Is 10k BAT enough to make it?

Is 10k BAT enough to make it?

I hope so, that's the number I have.

Literally no purpose for this token to go over $1, even Brendan Eich said that. It destroys the entire platform

Do you have a link to that?

Fuck I wish I have that much BAT.

I only have 1k, fuck my life

You cant win the masses by getting them to adopt a whole new browser.

Yeah didn't work with chrome or firefox....nope it's impossible to kill browsers.

Try and get 20k, you will have 1 million eoy.

I'm holding 300k BAT and accumulating all the way to $5 by dollar cost averaging.

what would 10k USD even do for you? Is getting a used car making it?

>Can't win the masses by getting them to adopt a whole new browser
>Mozilla Firefox

I also have 10k
I think it might be enough to make it
but we have to drive adoption
go to mcdonalds and make them accept your BAT for a burger

Adoption is meant to be for mass online use not for local retail. We should be trying to make McDonalds accept Chainlink, Sergey would love us.

why a are you such a faggot? ofc it should be used everywhere. why not? why are everyone so particular that something should be used for one purpose only. I can buy burgers with BTC so why not BAT?

Why is it dipping again?

Because you touch yourself at night!

I don't know actually, all my shit is dipping. Most of the gains made on LTC earlier today have been erased even.

I'm 66/33 ETH/BAT. Is this decent for some slow comfy gains?

Loving Brave btw

Nice edit. Audibly kek'd

correction, he said the average price of user attention of the average amount of time will be no more than a cup of coffee. Don't have a direct quote, look it up yourself. Don't get FUDDED, BAT NEETS.

Did anyone else see this post yesterday? I caught it before the guy deleted it.

Then there was a long post that some user started about some insider information on coinbase listing and confirming firefox? Couldn't stay till the end for both threads.

Let's see...
Max supply:1.5 bil tokens. Current online advertising market cap is roughly 70bil. Let's assume BAT takes over just a third of it, which means 23 billion goes into the bat system. which means means 1BAT=23$.
Also, adoption will stabilize the price of bat, so we can excpect it to stay around the same price over all, not sure what it'll be but defintely over 10$

There he is. There he goes again. Look, everyone! He posted it once again! Isn't he just the funniest guy around?! Oh my God.
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fucking top kek
even if your calculations are correct. whats the time line? 1 year, 10, 100?

you realize how many failed browsers are there?


He actually said latte at the airport = 5$

>Couldn't stay till the end for both threads.

Sure, but the Brave browser is brand new and is ALREADY faster than FF, Chrome, and Edge. Not to mention it is being developed by the guy that created Javascript and co-founded Mozilla. Eich is a goddamn genius and his team is fucking amazing. If there's a browser that is going to compete with the big 3, it's Brave.

Were you there? Did OP back up his claims that firefox would be using BAT in their next update?

fucking newfag, leave

$5? Where? In Mexico? pffff

Fuck you faggot. Been on here since eth was at 20. I don't feel like digging through the damn archive when I thought I could ask. I hex your portfolio.

ganbatte ne

i have 30k bat and make questionable life decisions but somehow achieve success so ride or die with me biz cause i'm in this game to make it not for lambos but for freedom

I'm in this game for DICK

We are all gonna make it, batbros

Because it's a toekn not a coin retard it isn't meant to handle massive tx/second like say DGB or DOGE. It's got a use case and it isn't as a currency. You won't see people asking to spend SiaCoin at maccas.

>he thinks $10,000 is enough to make it

>this is the future of BAT threads

Doesn't need to be, and the fud will die when we pass $1. Then they'll have to come up with something original.