Tfw started with $1200 and now have $500

>tfw started with $1200 and now have $500

How do you "make it" in this game exactly?
And don't give me any "muh good DYOR picks" hindsight bullshit.
It all depends on your luck. It's all the same shit as stocks with higher volatility.

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user you buy a decent coin when it's at a low point and don't touch it until it hits a percentage you're happy with. You're probably moving your coins around too much or chasing moon missions. Also, this isn't December anymore, insider PND are king instead of all shit coins mooning, so just hold a good coin with news/releases in the future.

Don't FOMO buy into pump and dump schemes.

Don't listen to shills or FUD on a message board.

Research coins on CMC with low market cap, read white papers, look at potential.

Have holdings in BTC ETH and LTC

Only invest what you're willing to lose

I'm in the same boat OP... haven't lost a ton of money but it seems all so tiresome, I feel like Veeky Forums is where the crypto news is but I can't tell whats real and whats not

look at the website of the coin. Is the team full of chinks? -> skip
Is the team full of whites/jews -> buy
Does the coin have a product yet? If yes -> buy , If no -> gamble 100$ on it.

Is the coin already mooning? -> wait for the dip to buy.
Is the coin in the red? -> BUY!!!

That's pretty much it, after that you need to wait until it goes +x% and then sell it. You can also take a longer position and hold it for x years, but you won't make money in the dips (but you'll also be safe of not being able to buy as many coins in the future because of price increases)

>Have holdings in BTC ETH and LTC

ETH is the only smart hold right now. BTC has been on a downtrend the last month and LTC has only moved sideways.

just buy link you idiots.

What do you buy at which price?

>user you buy a decent coin when it's at a low point and don't touch it until it hits a percentage you're happy with.

That's exactly what I intended. I was almost about to sell and then it dropped into the gutter.

You're probably right about about the rest though.

>Don't FOMO buy into pump and dump schemes.
Check. Never did this. Easy.
>Don't listen to shills or FUD on a message board.
This is easier said than done. In many cases it's obvious but sometimes you just can't distinguish FUD/shills from the legit stuff.

>Research coins on CMC with low market cap, read white papers, look at potential.
May work for longterm, but it's still a gamble. Even a brilliant idea could fail due to unforseen shit.

>Have holdings in BTC ETH and LTC

>Only invest what you're willing to lose
I always follow this.

Thanks for the tips.

>he fell for the crypto meme

You're posting in a troll board, son. You got memed.

Veeky Forums is the best source as long as you understand Veeky Forums. You need to be able to filter the noise and be able to recognize the Veeky Forums versions of "install Gentoo" and "GOMAD"

How do you decide when to sell? This is my biggest problem. I can't seem to sell at the right moment and then lose everything I gain.

buy when you see nothing but pink wojaks on biz, sell when everyone is talking about how much money they made that day

>Don't FOMO buy into pump and dump schemes.

This is good advice in general, however, if you know it is a PnD you can profit from it if you get in early, check the order books, and then watch it like a hawk with your finger on the trigger.

Not like stocks at all, because every crypto with an active dev goes up in value. whether or NOT the dev is creating the next Big thing. So long as the coin is on an exchange and is not at risk of being delisted.

If you're trying to trade on a daily basis you'll lose money

Don't buy overpriced coins. You stand a bigger risk. I've made millions buying coins when they are massively undervalued and preferably when they are at their early stage. You just have to be balsy enough to let your money be there.regardles becos repeat after me all cryptos go up in value if theres an active dev. It's a game of who came first and was patient enough to wait

Indeed. You won't find a better news source, but I feel like I'm not autistic enough to properly filter out all the garbage. Or maybe I'm too autistic and I filter out too much then miss the real opportunities.

come to school we will teach u to make your neetbucks back

Watch the graphs for coins you hear about a lot. Especially on mainstream sources.

Try to learn when you should sell one and buy the other.

Hell, you could make it just buy buying the same coin over and over if it's getting a lot of exposure.

Set stop limits if you're not sure. Coin drops down 5% from what it just was? Sold. Rebuy on the dip.

Maybe going with 1 coin might even be a better choice since you can go full autism on it and learn how it behaves.

Don't try day trading. Research some upcoming thing and hold for a while, sell on the news and move on to another.

My strategy was to get in early and hold for years.

