Newfag trader here (please don't flame me I'm VERY sensitive)...

Newfag trader here (please don't flame me I'm VERY sensitive). Seems like this wall will be taken down within the next 30 minutes at the rate it's going (It was around 900 ETH half an hour ago). Will the value skyrocket when this happens?

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Can someone explain what a paywall is please? Not trolling.

I think you're confused, user.

A website that forces you to pay money in order to view content


buywall stops prices from falling too low
sellwall stops them from rising too high

I was.

Then I'll put some money into VEN for now. It's down to 300 ETH now, only a matter of time before that sell wall is taken down... I hope...

I honestly don't understand what is going on with that big wall. Is someone actually buying that much VEN, or is the person just set up a lot of orders and is canceling them??

Is it a whale dumping bags.. What is going on? I am scarred

Seriously, look at the order book. Every order is a buy at 0.00445206. Seems bizarre to me.

That's because that's the sell wall, people are just clicking the wall and filing a purchase request. Like I said, it's being taken down at a moderate pace.

I really hope this turns into a decent profit, I've lost a lot of money chasing moons that were being shilled by Veeky Forums, and at this point I'll just be happy to recover what I've lost. I noticed this one myself, so maybe that'll end up being good karma. Here's hoping.


Uhhhhh. Guys?

NVM they just removed most of it

what's everyone's theories on these sell walls?

i think at least $10M-15M have been eaten in the past 2 weeks but they just come back stronger.

Fake sell walls from chinese whalebots. Chinks are very interested in keeping ven price supressed.

Either ven is going to be massive on a scale crypto markets havent seen before...

Or ven is entirely a scam to turn several billion erc20 tokens into huge amounts of eth and btc for chinese bankers.

Im gambling about 15k usd on the former. We will see.

>inb4 they buy it to below 100ETH and another 500ETH gets added to the wall


The last 150 ETH of the wall just got removed manually from the looks of it.

So glad i bought yesterday.
Thanks coca cola kid

Is this the big one? Will we see 10 tonight?


God damn I just predicted a moon, didn't I?

Holy shit Im about to make 150k

Holy shit. Price was jumping between 5.97 and 6.70 several times.

no, or did you foresee the news 5min ago?
inb4, not hard cck shill

I made this thread 30 minutes before that tweet was made.

Waltoncucks about to cry bitchtears in hell.

What to do now? Is it too late to get in? Seems like they're dumping it again.


Maybe not too late for you, nice quints.

>not even 100 VEN

I only managed to scrap up 167 due to the losses I've made prior to this. I got fucked hard by TRX :(

Is it too late to stock up on more??

>dumps TRX low to buy VEN high
HAHAHAHAHA you're not gonna make it user

BUY NOW! It's going to $10

VEN ain’t high. Watch what happens.

question, OP
do you use polonibot or any other trading bots?

I dumped TRX because it was bleeding to death and had bad rumors being spread about Justin Sun (dumped it at 20 cents, now it's 9 cents). I didn't dump it to buy VEN, I dumped it because it's dogshit.

I don't use any bots. I'm not a whale, I'm actually the opposite of a whale at this point.

brave mr. buywall whale fighting the dips

after ven moons i'm buying trx