Super Bowl Shitcoin Ad

We should write a smart contract that everyone on Veeky Forums contributes to that would buy a $1M ad for a shitcoin during the Super Bowl. The ad would just be an image of the shitcoin's logo and below it it will say "The next Bitcoin...current price: $0.50" This should be a coin that is not in the Top 50 yet able to be purchased by normies. The sooner we do this, the more time we have to accumulate.

I vote LINK

Can we make it Confido?


This is actually a solid idea...

I vote XLM, its at least somewhat approachable by normies and a lot of Veeky Forumsness men hold it

Too expensive. We need to get the elites to do the work for us. Shill Amazon or Google into making their own coin. eBay might even do it since they've been adamant about using that garbage service called PayPal.

Since we follow the news we'll be among the first to know about such coins.


I choose Monero and have it say "Fuck the fucking system. Buy Monero mormie scum"

Is 1 million enough for an ad on the Superbowl?

I think its like 1 million for 5 seconds

That’s all we need

voting for this
but there has to be a pink wojack involved

I could easily find a crack den and have a black crackhead laying on the floor, look up and say "BUY IT"


Link is the worst choice imo, we don't want normans to know about link until it's $100, xlm is a much better choice. The rocket ship is a pretty good logo for a superbowl ad.

unironically this

I would actualyl put money toward this

Needs to be XLM

Here's a rough draft.

You know there is already a shitcoin getting an ad at the SuperBowl, right? Recently got added to Binance. You should all probably buy the dip.

what is it faggot

I can't be fucked being cryptic. It's VIBE. Don't say no one ever gave you a free ride.

I actually once knew this already

For eoy 2019 when LINK is $1000

How do you know this?