Stalk the announcements for any crypto that looks good.

Check Wefunder, StartEngine, NextSeed and other equity crowdfunding sites that take non accredited investors.

The key is to find stuff that isn't gay and find it EARLY!

Cool, wish I could teleport myself 1 year back.

I feel tempted to leave you with some genuine tips. While everyone is saying it's no.
longer december and coins are no longer mooning, we have to remember that there were some that didnt get the chance to moon on both poloniex and bittrex and they will be doing that within the first 3 months of 2018. Bela is one, Pinkcoin just did x4 and those who listened to me earlier are probably jumping But i's not done. Its on Poloniex and bittrex. and its still valued under $30million. LBRY credits still has a bit of mooning to do. Then Look at ED. Most f the coins that went through an ICO last year and are yet to hit big exchanges will make alot of people rich this year. My pic Wic coin, it's on a dip now, wait a little bit and buy when it's even deeper. TIOTOUR is worth shitless now, and it's aproject with a German team and big thing coming up. Yet their price is less than $0.2 when their supply is only 450k...That is a massive profit lurking in there if you are balsy enough to put in money now.
I've done your research for you. Now follow thesame pattern even if you're not going to be buying the coins 've suggested. Ur welcome

That was before literally everything including shitcoins went up like crazy.
Those days are over.
Best you can hope for now is a x2 even if you do everything right, but you can easily lose up to 90% or at the very least get your funds locked into a shitty coin waiting for it to recover as we've seen this past week.

You doing a solid for him. Good on you, good thought.

There are still assets and companies that will go up in value. It's not like no assets will ever rise again. I heard buzz about XRP before anyone else and pounced on it at $0.006. Find something cool before the crowd and the idiots on biz do. Read tons of websites and listen to fuck tons of obscure financial podcasts. I heard about XRP by watching a video of a weird Jewish financial conference when they just mentioned it in passing (no joke).

Research research research research research

There's buzz about hashgraph ever since Mike Maloney did a video on it. You should be looking into it to figure out if it's a scam or not. And regardless of the answer, if you can get in early enough to matter.

READ AND LISTEN TO EVERYTHING YOU CAN. It's like panning for gold. You've got to sift through tons of mud to find some flakes of gold.

And don't buy link

can link bro add this to his folder for when link hits $100? thanks.

You actually seem legit user. May you be blessed with lambos for your effort even if you're wrong.

It doesn’t depend on luck. It depends on your principles. Like any investment.

tio is shit coin. dev is incompetent. by advising this u making him loose that rest of his capital

GOMAD actually works though

Every coin is a shitcoin until it gets listed on a good performing exchange and everyone starts trying to buy it and the comfiest people are those who were balsy enough to t get in early. Listen the open is asking for advice to go from 100 bucks to buying a lambo, now thats not going to happen if you're buying a TOP 200 coin. If you just want to have your money in bitcoin and sell when it's high anf buy when it's low. Then you'll probably go from maybe 1k to 1700 by years end. thats if you dont use the money to pay ur rent.Wasnt even trying to shill I mentioned a couple Coins look at them.

If you started this week then it's ok to have lost money. But 50% seems a little too much.
Just stick to ETH if you are not comfortable with the altcoins.

Let's see your blockfolio you fucking liar. I literally didn't do shit and make 40%

I'm only talking about long term investments
And in general you shouldnt be connecting incompetency of a dev to the value of the coin, otherwise you will be missing out big time. most of the coins valued at under $20milllion reek of incompetent devs, tbut they're still selling over 12grand a day and valued at millions why? greed! to speak specifically about TIOTOUR, it's current price is $0.2 and the supply is 450k.That gives this coin a valuation of less than 50k, if you think this coin is going to remain at 50k forever then you dont understand cryptos and would never realy make a profit from this field. As long as the Dev is active and is genuinely trying to get this coin to CMC, and other exchanges it's only a matter of time before the coin goes from $0.2 to $2 and at $2 it's marketcap is still 900k. but those who bought at $0.2 are already X10 their investment. and this coin is still yet to be a valued coin. Other shitcoins with similar supplies but incompetent devs that have gone x50 are HAT from $0.2 in december to $29, ALTCOM from 0.5 in nov to $14, ICOS from 0.7 to $55. The list is endless. I hope I have educated you a bit

tiotours looks like a scam..
I visited their website and they claim to have been presented on FOX news and NBC, which is only represented by unclickable icons of the two with no links. Googling FOX and NBC brings up nothing about tiotours either. They also use a photo shopped image of a tio logo on a building, the fuck, don't buy this shit.

