUN as a major holding is fucking retarded or has balls of steel

So like every other day then?

> anybody with FUN as a major holding is fucking retarded or has balls of steel

or bothered reading the white paper, looked at the team, and recognized the real-world potential it has

Of course it's a shit coin, any coin on Veeky Forums which has more than three threads at any one time should ring alarm bells in your head.

Same with LINK. They are both PnD shill group coins.

It has low volume and appears to be declining. Maybe pick up at under .10

The best thing about holding FUN is that you are not holding TRON. Both got their heaviest shilling here when they were both at $0.11 FUN is now at $0.13 and TRON is at $0.09.

Looks like FUN is being pumped right now.

>he didn't buy the dip

Of course it is, to see it you just need to look at the funthreads
>le chad meme xD
>le sexy pinup :DDD
It's clear the only thing it has going for it is the cool name and the flashy color, only kids would fall for it.

Welcome to the exact reason it'll take off after launch.

I doubt FUN is a shill'd P&D, too few threads about it. Link was spammed incessantly, for about 2 weeks before it tanked and the threads stopped. Obvious scam.

Late January: FunFair License official
Early February: ICE Gaming event

Two big events incoming, don't see a reason to sell at loss, just hold or accumulate more if you know what you are doing.

>It's clear the only thing it has going for it is the cool name and the flashy color, only kids would fall for it.

Since it's so "clear" to you, please elaborate as to why the name and color is the only thing FUN has going for it.

I'm asking you because I dug deeper into this project and that's what caused me to buy, not the colors or the name.

But you're clearly the expert on FUN so i'm hoping you can educate everyone here as to why "only kids would fall for it"

You people always overestimate the power of normies and neets in this market. The truth is that asian whales are the one controlling the price, neets, pajeets and normies combined are probably less than 10% of the money in crypto.

God, you reek of a shitbag plebbitor. You don't deserve dubs or the memes here faggot

I refuse to believe that someone can actually be THIS fucking retarded

>Obvious scam.

don't worry poorfag, no one wants to scam you out of your $100 net worth

Im in love with FUN. even if im 40% down.

Quick rundown on why you need to chill and just wait:

Feb 8th ICE - being shilled to casinos
Late Q1 - early/mid Q2 - casinos can use the tech

Any other pumps are just a bonus.

If you actually follow marketcap in crypto like a moron and require the maths to add up to buy in, it's a $5B marketcap for $1 FUN. Online gambling is $60B in the US alone, meaning it doesn't include Asians who love to gamble, nor does it include the online gambling options like CSGO, and it definitely doesn't include the people who refuse to gamble when something isn't provably fair.

Remember that ICE has over 15k people on average, and over 8.5k of those are representative of gaming and gambling companies. Literally all it takes is one major casino to buy in early to get as many coins as possible before they raise in price, and they alone will pump us up to $1. It only takes one small casino + investors who react to the news. It only takes Asians even fucking learning about it. Even $10 is proven achievable with the current marketcap, and when coins start getting burned from being used, it'll be that much easier to hit those kinds of highs.

Casinos also have additional reason to purchase the coin in the form of dividends, as they can loan FUN to other casinos for guaranteed returns through contracts. This means they can buy as much as they want as soon as possible (ie. the second ICE hits us), and they'll never be at risk of being unable to use some of the coins they've purchased for a few years, as they can just loan the excess to other people. Also, I keep saying 'casinos', but literally any random shitter with a bar can now have online gambling as an option with FUN. This is a huge selling point for Asians as well, due to their internet cafes being able to get in on it.

Finally, the team is likely the best team in all of crypto (look up their background), they'll almost double their employees to 50 soon, have connections to casinos, and have no real competitors.

TL;DR Chill out.

>too few threads

if u bought now, you would a happy camper.

February is going to be lit

>Feb 8th ICE

ICE is going to be huge for FunFair

Keep dismissing this is a meme shitcoin, retards. I love it, it just lets me accumulate more at a lower price.

105k FUN checking in. Holding until $2.00+

Does it still count as a major holding if you're a poorfag? I will probably double down and buy more if I could.

>only $2
I'm selling like 25% of my stack when we hit $1 and holding the rest for all eternity. The 25% I sell's only purpose is to jump on a few moon missions so I can get more FUN

This shit is going to be $10 in a year even without burns nor any risk

Yeah I'll likely sell 5k at $2. The other 100k I'll hold until $10 and make a million from having FUN.

40 billion marketcap? I don't think so, I'm selling at $1.5 or so which is their stated goal.

Just holding and accumulating more

ya ur pretty dumb. stop being eth memes
come learn how to make real money

90 % invested in FUN at all times, I love this shit

Read my above post that points out that even without the coin burns that are coming, we can hit $10. The $60B online gambling market is only including the US and it doesn't even include all source of online gambling.

Market cap is a fucking joke in crypto, but, even then, you need to keep in mind that the people who are buying this shit aren't just the wimpy virgin crypto investors who look at marketcap. It's the casinos. The investors are just a bonus. Once this shit hits Asian cultures and people from the US who want to gamble learn that it is proven to be fair, it'll be bonkers.

This also isn't taking into account that in a year's time, we've had 7+ months of casinos using (and burning) the token. If enough hopped on board (and given that the team behind it is heavily connected to casinos to the point they can take workers from casinos for FUN development, there's likely going to be a lot of casinos jumping on board), it's more than feasible to hit $10 through just coin burns and $30B marketcap, as an example.

No, I think that betting big on a coin like this that could go 20-40x in the coming weeks is a good play, especially for you. I think people with >$25 portfolios that are like 90% FUN isn't the greatest strategy. People who sell things or overextend their means to buy in and then buy FUN could be much safer and still realize nice gains with a different selection. That being said, I hold FUN because I do think that it can hit its goals and make for a nice return. I like FUN a lot, I just wouldn't take out a second mortgage and put it all into FUN.

Not a shitcoin but you're buying high, that's all I can say to you.

Give me your crystal ball pajeet

Are you the guy from the telegram who posted that shitty graph saying it was going to dip to like 600 sats?


>i'm a brainlet and have nothing to say, I actually don't know shit about this project or crypto in general

after what happend with tron im pretty sure everyone realized fast they dont want their coin stupidly overvalued.

Tron had tons of ppl buy in on the hype who are now looking to dump their bags. Every time the price slightly goes up millions of dollars of sell orders appear. Its fucked it can never go up, and the price keeps plummeting increasing the amount of ppl trying to sell it by millions each time.

Fun is good, it just needs to sit quietly until something phsyical and real happens to raise the price, not stupid short term hype.

Before I was thinking a dollar, now 25 cents I'm selling. Either way it should go up imo.