No PFR thread?

Not hopping on the only coin that's going to see major movement this quarter? I pity you Veeky Forums




You could have gotten a trust node hours ago for dirt cheap

But you didn't listen

Will you listen now?

you still have time. This is going straight to $10+

Going to be hard to get on after that though. This is a very real moon mission

My bags are packed.. ready for take-off

How high you think we goin user?

That's what they said about DBC, and look where we are now. I only survived because I got in before the pump.

oh you got some bags packed alright lol

can't believe i didn't buy this when this was first shilled here. whoever that dude was who was shilling this a few weeks ago is an OG. much respect

oh well. going to buy a masternode and hold it for a couple of years minimum.

How many 4 a masternode?

Read the thread retard


so about $5,000 USD at current rates.

i'm not going to buy the ATH. i'm expecting a low of roughly $3.80 in the short term after this.

i may actually get a couple. i see the potential for this to take off in a similar way to COSS or KCS.

meant 38c


DYOR, this is localbitcoins on ROIDS

I come over your house and suck your mom's dick

>Bought 59,000 for under 5ETH

Maybe I should buy another 1k now?


super jelly

You'll have to wait your turn bitch

yes. you're going to want that extra node

TFW too poor to get those sweet trust node perks