Hell Confido doesnt even have a dev and its thriving. Although not for long anymore unless someone takes over the development of the project

Legit question. where do i buy those not listed shitcoins??

They were on FOX news and nbc, i remember clicking on those links. those promoted articles get deleted after 30 or 60 days i guess. Here's an article of them on international business times and street insider, IBT is bigger than local FOX and NBC news.

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buy high sell low

TIOTOUR is on EtherDelta.. Bela is on Poloniex and Cryptopia. LBRY creditis is on Bittrex and Poloniex/Cryptopia. Wic coin is on EtherDelta/Live Coin.

Most of the coins I've mentioned have a pattern, even if you don't buy them buy simliar ones,

well you probably started a week ago or so and prices have been falling lately
If you had invested earlier the money would havce basically multiplied itself
But the bubble seems to be popping

First step is, don’t fuck with TRON.

Last words before I leave. This whole crypto thing has is SCAM and ponzi scheme, theres really no-one buying cryptos because of the products they offer, everybody is just trying to cash in. If you missed out on buying any coin before it moons, then don't touch it and never look back. Fins those that are yet to be known. Buying these already expensive coins means you're paying for the exit of those who bought in early. Heaven knows I've written straight from the heart to you OP. Ive been in this biz since 2011. Goodluck!

Steady hands = Gains, luck determines how many percentages.

Though you might want to consider that this isn't for you, and that's ok too. Investing isn't for everyone.

Stop selling low to buy high, it's really simple.
You guys fall for the FUD every time and dump your coins to chase the ones being hyped, lose money, repeat. Time after time I see you guys falling for it.

This is the safe way to trade but profits will take forever to build unless you are playing with whale money

i have been really trying to research deep and read whitepapers lately to get serious about this shit and find good projects. I have started converting whitepapers into audio so i can listen to them at work does anyone else find value in audio whitepapers? Iv done a bunch and considering making a website for them so people can just download them

Pic related.

helpful thread guys

Your decision skills are just pure shit.

I've made 300% returns in a month, and more have made bigger. Keep your wits about you. Know everything there is to know about what you're going to get in to. If you lost all this money by day trading, invest in coins that will guarantee long term success like ARK, ETH, XMR, ICX or some other bull shit. Find your niche

its simple it its gets shilled buy, if its gets fudded buy, if it doesnt get talked about buy.

but mostly the last one. if you see a thread or comment that is drowned out in the noise means people dont want it to get attention. thats what you buy.

figure out a satisfactory profit and sell at that. dont try to time the market.

Yawn get free money every month

YOU won't make it, your one of the ones whos corpse will feed the machine and bring gains to the rest of us. They expect one of us in the reckage brother!


what is "ta" in pic related?

Just buy safe holds like ETH or NEO. It won't give you as high returns as other token but it's still a better performance than yours right now.

gtfo normiefag you are not fit for this

trend analysis

OP a good example is with NEO. This hit around $50 in the summer, fell to about $20 after the China ICO ban, where it stayed under $30 for MONTHS. It then pumped for a minute due to some ‘announcement of an announcement’. My point is, NEO was a top 20 marketcap coin throughout all of this, not much more room to moon right? Well if you did your research and followed the reddits AND IGNORE BIZ and all that shit, you would have known that this was going moon this year for sure.

If you want a safe 3-5x that you FUCKING HOLD in 2018 and don’t try and gamble with, then LSK is going to do the exact same as NEO did.

LTC moved sideways for months at 36 dollars before it blew up to it's current state.

Its hard to fuck up in crypto long term because this is the future of global finance. That said, there are better ways to maximize profits short term. Check out any of the low market cap threads and see what's being shilled there. There's a lot of crap, but that's how you get on the ground floor of the next 100x moon mission. The market is generally bearish so now is a bad time to sell at all.

I started by buying 20000 ada. now i have 20000 ada

SO i went from 0.76 btc to 1.16

So im 8k richer than i was end of november

learn to hodl and dyor. only reason you lose if if you buy high and sell low.