COLX - Shill me, please


Low MC, low entry price, recent ~1bil coin burn, PIVX fork, much hype behind it due to limited access from exchanges but devs adamant about getting on bigger ones though

Keep accumulating. Delet thread.

That and a massive enthusiastic community, around 3,000 on telegram. Devs coming out with new roadmap/whitepaper soon as well.

65K enough to make it???

pos coin my wallet is minting 4000 of these every day, right now at the low price thats still over 40 dollars a day

It has no staff, no white paper. Totally legit and gonna moon guys.

(I want to buy more)

how many for a masternode?

>A $40M marketcap coin has no staff

Dont spread BS. Just look at their Twitter activity. WP coming out soon.

10 mil

White paper coming any day since you know...the staff...updated us on it.


So where's their staff listed? "Coming soon" isn't good enough pajeet.

Dumb faggot, hope your shitty village gets flooded

are you mad because you didnt get any when they were cheap or have you always been such a big douche

>Oh no why does he want to know the people involved and read the white paper before spending his money what a fag
Kill yourself pajeet. Your kind are worse than cockroaches.

gonna need wallpaper size of this

i'm german
living in usa

Calm down, staff is listed on their reddit if you need to know that bad. WP out soon.

It was good for a quick flip about a month ago when it was under 10 sats. If you're in it now you'll be holding bags forever. But you already know that and are probably holding a bunch which is why you posted this. I feel sorry for anyone who buys your bags.

Well you sure are retarded enough to be mistaken for a pajeet.

Enjoy your bags pajeet, hope you learned your lesson for buying an obvious shitcoin with no staff listed or white paper available.

When you look at your bank balance and it says "0", remember this post calling you a retard for giving money to a coin that lists its staff on reddit and doesn't even have a white paper out.

>"Pajeet pajeet pajeet pajeet too dumb to look them up on reddit pajeet pajeet pajeet pajeet"

Man, biz brainlets are so predictable.

already made 20,000 dollars on this coin
picked it up for 4 sat a few months ago
its not going that low ever again, cant lose