Help pls

sorry for the wall of text but I'd really like Veeky Forums advice
do I really have to have a slave-like work mentality in order to be successful?
it's my dream to become a financial analyst. I'm genuinely good at charts and stuff (over the past year my calculated success rate with all my charts is about 85%).
I dropped out of college after 3 years and don't want to go back for a while because I was always miserable there. for the past year I've been out of school, and I actually feel happy for the first time in years.
I've been applying to crypto analyst type jobs because they're out there and I know I'd be perfect for it.
my father is a stock broker and has a lot of industry connections. he sees the aptitude I have but won't really help me with his connections because he thinks I'm lazy and not disciplined enough. with a few exceptions, I can't keep a part time job for more than a few months. I do think I try hard at them but I guess that in some way I give off vibes that I don't really care, which is mostly true. I've never been outright fired but for most of my job history I just stop getting scheduled consistently eventually.
my father told me tonight that he won't try to help me with his connections because even if for example, I was a dishwasher, I should try to enjoy being a dishwasher and be the hardest working dishwasher. I mostly just ignored him because I think the whole slavery mentality is toxic in society... if I were able to get a job as an analyst I would work my ass of though because it's my dream.
I am applying to another college to transfer to in case I can't get an analyst job within a year. but I'd just be going to finish my degree; for the most part I'd probably not try to get grades higher than C's because I just want to get it fucking over with at that point.
is something wrong with me, Veeky Forums?

>85% success rate
>Not making it

I don't trade most of my charts. at this point I mostly buy undiscovered low marketcap gems and hold because that or ICOs is where the real money is. charting doesn't matter for those. I have over 500% returns so far and fully expect to be a multi-millionaire in 2 years at most.

pls Veeky Forums I could really use advice

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user, You must be pretty smart, or at least you think youre pretty smart. Am I right?

There's nothing wrong with knowing you are smart. The thing is 90% of people are stupid so they don't realize what you have to offer.

You don't want to do bullshit work because you know that you are better than that right?

Too goddamned bad though. You gotta prove yourself to people.
I know that shit fucking sucks knowing you are smarter and could do a better job than half of the people around you but you HAVE to SHOW them how smart and capable you are.

do it user you have to show them what you are capable of.

yes you're spot on, thank you for responding btw :)
how do I materialize your idea, could you please elaborate user

start a business or small venture user

I had always wanted to start a business but put it off because I always thought that there was already software that could do a better job than me.

Turns out, people don't have the time or the patience to use software. Even if its a simple web application, people don't want to take the time to learn to do things properly.

I don't know much about financial analysis, but coming from an IT background, I'd suggest finding a piece of financial analysis software, become an 'expert' at it by reading the support articles, and then create a business by going to other businesses and setting their shit up.

Pick up some basic web design skills and create a portfolio of work, and then use fb/LinkedIn ads to target decision makers at small to medium businesses. Use this to build up a small network of customers, and then build a more substantial product you can sell to enterprises in the long term.

Also get a business partner, it doesn't matter if they don't do shit and are the 'ideas' guy, as long as they hold you accountable.

good luck user

thanks for the advice, user. I do want to start my own business because I don't think I'm meant to work for another person. getting there is the difficult part. I have had an idea on the back burner, and a partner for it. we just have to see it through.

do it faggot. You're a scared lil bitch who doesnt want to change. If you dont change or put yourself into a different state, you will always be the timid, procrastinating pussy bitch you are today

Do you think the strong future you is a liil bitch who has everything handed to him? No? Then stop acting like one

whats ur idea user?

I understand if you don't want to share, but I generally share all my ideas because its one thing to have an idea, another thing (that requires an absolute fuck tonne of work) to actually go through with it

We're deciding between workflow or web design or advertising automation products at the moment, just trying to suss out what our clients need.

comprehensive subscription-based crypto investment advice website for newfags who need their hands held.
my potential partner is a talented programmer and has been working on a sentiment analysis tool and website related stuff. at this point it's up to me to get the ball rolling in terms of our actual business model as he has little follow-through.

thank you for the pep talk, user. I have known this in the back of my mind for a while now. how do you suggest I go about doing this?

email me at [email protected]

it's my throwaway email I use for torrent sites. We want to get into business planning for startups, so we can give you some resources to see if we are any good. if you provide a cv and some more indepth description of some ur idea, i'll send you my work email and we can collab

that is if you want to. sounds promising either way user

>I mostly just ignored him because I think the whole slavery mentality is toxic in society
No, you ignored him because your father is a successful stock broker.
What do you think you would be doing without this "toxic society"? Picking berries every waking hour to barely escape starvation. Africa has lots of countries without that toxic mentality btw, maybe you should go back to your homeland?

White people are so cucked.

Fuck I hate niggers. Stop being such a nigger. The world doesn't owe you shit. Just be glad your dad doesn't let you starve to death while you complain about slave mentality and refuse to perform even the must basic functions of a society that would be better off without you

thanks, will do tomorrow as I'm in EST and it's late as fuck.

alright, maybe set a reminder or whatever you need to do to remember. look forward to ur response user

Just know as long as you do you will succeed.
put forth effort, real effort. In literally anything.

Take this mans offer right now actually follow through.

user, you remind me of myself just a few short years ago. In fact, sometimes I’m still like this but then a dose of reality kicks in...
If you are really smart, which I’m sure you are, nobody is going to give a fuck. Nobody in this world cares how smart you are, especially if you have nothing to show for it. My advice? Stop being a pussy, get your hands dirty and work. It sucks and it’s alwags going to suck. Life isn’t easy, even when you’re wealthy.
Find something you’re really passionate about that can make you money and work your ass off to get better at it. Follow the 10,000 hour rule; In order to be truly great at something, you need to put in 10,000 hours into your craft at the very least.
If being a financial analyst is your dream, then get to fucking work doing that. If you really want do that, you’ll do whatever it takes; college, wage-slavery, literally fucking anything.
You’re just making excuses when what you really need to do is get to work on making your dreams a reality.

Also, listen to your dad because he sounds a lot smarter than you think he is.

No one actually uses TA outside of crypto. If you try to play up those credentials in an interview you’ll get laughed out

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who says hes white? What OP is describing is common among everyone, albeit more towards people who were spoiled as a child.

There's a reason why your dad won't hand it to you kid, the consequences of his image being tainted because of your failure is huge. Don't take it personal, take it logical. Why should he risk it because some lazy person wants to get spoon fed?

Why should anyone risk it? Why are you special?

You think the 100 billion people before you that lived and died were any more special than you? You think they didn't have to do spend energy on thought out plans in order to survive? You think GOD just gives shit and its not humans doing all the real work?

Need to get out in the real world and go on a adventure that will almost kill you. If you don't experience what it means to be a human, you'll forever be a child