Billionaires thread. Only billionaires allowed

Billionaires thread. Only billionaires allowed.

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stop larping

holy shit, turn your f.lux up.

how many MM does it cost to get a red phone screen like that

Pretty sure he just has regular nightlight mode on

Also nice larp

I have insomnia.

It's an app called Twilight. It filters blue light.

Show me your billionaire blockfolios everyone.

what are you even gonna do with a billion dollars?

I don't know. Should I buy a house?

>still uses android

you can buy me a house, that'd be pretty cool.

hello, fellow billionaire

Apple is for lamers


>still uses android
>only has 3G

if you are a billionaire then you can send me 1 ETH

this is bullshit, if u had that much money you would be paranoid to get hacked and not be posting about it on the internet.

That's because I'm hiding in a tropical paradise.

buy a bunch and rent them out. and send me a million, just one million!=

Stop begging to trolls you fucknut



yes. reinvest in solid stuff. get a chest full of gold and silver, buy a house and other valuable commodities, so you can safely secure and maintain your wealth. than start a dynasty and make sure your children get good education, so they also become rich and do not just leach of your money.
That's it. your family just became a real deal in the world. You can now compare yourself to the lannisters and the starks in game of thrones.
also please send some eth, would be much appreciated

Seriously. Only retarded boomer billionaires use Apple products. Smart billionaires use Linux or Window.

>larping to impress autists online

grow up retard

how do you even cash out? for your monthly needs?

This. Stop criticizing my choice of OS.

I've already cashed out what I'll need for the rest of my life.

Wealthy people use Vertu,
phones, you dumbass.

Your a billionaire with no alts very sketch

only 1.24b HAHAHA
biz is not for poor pajeets

why pretend?
if you really are a billionaire send me 1 btc, you apparently wipe your ass with those.
shittiest year ever
>> lost job
>> mom gets breast cancer
>> gf breaks up with me


Takes a while to type in all those alts just for one screen shot to post on /buz/.

user how about you spread some love, receive good karma

btc: 1DMEdhgPNLmMPYw2dtwMgY5ERCzNi3hbtE

thanks for larping and creating a begging thread great content good for the board keep it up op

you moron

If this is real then damn. Meanwhile here I am with my little $300. I might just kill myself now

Has begging actually ever worked on Veeky Forums?

one time someone sent me an antshare at $7 only time i asked and somehow worked?

but sage

Sharpie in the pooper.

Blockfolio allows people like you to dream with fake magical money, isn’t it? Poorfag kiddo


There is no BTC address currently holding 28,591 BTC

You're gonna get banned

went from $400 to 220 in a week. need to off myself fast

>making up a billion $ portfolio and posting screenshot for attention

OP owns 10% of all XMR

twilight doesn't filter, it's a shitty fucking OVERLAY

flux is different

>keeping all your mega profits on one address

The overlay filters blue light.

op is a retarded faggot. hurr durr i'm a mpilionar

>>> gf breaks up with me

>controls 10% of XMR
lmao ok dude


Throw a dog a bone?

>doesnt have over 1tn in chainlink.

Fuckibg pajeet go shit in a street you poorfag

m8 crypto is already fake magical money. his blockfolio is just as real as anyone else's.

i remember you from the confession thread
his portfolio is real

I would too if I had a billion sitting in crypto

confirmed larp

user please share some love to a fellow user who wants to become like you! Fag lambos with purple dildos!


Buy the island of Australia

save us from this fucking retarded govt.

no they fuking don't lol

With Flux your screenshot would still look normal


>ah well, i'm only down slightly more than the total market cap today

The discord pump group where everyone makes money. Some more some less but everyone makes it,,.

discord dot gg/hTTEEt2

How the fuck do you let pay out these amounts?

I don't even have the savings to put in £500 to start least I'm not larping tho

no, watch.

hey send me 500 bitcoins


or 0.01 so I can buy a gun and shoot myself

People in the thread know that the biggest single holder in crypto has 400 million right?

it's one of the worst thread I've ever read
kys OP you're a faggot

cash out like 50 million

though u would have done that already if this were real

then donate like 200 million to the pineapple fund

then donate 10 million to me

then just HOLD

>larping this hard

Ripple CEO has around 30 billion worth of ripple in his account

Who is Roger Ver
Winklevoss twins
Wences Cesares

nice early 90s meme word. only people pushing 40 who spent their entire life alone in front of a computer would remember or use this word. all that money and you'll never get to buy back your youth and health. Sad!

Kek don't be envious

you're envious too, you're just better at not putting your envy on display

push that guy in the second vid into a at of lava
he's due for a shedding

one guy sent me 1 decred once.

i also got 1 JUST token on my MEW



clearly fake
h-how does one inspect element an ios app though?

Ok. Apple is for fags and women, how's that.

i can confirm this. i know a guy with some milionaires parents and he shilled these fucking vertu phones while i didn't even know they existed.
and this was like in 2010 max when everybody had a nokia